Yesterday I had no idea what I wanted to chat about today. I have some stuff scheduled for later this month, but I was actually a little freaked out about my lack of Wednesday content. I thought about getting all political on y’all, but I feel like we’re all “feeling the bern” and “standing with her” and comparing Republican “hand sizes” on Facebook. You don’t need that kind of migraine here. (Plus Ohio made me a happy little voter for the time being.)

So I was back to square zero. And then I watch this video:

I am not a dancer. I have never studied dance. I took lessons when I was 7 but then I broke my leg (not dancing… I was doing something stupid) and my mom never signed me back up. But I have a serious appreciation for girls & guys & children that can cut a rug.

I’ve made my husband watch this one before:

Apparently “Formation” is a really good song to dance to. Maybe it’s any Beyonce song… I have no idea how you get your body to move like that… And I really want their style but I feel like it’s only appropriate for dancers…

ANYWAY. I don’t have a point or a story or a lesson. I just wanted to share these videos because I find them so incredible.

One more for good measure:

All of these people are stunning. I’m totally spellbound.


10 thoughts on “Get in Formation

  1. I am such a sucker for dance… its why I’m always into DWTS & SYTYCD…just intrigues me.
    That first video? Kudos to them – I usually cant stand tap, but those girl make it COOL!!!


    1. I think it’s the percussionist in me that is just SO happy when people can line up beats so precisely that it sounds like one person is making all the noise. The fact that they do that with their feet is just so incredible!


  2. I love a good dance video – especially a Beyonce one! It’s amazing how people are so talented and can move like that! In my mind I’m a dancer on par with Beyonce but in reality I have the grace of a drunken baby giraffe learning to walk for the first time (which makes me appreciate these videos all the more)!

    xx, Caitlin


    1. Hahaha, I like the imagery with that description! I think I can dance… but then I catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror (because that’s the only place I TRULY bust a move) and I realize I really, really, really can’t dance… HA!


    1. I watched these videos AGAIN and I totally caught my shoulders going up and down. Hahaha, I need an adult dance studio in town where people don’t judge me and I can learn how to be a back-up dancer 😀

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