Once upon a time, when I was really searching for content, I spent a few weeks here at Life as Louise recapping a season of Downton Abbey. It was season 5 and I’ve now deleted those posts- I found myself incredibly dull. In my mind, everyone should(‘ve) watch the series, but in reality that’s not the case.


That said, on Sunday night the series aired its final episode and I just can’t let the moment go by without saying something about the whole thing…

First and foremost, I sincerely hope they don’t film a movie. I loved the six amazing seasons and I really do feel like a member of the Crawley family, but I think the whole thing ended perfectly and I am ready to move on to another era with another set of “friends.”

Ok, there are spoilers to follow…
I know that Edith got her shining moment in the series finale and she was given her happily-ever-after… but I think that Edith’s luck changed looong before her wedding. Around the end of season 4/start of season 5 she was given a magazine. She was a woman who owned a magazine in 1924. And then she fired her editor this season! Edith didn’t need romance to be a total badass modern woman.
Also, she total fought to be Marigold’s mother and that alone is incredibly brave.
But of course I’m totally thrilled with her new marriage prospects.

Ok, now let’s talk about Tom. He became quite mild (politically), but in the end I loved his character the most. He was a fabulous brother, an incredible friend to all the men and women introduced to Downton , and an irreplaceable son-in-law. The award for most lovable, amazing, warm-hearted character goes to Tom Branson. Sybil (God rest her soul) knew what she was doing. The series couldn’t have played out like it did without his character.
The scene with him and Henry and the children in the office? It was the cutest thing ever.

This finale allowed Mary to redeem herself. She concealed her news so that Edith could shine, she reacted with concern and selflessness when Anna’s water broke, and she showed her entire family nothing but love and support (Henry’s new venture, Edith’s reconciliation).

And Rose. Darling Rose. I’m so glad they gave her the little role of opening Robert’s eyes. No one else could’ve patiently and cleverly show Lord Grantham how happy and helpful Cora was at the hospital.

And then there are things that were a little too perfect/weren’t totally realistic…. but I’m totally ok with:

  • Isobel & Lord Merton. I’m so, so glad she told his children where to go. Honestly, I thought maybe Merton’s kids were poisoning him slowly, but apparently the doctors just messed up.
  • Thomas so perfectly ending up back at Downton. I’m not mad about this one little bit. And I bet Master George is ecstatic! I love Thomas and I really love his transformation throughout the six seasons.
  • Spratt being the ghost writer for the advice column. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely love this- but it was just a bit far-fetched.

I am so grateful that The Dowager Countess didn’t die this season. I was terrified that might happen… The series ended absolutely perfectly. I love the intentional loose ends with Tom, Mosley/Baxter, Daisy/Andy, and Mrs. Patmore.

What did you think of the finale?


12 thoughts on “My Final Thoughts on the Final Downton

  1. I just watched it last night & couldnt agree with you more on everything.
    I am so glad Barrow is back! Its where he needs to be – who else does he have? Master George saying “Goodbye Mr. Barrrhhoww” just melted my heart.
    ALL THE HAPPY ENDINGS!!! So glad Ms Pattmore seems to be heading towards her love with Daisy’s FIL… I will say, Daisy got on my freaking nerves most of the past season, but glad she even came around.
    & I too was SOOOOO glad the Dowager didn’t die. I thought for sure that would happen.
    I dont think it could have ended any better then it did.


    1. I totally agree about Daisy. She was a little punk this season and last- I’m glad Mrs. Patmore managed to get some sense through to her!
      The series ended perfectly! And Barrow really does have my heart. Right after Tom- he’s the man 😀


  2. Okay, so I don’t even watch this show (don’t hate me! ha!) so normally I would just mark a post as read, but I just couldn’t do that with your blog. So that tells you how much I love your blog!!! And that’s all I have to say because obviously I can’t share my thoughts on the show because I am clueless.


    1. Wow. I don’t even know what to say because that’s so nice of you!! Thanks, Mattie 🙂 I promise this is my only DA-related post, lol.
      It’s actually kind of a tough show to watch unless your super into A) period dramas and B) that specific time in history 🙂 No worries! And thanks for reading, even if you’re super lost, lol!


  3. I love Downton Abbey but I’m at least two seasons behind. I need to catch up on actually watching it! Because I’m a terrible person and already read the episode recaps…


    1. No, no, no! You’re not a terrible person! I read spoilers, tooooo! (We’re watching The West Wing right now, which ended in 06, and I read ahead and it makes K SOOO mad!) My grandma got Season 6 on DVD early from PBS and I kept asking her very vague questions…. hahaha! I tried to be vague here, but I know I let a few spoilers slip! Sorry!


    1. Oh man! I don’t think the series is on hulu or Netflix, but I bet the library has them! I tried to be vague up there, but I know there are a few spoilers… especially if you’re only 2 seasons in!
      You’ll love it!


  4. Yes! 100% all of this. There were legit tears rolling down my face during the finale. Spratt being the ghost writer KILLED ME. And when the Dowager started cracking up when she found out? It was all too wonderful. I loved that little twist, weird as it was.

    Branson has been my favorite since he first appeared. Love him ❤


    1. It was SUCH a weird twist… but I’m ok with it. And the Dowager’s reaction 🙂 I wish she’d have fired her maid at some point. That woman drove me almost as crazy as O’Brien. UGH!
      I totally 100% agree about Branson. Ugh. I haven’t loved a character that much since the Harry Potter films.


  5. I loved Tom so much the whole time. And I was crying throughout the finale. I was so glad they gave it a happy ending…knowing Downton, I just really didn’t want them to throw in even more tragedy. It was one of those shows where you really felt that you got to know everyone and you simply want the best for them.


    1. Yes!! I needed to know that everyone and everything would be ok. And I firmly believe that it is 🙂 I think Tom was everyone’s favorite. He was such a sweetie all the way through. Rose was also one of my favs and I’m glad she was back for the finale!


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