Happy Fourth of July!!

Go eat a hotdog or swim in a lake or light a sparkler or thank a founding father!

Despite the messy world in which we live, I’m very thankful to live in a country where I can wear what I want, love who I want, and do what I want! We have problems, but we’ve made progress over the years. Happy Birthday, America! I hope you grow stronger and wiser and more united as you age ❤︎

Go click that red X in the corner & have some fun today!!


8 thoughts on “

  1. How fun that you changed the colors of your post title! I love that! And I totally agree, despite America’s shortcomings, we really are blessed to have such freedom.


    1. Hehe, actually, this one doesn’t have a title and I just made the first sentence large and multi-colored. It’s messing with my OCD brain that I don’t have a real title on this one. Ha!


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