Technically it’s an India Monday… but I’m going to mix it up and share some laughs with you instead!

Last Wednesday I posted about my favorite movies from the 2000s. One of those movies was Talladega Nights, which led me to a random Youtube search which led me to a bloopers reel. And then I spiraled down the long dark tunnel of bloopers.

Some of these are so funny I almost threw up laughing. #NotKidding

A lot of these are crass like the movies/shows from which they came… and all of them curse… so if you’re not into that kind of comedy then you should probably skip today’s post. (I totally understand- some people just don’t like it!) If this is your cup of tea then please enjoy a few giggles on this fine Monday!


Best part: The little kids face at 1:37.

BRIDESMAIDS blooper reel

Best Part: Anything with Jon Hamm, especially 2:27. He looks like such a funny man.

CHRIS PRATT (Parks & Recs)

Best Part: All of it. I cry through this entire video. It’s just plain gold.

Ok. My abs are so sore now. Back to real life. (You’re welcome!)


14 thoughts on “Nothing But Bloopers

  1. You know, I can so relate to you. Sometimes I watch a certain video on YouTube then see something that interests me, and then before I know it, I’m hooked something totally not about the original video I searched.

    These are good ones.


    1. Laughter is so contagious! A lot of these takes make me wish I was an actress just so I could be a part of the laughs! Haha! (Then again, I’d NEVER be able to keep a straight face!)


  2. Oh my gosh… this so made my Monday 10000% better.
    I watched all 3 of these & laughed harder at each one.
    I can’t even imagine how they ever got through a day on the set of Parks & Rec with Chris Pratt. Seriously.
    PS – I literally had to go to the bathroom to wipe up my eye make up from laughing


    1. I didn’t mean to mess up your make-up!! Haha!
      I would LOVE to act with any of those talented people- but I would never ever be able to keep a straight face. Haha!


  3. Ah yes, the rabbit hole that is the internet. I am constantly getting lost in rabbit holes and usually I can’t even remember the original thing I was looking for.

    I have seen all of these blooper reels and they are literally laugh out loud funny.


  4. hahah omg. i can’t stop laughing. i am sending this to my husband immediately because he LOVES bloopers. we watched all the ‘bridesmaids’ lineoramas and i still think it’s the funnest thing EVVVVER.

    also – andy = hilarious


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