Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday. My mom hates the internet & social media, so I’ll keep this brief.

Lisa's Bday

Energetic. (She’s a first grade teacher- I’m tired just thinking about keeping up with +20 kids.)


International. (She’s lived in & traveled to so many places!)






Understanding. (She doesn’t take angry words & actions personally.)


Suspicious. (Planning her surprise birthday treat was almost impossible.)


On Saturday K and I met up with Fred & Christina and my mom & dad to played Key Quest at a local laser tag warehouse. We had 45 minutes to solve the puzzle and escape the “serial killer’s cellar.” Yeah, we totally died. Between the six of us we had 4 college degrees, an engineer, a teacher, three business owners, a writer, and puzzle game aficionado (my mom). I still can’t believe we lost. I was SO mad. I hate losing.

Afterward we had a delicious dinner at Bonefish Grill and then ice cream cake back at my parents’ house. Fred & Christina put off their trip home to Columbus until Sunday morning & Kyle postponed his business travels that night, too. We’d presented my mom with her birthday gift on Easter (a piano!) but I think she was happiest about us being together for an evening.

My grandma & mom on her 9th birthday
My grandma & my mom on her 9th birthday

We wouldn’t be who, or what, we are today without my mom. Happy Birthday, Mom ❤︎


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    ahhh – Happy Birthday to your momma!!!
    Nothing like a precious momma in your life.


    1. Louise says:

      Thanks, Rebecca! She’s a borderline saint for putting up with me through my teens years!


  2. awww happy birthday to your mama!!! sounds like such a fun way to celebrate – i would totally love that puzzle game!!!


    1. Louise says:

      Thanks, Chelsea! It was fun but when we were getting down to the last few minutes I was SO frustrated! Haha!


  3. shelldbell says:

    Awww, happy birthday to your mom!


    1. Louise says:

      Thanks!! I’ll pass all the good wishes on!


  4. This is so sweet! Happy birthday to her! xo


    1. Louise says:

      Thanks, Chelsea! It was a fun weekend for sure 🙂


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