Today was supposed to be another India post, but I dropped the ball. It’s still saved in drafts with a crude outline, minimal content, and zero pictures… So I guess I’ll save it for next Monday.

Since I’m running a little late today I’ll keep things short and sweet with a weekend recap.


After work on Friday K and I went to the local bowling alley to celebrate our friend Nic’s 30th birthday party. His wife Erica put the whole thing together for him and we bowled two games with pizza & cake in between. It was fun to spend some late-night time with them! (They have a 15 month old so late nights out are understandably rare for them.) K went out with Nic and his firefighter buddies afterward and I went home and went to bed like an old lady. Ha.

On Saturday K and I headed to Columbus, Ohio to surprise his sister Lori and her family for her birthday. K’s mom orchestrated the whole thing and planned out food and cake for the entire party. Six of us (us, my in-laws, and K’s brother & sister-in-law) drove down to spend the day with Lori’s family of five. It was a nice relaxing day with delicious food and the cutest dogs.

Sunday was my get-stuff-done day. We laid in bed longer than we should’ve, but once we were up we hit the ground running. K mowed the lawn and then headed to my parents’ house to work on his truck. I went to the local nursery and spent some serious $$$ on flowers, then browsed Marshalls, Lowes, and Rural King for some cute planters. I spent the afternoon sprucing up with front porch, weeding, vacuuming the dog hair/grass/springtime dirt that was tracked into our house, and watching the NASCAR race. Around 4pm I met Erica for some hot yoga (#dead) and then had dinner with my family at my grandmas. Overall, a super productive Sunday.

I don’t usually do a weekend recap, but I felt like we actually did some fun, noteworthy stuff the last few days. Hopefully that wasn’t too boring. What did you do this weekend?


22 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

    1. She was DEFINITELY surprised! Haha! Once the shock wore off (and once they knew we’d brought all the food) I think they were really happy to have us! Haha! 😀


  1. Our little local flower place just opened up so we’ll be dropping some dough soon too.

    I love the fur baby in the pool. We used to have a kiddie pool for our yellow lab – she LOVED that thing.


    1. Lylee loves her pool. It actually had no water in it this weekend but she lounges in it regardless. When it’s filled with water she does the same thing! Haha!
      Enzo avoids it like crazy.


    1. I do NOT have a green thumb so I’m determined to keep my flowers alive/pretty 🙂 The yellow pot is from Marshalls. I’ve walked past it three time with lust in my eyes and on Sunday I finally went and bought it! ($8! – Since it was still there I knew it was meant to be!)


  2. I haven’t been bowling in so long, I would love to go x). Yesss birthday cake and getting stuff done. I love your pretty flowers and the little fox planter – they’re very colorful and springy!


    1. Thank you! My husband and I decided that we hadn’t been bowling in forever! He actually refrained from bowling because he was sore and didn’t want to swing a 10lbs ball down the alley. Hahaha!


  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! I haven’t been bowling in years – the last time I went, the manager came out because he thought my skills were appalling and wouldn’t leave until he gave me lessons! How do you like hot yoga? I’ve been a little nervous to try it!


    1. Oh my goodness! I haven’t been in a LONG time but I surprised myself! My first game was AWFUL and then I doubled my score in the second one! (Obviously the first score was super bad if I was able to double it 😉 )
      I REALLY enjoy hot yoga. It’s tough and I’m drenched in sweat every time, but the heat helps me with flexibility and it also forces me to focus on what I’m doing, verses letting my mind wander and affect my practice. It’s not for everyone, but it’s one of those workouts that I actually enjoy & get a lot out of!


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