First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on and shared Wednesday’s post. You all totally reinforced my point about the blogging community. I honestly believe every single one of you is great and I’m so happy to know/”know” you! ❤︎

Onward with the good vibes (and Chelsea‘s Tell Me Something Good link-up)!

Last weekend K and I attended his cousin’s wedding. His entire paternal family came from Texas, Tennessee, and parts of Ohio to celebrate the bride. I also knew the groom’s family because his sister and I were really close in grade school. He was also friends with my brother. Plus we all went to the same church. #SmallTownVibes. Needless to say, I knew a lot of people at the wedding.

There was one point during the reception when I was off to the side, standing between K and his sister. On either side of them were my in-laws, as well as K’s brother (and maybe his wife? I can’t remember). For whatever reason, in that exact moment, as the group of us stood there watching the party around us, I became aware of how ridiculously fortunate I am to call those people my people. I felt so special to casually stand among them- like there was never a time that I didn’t fit into that group.

*I wanted to insert a ridiculously adorable throwback photo K’s family here, but I didn’t know if they’d be ok with that. Just trust me on this one- it’s an adorable picture!*

I enjoy weddings. They give my an excuse to drink a lot bit and dance. I get to see friends and family that I don’t normally see. And more than anything else, I love watching two people exchange vows while I sit next to the guy that I promised to love +3 years ago. Additionally, sometimes a wedding joins two families. I know that’s not always the case- it depends on the family dynamic- but that was the effect of our wedding. I honestly don’t believe there’s anything that my mother- or father-in-law wouldn’t do for me. I love splitting a glass of wine with all my siblings-in-laws. My heart flips inside my chest when I see my dad and K hanging out. I loved that Fred & Christina asked both K and me to be a part of their wedding party. I honestly try very hard not to take for granted the family that I was born into and the family that I was blessed with through marriage. I know I’m lucky.

And standing among that tribe at the reception with K and his my family just made me feel it 10xs over. Whether it’s friends or family, I hope everyone has a group like that. Remember to be grateful for them.


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26 thoughts on “My People

  1. oohh this makes my heart so happy (and thanks for linking up!) i feel the same way about my family and weddings. i think that’s so wise that you were able to take a step back, look around and feel very present as to all the grand people around you!


    1. Thanks, Alexandra! I’m glad you can relate 🙂 Sometimes I hear horror stories from other people about their in-laws and it makes me feel so glad to have the family I do.


  2. Yes!!! Talk about a snapshot of the soul moment!! (I am a big fan of weddings too, girl. BIG fan. Especially if I’m not in them and can just go as a guest. We have 2 more weddings this year and I’m literally counting down the days!)


    1. Yes! I love being a part of it, but after my brother’s I was SO happy to just be an eating/drinking/dancing guest at this one 🙂 We have one more this year, I think! Haha!


  3. I love when there’s things that bring families together for good times & you can sit back & appreciate them all in a new light. Weddings are great for that.


  4. Totally hits home for me! I adore my in-laws. My MIL is flying in tonight for my dad’s celebration of life tomorrow (excited to see her, but sad/nervous for tomorrow…so many mixed emotions) and I’m just so happy to get to see her!

    I actually prefer to refer to her as ‘Michael’s mom’ when I can because I feel like society gives mother-in-law such a negative connotation and I never want anyone to make assumptions. It’s weird. I really went on a tangent haha! But I’m so glad you were blessed with an awesome second family!


    1. I love that Michael’s mom visited for the celebration. I really think that’s so sweet. We’ve combined our parents for things like b-day parties and holidays. K’s parents were at my brother’s wedding which is kind of funny to me.
      I think “mother-in-law” sounds negative, too, unfortunately. I absolutely get what you’re saying. Maybe we can turn the title into a positive one with our wonderful second families, haha!


    1. I HATE going without Kyle. I swear he makes my experience at weddings 10xs more meaningful 🙂 It’s so fun to watch people make a commitment to love! The world needs more of that!


  5. Awesome that you have such a strong community surrounding you! Weddings are really cool, especially when both families get along well with each other!


    1. I tried really hard to include both of our families equally in our wedding and I really think it paid off in our marriage. I think a major part of the wedding is the vibe it gives off and if the families mesh together well it’s usually a great vibe!


  6. It is really lovely that you have this family and are able to stop, appreciate them, and not take them for granted. *love*


    1. Thanks, Erin 🙂 I’m absolutely sure there are times that I end up taking my family for granted, but I’m glad I occasionally have the clarity to stop and appreciate the moment. (I swear when I drink the world slows down and I tend to appreciate it more.. haha.)


  7. Hmm… Let me see… I’ve only been to three weddings (my friends’), and in all three, I bawled my eyes out. I’m not even part of the family (though we call ourselves sisters from another mother and father), so it sounds absolutely ridiculous to be crying so much at a friends’ wedding. Hahaha!


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