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Snap & Crop: A Scrapbooking Post

It's Monday, friends! Last week I mentioned that I'm a scrapbooker and some people really connected with that so I thought it'd be nice to share some tips today! It's a unique hobby but easy to do, and it's one of my favorite things! That said, if you're not into it I understand 🙂 (Before you click… Continue reading Snap & Crop: A Scrapbooking Post

Goals etc.

Spring Cleaning 2.0 RECAP

First of all: Happy 29th Anniversary, Mom & Dad ❤︎ Ok, on to my spring goals... Back in March I estimated that I'd complete 80% of my list. Turns out, I didn't. Here's what got done: Condense three closets into two and donate/store clothes (I combined some of K's clothes into my closet and freed… Continue reading Spring Cleaning 2.0 RECAP