Sweating in Style

A few weeks ago I admitted that K and I were doing this weird thing where we workout. Oddly enough, we’re still doing it. (I’m honestly shocked. I’ve lost 0 lbs so the motivation is nonexistent… but I’m still plugging away.)

Since we’ve been at it for roughly four weeks I am obviously an expert and fanatic. To put it in perspective, I can officially run (walk-jog) a 20-minute-mile. Hold your applause. (I’m being 100% sarcastic. Except for the 20-minute-mile. That’s real.)

Anyway… I’m a big fan of finding cute racerbacks and workout clothes to lounge around and clean workout in. Recently I won a FB contest at my local yoga studio and snagged this awesome top, so obviously I’m now searching the internet for more cool gear.

(I also bought this t-shirt a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT.)


If I’m going to be sweating and huffing and puffing then I’m going to wear whatever my childish heart desires. This obviously includes Harry Potter, Disney, and animal tops.


Right now I have three pairs of athletic shorts and one pair of athletic leggings. When I keep up with laundry, this is plenty. When I don’t, I end up in smelly shorts.  The Carrie Underwood leggings are a little above my price range (the first pair), but I’ve had my eye on those double-layer Target shorts for a while now…

O T H E R + S T U F F

In addition to apparel I’ve found there is way more fitness yoga stuff to lust over. I already have a mat but I love this elephant one… a girl can dream. I’m also in need of a mat bag because mine broke and I think these wraps look super comfy and great for hot yoga!

I’m a spoiled girl and I don’t need any of this… but I have a feeling I will definitely own those shorts and quite a few of those tank tops soon… (And for the record, none of these links are affiliated.)

See anything you like? Where do you buy your fitness apparel and accessories?


32 thoughts on “Sweating in Style

  1. The “dibs on the drummer” shirt is perfect for you. You must buy it immediately. It is a reward for working out so diligently.


    • I seriously LOVE that shirt.
      …but “diligently” might be too much credit. This past week has been rough with work and the holiday, lol. This morning at 4:45am I rolled over and nudged K to wake up and he groaned and rolled away from me. So we might’ve slept through our wake up call today 😉


    • I think that shirt is amazing- although right now I feel like it implies that I’m rooting for Secretary Clinton, haha!

      I wear shorts and old t-shirts to the gym because I don’t like that much cleavage when I run… (HA), but at hot yoga I am all about as little clothes as possible.


  2. I love that Sea World shirt and I want to wear those Hammer pants(lol am I showing my age…whatever they are called) because they look so comfortable. If I could get away with wearing those everyday I would.


    • I really really love that orca shirt! Haha! I’ve passed those pants a million times in Target and every time I brush the material longingly but I’ve never put them in the cart. UGH! Haha!


    • Aww, no NASCAR?? Haha! Actually, I want that tank top for our trip this summer so that’s the only one that I’m almost 100% I’m going to order! Haha!


    • Sorry!!! I don’t have any good hair accessories- especially for working out! In yoga sweat ALWAYS rolls into my face so I think those bands would serve two purposes- hold my hair AND my sweat back. Haha!


  3. I love the Old Navy workout pants – I immediately bought four pairs after trying on one. And sometimes I wear them all in a week (emphasis on sometimes!!)


    • Ha! I have a pair of printed b&w leggings from Old Navy and sometimes I wear them out to walk the dogs, but my husband HATES them because they’re so bold and crazy. He thinks they look like 80s rocker pants. Hahaha!


  4. my fav is definitely the one about where women belong – HECK YES! i am also super duper impressed with you both continue to workout – well done! i bet your building muscle mass (which weighs more than fat) so that’s why you haven’t seen a number decrease but it’s happening!

    ps. i totally think you should make them affiliate links so then you can rack up the $.07 for showing us the cool stuff and then buy yourself the ‘dibs on the drummer’ shirt!


    • I like to imagine that the weight plateau is due to muscle… *sigh*
      I wish I could say we were super good about working out this week but we totally sucked. Oh well, that’s life! Back on the horse next week 😉


  5. I love treating myself to workout clothes, because it just helps motivate me to hit the gym or yoga looking cute (especially in hot yoga… apparently that’s where all the attractive girls hang out!). I’m also a big fan of random razorback tees, but for workout leggings Teeki is my absolute FAVORITE. They’re a little pricey, but if you wait for a holiday they always have a 25% off deal. They’re so comfy and cute enough to wear as regularly clothing with a long top or dress 🙂


    • I’ve never heard of Teeki but I’ll look into it!
      I really enjoy hot yoga but I go on the weekends and in the evenings with the normal looking people 😉 All the pretty college girls and adorable little stay at home moms/wives go in the afternoon! Haha


  6. HAHA the start of your post made me laugh aloud, and then I had to read it to my husband because he wants to know why I was laughing. Anyway, such cute clothes!


  7. Those tanks are cute! I bought a tank that says “Run Fast” on it from Target last year that I love. My favorite shorts are the Nike Tempo-Track running shorts. I have 4 pairs and rotate them!


    • I think that all my shorts are Champion and from Target? I just really want to try out those double layer shorts. I think my thighs would appreciate the spandex-y buffer when it comes to jogging 😀


  8. First and foremost- THANK YOU for not including affiliated links! I know bloggers make a very small commission off of those, but it still annoys me. I actually just bought those ON shorts and they are freakin awesome! Get them! Also, I want that first Lion King-esque tee haha!


    • Haha. I don’t mind affiliated links, I just don’t really run my blog as a business so it’s more of a headache for me 🙂
      I am IN LOVE with that Lion King top! And I think I love it most because unless you’re a Disney fan, you probably don’t know what it refers to! Haha! 😀


  9. I love all of those! Especially the Triwizard tank and the elephant mat. Want. I’m missing my fitness routine right now *tear.* Hopefully I can run again next year or end of this year. I miss it. Target has really cute fitness stuff right now! I tried on a top the other day and it didn’t fit my belly well but I love their stuff, and Old Navy’s.


    • Awwww, all part of the sacrifices made for your little babe 🙂 I wish I had an excuse to NOT exercise… haha!
      I AM IN LOVE with the elephant mat. My willpower to resist is getting weaker and weaker, especially since I spent $10 on my current yoga mat and I practice fairly often so I think it’d be totally reasonable to invest in a new one 😉


    • I’ve noticed that ON leggings tend to not slip off my butt like other leggings do, ha! I’m a HUGE fan of the Lion King tank- I sing-say it to myself every time I read it. Haha!


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