I am ill prepared today… Last weekend was one of those weekends that was so electrifying and exciting- but also sooo draining. I’m exhausted. I need to soak in a nice bath withΒ  warm cup of Starbucks and the Harry Potter soundtrack playing in the background (Order of the Phoenix, of course). That’s how everyone relaxes, right?

After work on Friday we popped out to my parents’ house to collect my car (K had been replacing a brake line out there) and then headed up to my grandparents’ to return their Honda that I’d been driving all week as a “rental.” I’m going to miss that car- it had push start, key-less entry, and Bluetooth. I felt like a real adult in that car. When we got home I made dinner & started cleaning the house for our guests & watched an episode of The Mindy Project with K.

While at my parents I spent some time with the adorable neighbors...
While at my parents’ I spent some time with the adorable neighbors…

Saturday was crazy… We visited our new gym to get our swipe cards and take a tour, then K had a meeting & I cleaned all afternoon, and then my friend Kayla and her pup Ernie arrived for the day/night. My 17 year old cousin was going to prom so we went up to my grandma’s and watched her take photos with her date. (It was nice to have Kayla around to reminisce about high school and how much we don’t miss it. Ha.)

Kayla’s purpose for being in town was to take our annual anniversary photo with the tree we planted and the attend a brunch in the morning (featuring Chef Aubrey). We snapped our tree-pictures in between rain drops and went back home to let the dogs play and wait on Aubrey to arrive (who was also staying with us). The night consisted of catching up, yummy Mexican food, good drinks, and sinful cookies. It was so wonderfully amazing to have two of my best friends in my house, on my couch, spending downtime together.

Weekending 1

On Sunday morning K and I left our guests sleeping in the spare bedroom and joined my parents at 6am to make the two hour drive to Columbus for my brother’s college graduation from OSU. (Back in my hometown Aubrey was cooking the pop-up brunch (9am-3pm) and Kayla was attending the brunch. I’m still SO heart broken that I missed out on all the food.)

Weekending 3

We arrived at OSU at 9:15am (after a quick breakfast stop) and stood in line for the gates to open… Then they opened at 10am and we claimed five seats and sat around until the actual ceremony at noon. It was a long day. Fortunately, the ceremony didn’t last too long- we were out by 3pm. We took some pictures with Fred, toured his main lab/classroom building, and popped into the local Lush (for me, haha) before going to Hudson 29 for dinner.

Weekending 2

Dinner was ok, my drink was delicious, and it was SO nice to spend time with my brother on his graduation (and 23rd birthday!) and my mom on Mother’s Day. We didn’t leave Columbus until 8:20pm and we were all exhausted, but it was worth it.

And now I’m frazzled and tired and ready for another weekend. But it’s Monday. So I guess I’ll put on my big girl pants and pour another cup of coffee. What did you do this weekend?


26 thoughts on “A Weekend Recap That Will Wear You Out

  1. Keep the coffee flowing my friend πŸ™‚
    What a great time with family & friends though. & yipee for brother!!!
    I cant wait to see that anniversary picture!!!


    1. Oh my gosh… I still have a few hours left in the work day and the tops of my ears are already pink. (That happens when I’m tipsy or SUPER tired. Unfortunately, it’s not the former, haha.)
      I will definitely be sharing the anniversary pics once they’re in my possession!!


    1. That’s so sweet, Karen! I think my mom got a little overshadowed on Sunday with my brother’s graduation, but my husband DID pick up the bill at breakfast and my brother’s fiancee made her some sweet dessert popcorn! (Apparently the daughter/son-in-laws did better with Mother’s Day in my family than my brother and I did!)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Chelsea! It’s such a comfortable dress πŸ™‚ (Which is SUPER important to me.) I am all about that bathtub tonight!! haha!


    1. By the end I feel a weird mix of exhaustion and energy- it’s so weird! I wish the work day left me feeling like that πŸ˜‰ Hopefully a bath readies me for the rest of the week!


    1. I see my friends occasionally, especially Kayla, but it was SO nice to be all together- plus K, haha! Those are the best kinds of friendship!


  2. What an awesome family pic! Everyone looks nice. You know, with group pics, there’s always someone with their eyes closed or looking the wrong way. Well done, family!


    1. Haha, thanks! We took three and I had to decide on one for the blog, but honestly all three turned out decent! (That NEVER happens- it was some serious luck for us!)


    1. Hahahahahaha!! My big secret to waking up is the guy I share my house with. HA. I opened my eyes to my husband standing there in gym shorts and a hoodie, nagging me to get up. If he didn’t push me out of bed I’d probably still be there…
      The plan is to go Mon./Wed./Thurs. from here on out. WOOF. (HELP ME, BABY JESUS.)


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