Top of the morning to ya! (Or afternoon… or evening…) Let’s break from this crazy day and grab a latte!

If we were having coffee I would absolutely have to tell you about my new car!! (If you follow me on Instagram you already know!) K has been talking about getting me a new car since we got married (+3 years ago) and on Monday night it became a reality! He found me a black, 2015 RAV4 and I’m already so in love with it!

Saying “bye” to Felicity and celebrating with some Starbucks!

If we were having coffee I’d show you the video of Lylee splashing in her kiddie pool for the first time this summer! I might be counting down the days until fall but she is embracing the sun and surf.

If we were having coffee we would obviously high-five over the Cavs victory!! I don’t really follow sports and I won’t pretend like I’ve always been a die hard Cleveland fan, but I was pretty pumped about the victory.

If we were having coffee I might mention how I heard about the Cavs win: Luke Bryan announced it to me (and 80,000 other people)! On Thursday my best friend Kayla told me that her cousin had tickets to the Sunday portion of Buckeye Country Superfest and she was unable to go. Monday morning was a long commute from Columbus and a little rough, but what’s life without a few spontaneous “school-night” concerts??

If we were having coffee I would admit that I watched a few episodes of UnREAL last night. I think it might be a new guilty pleasure but I’m really not sure. I’m three episodes in and I just can’t decide. Do you watch it?

If we were having coffee I’d also admit that I’m kind of in a reading slump again. Currently I’m chipping away at a book but, as mentioned, sometimes I opt for ridiculous television. I’m hoping Erin’s challenge rejuvenates me!

If we were having coffee I’d ask what’s new with you?! Do you have any big vacations planned? I’m counting down the days until ours! I’d ask you to tell me about your 4th of July traditions, too! Where is your favorite fireworks display?

Thanks for catching up with me!


28 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Quick Coffee Talk!

  1. If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m so excited that my husband and I are going on a trip to California to see his family this week! I’ve been on a huge reading kick too… I just finished You and now I’m almost done with The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. Hope you find something good to read and enjoy that car!


    1. I’ve never been to California! That sounds like so much fun!!
      I’m really excited for the book challenge that starts in July so hopefully that gets my rear in gear 🙂


  2. You’ll have to tell me how you like your car in a few months – I’ve always loved the RAV4 – a good mix of a utility vehicle but not too big.

    Our 4th of July – we get to enjoy the neighbors loot (my parent’s neighbors). The guy & his dad work somewhere that they end up getting these REAL fireworks – like the ones you go to & watch – like Disney World fireworks…They told my dad that they already have about $13,000 worth of fireworks ready for this year. & this is just at their house that they shoot off. We had our Nashville gang come up last year & they thought we were exaggerating on the display… they left with their jaws dropped.


    1. I already think I’m going to love it 🙂 and I’ve heard lots of good things from other people!!

      That’s an awesome 4th of July tradition!! We tend to mix it up every year- sometimes we head to a family reunion in PA and sometimes we have a shooting day at my parents’ house. When I was a kid my grandma had a house with an in-ground pool andshe lived near the park so we could swim and watch the fireworks. I definitely miss those days! Haha!


  3. Congrats on your new car!! That’s so exciting. I’m happy with my car but I think my husband wants a new one sometime in the future. I have been back into reading but also back into watching Orange is the New Black. It’s hard to stop watching.


    1. Thank you!!
      I’m glad I never got into OITNB… It seems like it’s a very addicting blackhole. Hahaha! Plus, I distract myself from reading with plenty of other shows. Ha!


    1. Yay!! I’m so glad to hear that from another RAV4 driver!! 😀
      We’re going to Dennis Port, MA/Nantucket for a few days, then we’re going to spend a day and a half in Boston, and end the trip at a NASCAR race in NH 🙂


  4. yayayay new car!!!!! well done – love the look of the rav4! my in-laws are probably getting one once they move out here (those texans need some 4 wheel drive). YAY unreal! i need to see if it’s up on hulu yet because i can’t get enough.


    1. When my husband when to TX he was so surprised that they don’t have a ton of 4wheel drive cars. It’s a must in snowy states 🙂 I’m so happy to finally have one!
      I think the first season is on hulu but I didn’t see a second one. I could be wrong- I wasn’t really looking because I had no idea it’d suck me in so fast!


  5. If we were having coffee I would give you a fist bump on the new car, looking good!!! When I said bye to my car, it was more #byefelicia. Hahah. And I would be talking about how I cannot wait to leave for the beach next week!!! That is our 4th of July tradition, every year we head down to Gulf Shores with my SIL and her family. It is the best time! What do you do?


    1. Thanks, girl!! Yay for new cars!
      That sounds like an awesome 4th of July! I would really, really like to vacation to the gulf shore someday soon. I’ve heard it’s ridiculously beautiful!
      Every year is different for us. Some years were go to PA for a family reunion and some years we stay home with local family. Usually we end up at a friends house for a cookout and drinks!


    1. I like fireworks but, similar to thunderstorms, Lylee has kind of ruined the magic since she’s freaked out by them. She’s my introvert excuse to leave the parties we’re attending on Saturday 😉 Haha!
      Thank you!


    1. I started The Help a few weeks ago so my goal now is to finish it before June is over! (Last night I finished the book that I mentioned in the post!) People amazing me when they’re like, “I started a book Saturday morning and finished it that night!” I used to be that person but not any more, haha.


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