Before I start, I need to be serious for a moment.
My thoughts go out to those in Belgium right now as well as anyone who has been targeted, attacked, or killed by terrorism anywhere in the world. Terrorism is supposed to strike fear into our hearts- it’s the whole premise behind the act- but it stirs up anger in me. I’m angry that someone (or a group of someones) intentionally hurt others. I’m angry that the media picks and chooses what and who to report about. I’m angry that terrorist attacks are “nothing new” or “surprising” to us. Keep the world in your thoughts and prayers, friends. We can’t tolerate violence.

Let’s try to focus on some happier things & spread some cheer now.

For example… today is my Friday!! I have Thurs./Fri. off and I’m so so happy about it!

Now on to some confessions & hashtags…

Did I mention today is my “Friday”? #CanYouTellImPumped #It’sTheFreakinWeekend


K and I watched threeΒ episodes on The West Wing last night… and four on Monday. We’re on Season 5, episode 3 now. So we’ve watched 91 episodes (44 minutes each) since January 1st. That’s 67 hours or roughly 4,000 minutes this year… #GiveMeMore #Obsession #LymanSeaborn2016ForPresident #IMissSam

Also, Will Bailey Josh Malina is starting a weekly podcast about TWW. #Yaaaaas #AlreadySubscribed #BillyBailey


On Sunday K’s side of the family is coming to our house for Easter dinner (minus his sister’s tribe 😦 )! I’m excited to clean and cook! #NotKidding #ILoveHosting #WeWillMissYouLori #CrazyHouse

I should probably bathe the dogs before company comes… #DirtyDogs #BathtimeIsLikeAWaterPark #TripleBath


Also on Sunday, Jesus has risen! (…will rise? How should I phrase that…?) And Thursday is my second favorite church service of the year! #MaundyThursday #IsThatWeird? #ChristmasEveIsMyNumber1

Guess who’s only going to have two books finished (three, if I’m lucky) for her recap next week… #PatheticOnMyPart #ThankALotWestWing #BigGoals


And that’s a wrap, y’all. My life consists of The West Wing, dogs, & Easter prep… #exciting #INeedMoreFriends

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Ok, time to link up with Lauren & Laura and Kathy & Nadine!



12 thoughts on “Mid-Week Confessions

  1. That dog GIF … haha… love that!
    I hope you enjoy your long weekend – I am totally jealous!
    I love Holy Week church services. That’s what its all about! & He is Risen indeed πŸ™‚


  2. I love hosting too! I get so excited for any excuse to have a little party or get together. I’m off Friday and going on Vaca so I am sooo excited to get through today & tomorrow!


    1. Ooooh, vacations sounds nice! We were supposed to go to DC this weekend but we changed our plans. I still kept my vacation days, though, because sometimes ya just need a break! Haha!


  3. So said watching all of this unfold over in Europe. I totally need to give my dogs a bath! They are both over due. Good luck with Easter!!! Totally jealous that today is your Friday.


    1. I agree. The world is scary sometimes…
      My dogs are WAY overdue, too! (I just don’t like them to get all wet and cold in winter… bad excuse, I know. Haha!)


  4. #1 Terrorists should all die. I don’t say people should die lightly but they should. That’s that.
    #2 Have a wonderful “weekend”!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰


  5. oh man…i’ve been home alone too long when i LEGIT was about to get my dog in order to show her the hilarious golden splashing in the tub! completely seriously. yay for midweek fridays! i hope you are living it up and have a super fun weekend with the fam – yay!


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