Help Wanted and Friday Favorites

Guys… We have a lot to cover today. But first and foremost: Happy Friday!!
Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day yesterday? With the exception of wearing some green, I did not. I also have no plans for my weekend. And I’m totally OK with all of that.

Before we getting into my favorites for the week, I need some help/advice from all the runners out there!
(I’m looking at you Rebecca Jo, Emily, & Karen!)

This week I started jogging/walking short distances. I’ve been very consistent since Monday. I try to stay on my toes (is that right?) and so far my muscles are aching, but I’ve managed to avoid the shin splint that always wreck my routine. Also, I usually take a dog or two on my jogs with me. I made a running resolution at the beginning of the year and I’m finally working on it- so please please throw any advice or suggestions my way! I need it!

Ok… on to my favorite things:


If you’ve spent any time here in this space with me then you might know that I’m a mildly political person. (Holla’ Ohio for shutting down the hate train! #nevertrump) That said, this site is updated regularly and really helps track what’s going on! It’s not bias and it’s really informational!

This week I learned that Amy Schumer is releasing a book just in time for my birthday! Yay! You can pre-order it now!

Did you guys hear the one about the penguin that swam a few thousand miles? It sounds like a joke, but it’s definitely not ❤︎ I love this little penguin and I love this human and I don’t throw the word “love” around all that often so I really mean it. I need a fox in my life that comes back to visit me. Actually, I rescued a baby owl once (his name was Seymour); maybe he’ll return to me one day…

It wouldn’t be a favorites post without a little blogger love!

Lindsay wrote this post about smiling (it’s not what you think)… and then Kelly left this video in the comments section (warning – foul language):

And I’m just loving every bit of that 🙂

What are your weekend plans? On Monday I will be sharing my Spring Cleaning to-do list!


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  1. I’m coming back to check out the comments on running – something I keep wanting to do and haven’t jumped in yet. Like, how do you even start?!


    1. you could check out couch-to-5k for an “ease into” schedule! i basically started by running .25 miles, then walking .5, then running .25 miles and walking .5. then i would increase the running portion every few days!


    2. Louise says:

      RIGHT? I was sitting at my desk on Monday and I thought, “You know what. I’m going to jog today.”
      We’ll see how long it lasts…. 😉


  2. by no means am i pro at running but i positively used to HATE it with a passion and then a few years ago my friend challenged me to run a 5k on st. paddy’s day! turns out running helps me cope with anxiety and gives me a burst of endorphins.

    i would recommend watching some YouTube videos about having a good runner’s stride and strike with your foot. you don’t really want to be landing on your toes but working towards hitting the ground with more of your whole foot.

    i also went to a runner’s store (which of course i was initially terrified for but they were super helpful and friendly). they videotapped me running for a few seconds on a treadmill and saw that i had pretty severe supination (which means my ankles bend inwards when i run). they helped me pick the right shoes in order to correct this and it absolutely helped relieve pain in my feet and legs.

    i never thought i’d like it (and to be honest, i don’t love the actual act of running but i sure love how i feel afterwards)! KEEP IT UP! YAY!


    1. Louise says:

      Oooh, I hadn’t thought about YouTube! I think by “toes” I mean the balls of my feet. I don’t look like a ballerina, lol. My husband bought me some running shoes at Christmas and they’ve made a WORLD of difference since I last attempted this!
      (You second comment about the couch-to-5K came to my email, so I got it 🙂 I don’t know where it went on the blog. Lol)


  3. Rebecca Jo says:

    that video!! haha… that’s hilarious!

    OK… so running advice – if its not natural for you to run on your toes, dont do it!!! The key is to not ‘heel strike’ which is to come straight down on the heel. So as long as you’re not basically walking on your heels, your OK.
    & if you get shin splints running another way – STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH – before & after a run. It’ll get them worked out where you dont have to worry about it again.
    Also – you dont need to run every day. Especially if you are just getting back in the game of running. that will REALLY get you sore. I think its best to do it every other day – or like 3 times a week. Use other workouts in between runs 🙂
    Any running questions -feel free to email me 🙂


    1. Louise says:

      Yay yay! I was hoping you’d swing by!
      I think when I say “toes” i mean the balls of my feet. I’m not actually on my toes… lol. In the past I had bad shoes for running AND I was doing the ‘heel strike’ thing. So that’s probably why my legs were in such pain.
      I’ve been doing better about stretching, too! I’ll come up with a schedule so I have some diversity with the running. Thank you! 🙂


  4. yes to ohio! we were very proud here in minnesota about putting the crazy naked emperor in his (third) place. thank goodness we live in reasonable places.


    1. Louise says:

      Yesss! We’re in a rare club, lol! (Although I think the majority of my blogger-friends share our feelings about a certain slime-y real estate dictator… ICK.)


  5. I think I need to get into a little of that smile bitch training 🙂


    1. Louise says:

      I always think I look so grumpy walking down the street… ha. But it’s usually because the sun is in my eyes or I just want to see standoffish 😉 Ha!


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