I always feel like I’m out of touch (in Blogland) when it comes to link-ups. I keep a calendar for my blog but I always forget to note the link-ups that go along with popular prompts… (If you can think of any offhand feel free to mention them in the comments! Thanks to Kristen’s reminder I did remember to link up with her & Gretchen.)


Since my last “currently” post was in April I figured I’m due for an update! (The photos are some favorite random pictures from my phone.)

Reading… Death Wears a Mask by Ashley Weaver. I’m also working on The Royal We. (Is anyone else shocked by how thick that book is??)

Listing to… The Harry Potter soundtracks. K makes fun of me, but I love sitting and listening to the music from the movies. Order of the Phoenix is my favorite.

a pic with my new sister-in-law hours before she became my new sister-in-law

Eating… Prepped carrot and celery sticks. When I got home from the store this week I actually prepped some snack food right away! Also, I made this recipe Monday night. It’s a little different, but perfect for my sick hubby.

Drinking… Lots of water. But also coffee 😉

Loving… Our Fur Babes. Ever since their mini-escape I’ve been much more vigilant. Also, posts from incredible organizations like this one make me hug my babies tighter and long to comfort other pups who’ve had a rough life.


Planning… A Pure Romance Party. I’m not usually one to host these retail parties, but the brand rep is so funny and sweet- I think all my guests will get a kick out of her! Plus, PR has some really good smelling lotions and shower scrubs!

Feeling… So Tired. After vacations and weddings and overtime I just can’t find any energy. K is sick this week and the dogs are extra cuddly and there are a lot of dishes and clothes going unwashed right now. Whew.

Watching… The Newsroom. We’re on an Aaron Sorkin-spree right now. We finished The West Wing last month and we’re already in season two of The Newsroom. This is also detrimental to clean dishes and clothes…


Wanting… Some nice, cool weather for the two 5Ks I’m in this weekend. (That makes me sound athletic… I’m actually just walking in both of them.)

Avoiding… The weeds in my driveway. Um… how is ALL MY GRASS DEAD but the weeds are thriving?! I need to set aside a few hours and rip them all out but I really, really don’t want to.

I look ROUGH but Mom & I painted these tails for Reading Week at her school and we needed a picture of it…

Hating… Politics. Violence. Hate. D) All the above.

Missing… College. My oldest little cousin ships off to school this month and it’s making me all nostalgic for 3am coffee, quick ramon noddle lunches, and Panera or Sheetz dinners on the apartment floor with all my closest friends and roommates. *sigh*

Anticipating… My Volunteer Interview. Next week I have an interview with an animal rehabilitation/trail & parks center. I’m sure the interview is a formality, but I’m so nervous and excited!

Creating… A New Event on Facebook! October is less than two months away and Halloween is in October so you know what that means… OUR ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY. I’m not kidding- I created the event and invited people on FB yesterday. I wish my blog friends could come!

Dreaming about… A Getaway. K and I just went on vacation with my parents last month, but I keep dreaming about clear beaches and white sand and a fruity cocktail. I feel like that might re-energize me. Hehe 😉

And that about sums it up. What are you currently up to?


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36 thoughts on “Currently…

    1. I won’t lie…. I think I’m two chapters in? Haha! I used to read multiple books at a time but now that I’m easing back into it I’m just trying to focus on one. I have a 150 pages of Death Wears a Mask so hopefully I will really start into The Royal We next week!


  1. 2 5k’s 🙂 YOU GO GIRL – even walking them, that’s doing something!
    You look GORGEOUS with the bride.
    Pure Romance Party – I’ve not heard of that one before.
    I love that last pic of the sleeping fur baby… it just looks so cozy & soft


    1. Thank you! And thank you 🙂
      Pure Romance sells some…. intimate objects.. Haha. But they really do have good lotions and post-shower spritz and some other fun, everyday toiletries!
      We moved the living room around and he immediately found the sun spot 😉


  2. how awesome about your potential new volunteer opportunity! that will be great research into the future sanctuary you will open one day 🙂 and heck yes – 2 5ks (don’t downplay them by saying you’re ‘just walking’ them because that’s still awesome!)


    1. I knooooow 😀 I’m so excited. I’m sure a lot of people go in wanting to work with animals, so I’m not holding my breath, but it’s going to be fun, nonetheless!
      I might be walking but I’m still nervous about them…… haha!


  3. Crap is that linkup today? I thought it was tomorrow. I just realized Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. That’s my own freaking link up and I nearly forgot it. LOL

    Great job on the mermaid tails!

    I’m excited for your volunteer interview.


    1. Tomorrow. Well… now it’s today. Haha 😀
      Thank you! And I’m really excited for the interview- they’ve been so nice and eager in their emails!


  4. Ahhh you reminded me I need to find somewhere with animals to volunteer. Seriously.

    I dunno, even walking in two 5Ks is athletic by my standards. Ha! 3.1 miles is no joke!


    1. Our county humane society is less than 3 miles from my house, but it’s SO BUSY and it’s a little clique-y so I’ve been nervous to go back (alone) after I went through the orientation. It’s the weirdass introvert inside me.


  5. The photo at the wedding is so pretty. That color of your dress looks wonderful on you.
    I want to come to your Halloween party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. When I moved here, Australia wasn’t all that into Halloween. I have found a few places (night clubs) that hold parties, but I’m kinda over the night club scene, so I want to go to a good old-fashioned Halloween house party.
    Good luck with the volunteer interview!


    1. Thank you! That picture of Christina and me is actually pre-wedding 🙂 She bought all the bridesmaids identical pink rompers and she wore a lace white one. It made for gorgeous prep pictures!
      Halloween (and Xmas Eve) is my FAVORITE. I start prepping for the party now (it’s 90s theme this year!!) and I’ll start decorating in Sept. because I’m nuts. It drive K crazy but I just LOVE how the house feels when it’s covered in orange and black and green and purple and all things eerie!
      Here’s your lifetime invite! If you’re ever in OH around Halloween come on over!!


    1. Our house looks so homeless. I know I need to go out and spend +2 hours getting it under control. My plan is to wait for a day when it rains, cools off, and is overcast. (HA.) I actually just need to go buy weed killer and follow up those hours of weeding with some serious spraying to keep it all at bay.


  6. I’m pretty awful for link ups too, but I hope to make more of an effort now as I’ve just got a whole bunch of free time to work on my blog.

    You can never go wrong with lots of water, I’ve just discovered the delight of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, it’s so refreshing whilst it’s so hot. I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before!

    Best of luck with your interview! I hope it’s very successful!

    Fur babies are the best, I have a hamster fur baby myself and I don’t know what I’d do without him!

    ~ K



    1. I need to be much better about water. I know it’d help with weight and acne control. I’m just a coffee/sugary drink addict. I’m going to buy a gallon jug and challenge myself to finish it each day!


  7. Ah awesome! I love the tails you painted. I definitely miss the fun crafty school projects I used to do when I worked in a school! I totally agree with you, I am ready to relax until the end of the year! haha we have been so BOOKED especially this summer! I hope your interview goes well, as does the upcoming travel planning. XO – Alexandra

    PS – I totally love movie scores… LOTR is a fun set too! 🙂


    1. I’m really so excited for the interview 🙂 Thank you!
      I like the LOTR soundtracks, too, but they’re so epic and not at all relaxing to me! Haha! I guess HP is, too, but I listen to it so often it’s now just background noise.


  8. i suck at remembering link ups, except for ones i do all the time, like the show us your books with steph and jana (2nd tuesday) and mine and gretch’s (though sometimes i forget that too haha) and confessions with kathy and nadine. other than that, i forget about link ups if people don’t remind.. which is why i remind! haha.
    i loved the royal we! i don’t remember it being especially thick but i think i read it over a year ago. i was completely in love with it, so maybe that’s why i didn’t notice lol
    those mermaid tails are awesome! and yay for your halloween party! i had one in 2014 i think? we went out last year, not sure what we will do this year. i am not a fan of parties at my house because my cats freak out and i just don’t want to worry about them lol. i’d rather go out!


    1. I looove the Halloween Party 🙂 One year I wrote a murder mystery and I had so much fun with it!!
      I should link-up with the ‘show us your books’ l.u. but I’m better at recapping my reads at the end of the month. I definitely appreciate the reminder from you for this one!!


  9. I was so surprised by how long The Royal We was! It was good, but I think they could have edited it down a little more! You and your sister-in-law are so pretty! Love the mermaid tails! I’m also dreaming of a tropical getaway! I wanted to do a cruise in January, but Chris shut down because of Zika. 😦


    1. I haven’t read The Royal We yet, but when I got it from the library I was like, ‘Whoa!’

      I’m dying to go on a cruise or Jamaica or DR or somewhere but Zika scares the crap out of me. Haha. (Even though I’m totally not pregnant, ha.)


  10. WHY DO WEEDS GROW AND NOT GRASS. Excellent point. We’re about to go to Colorado and I’m sure by the end we’ll need a vacation to recover from our vacation too haha. 😉 Also, you are beautiful, and your new SIL is lucky to have you as a sister 🙂


    1. Weeds are the worst. And the longer I put it off the worse it’s gonna be… UGH!

      Thank you so much! You’re seriously too sweet 🙂 She’s the absolute perfect match for my little brother- I feel like we’re all pretty lucky 🙂


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