High School Reflections

Last weekend I attended my high school alma mater graduation ceremony to watch my cousin receive her diploma. After listening to the graduates give some speeches (which were insightful and smart) I decided that I'd pen a little letter to the graduating class on my blog this week. Then I changed my mind. Then I… Continue reading High School Reflections

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Trying to Be Nice

Let's get real today. There are women in this world who we'd all "love to hate." Of course, in all actuality, we have no reason to dislike these women- they're kind, beautiful, honest, friendly, and- in some cases- God-loving. On top of that they're usually ridiculously creative and they always have the perfect messy bun.… Continue reading Trying to Be Nice

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I’m Officially Working Out & Hell Has Frozen Over

I didn't want to jump the gun so I gave myself two weeks to get into the swing of a 5am workout before talking about my new morning routine here. It's not that I thought y'all would judge me if I failed... it's just that I wasn't quite ready to be held accountable. I guess… Continue reading I’m Officially Working Out & Hell Has Frozen Over