Such an ambiguous title, right? I didn’t mean to make it so vague. I’m not talking about football or the army; I’m actually talking about the blog drafts that all of us have stored away in cyberspace. Well, I do at least.

I won’t lied. I was totally stuck on what to write about today. Nothing felt right. When that happens I usually consider skipping a day or even an entire week. (If my pattern isn’t obvious, I try to post Monday, Wednesday, Friday.) This week I looked through my draft posts, ended up cleaning them out and getting rid of 2/3, and then decided that the remaining few still didn’t fit for today.

And then I had a Jimmy Neutron brain blast. (Tell me I’m not the only one who remembers that stupid show…) Why not share all the drafts in my folder? Not in their full form, but just as a little preview for y’all of what’s to come (or not come, I guess… Depends on my mood).

I am a Woman & That’s OK
This is an angry feminist post. It almost went live today, but I held off. It’s not quite where I want it. Plus, it has some cursing (because it’s angry) and I know my family reads my blog so I need to edit it and/or just get past it. Ha. I’m sure something will happen soon enough that boils my blood and drives me to push “publish.”

Confession: I’m Obsessed with Planners
I ordered a planner and they gave me a coupon code for my blog readers! (Nope, I didn’t get the planner for free- I got a coupon code, too.) Once my planner arrives I will share pictures of how cute it is along with the code for you to get one if you want!
*The name of this post might change. I’m not loving it.


What I Read… August 2016
This is pretty standard. I always have a running draft for books. So far I have two for August. I think I’ll end up with three total. Maybe four.

Blogger Love
Similar to the book post, I usually have a “blogger love” post saved somewhere for me to jot down the things I’ve read. This one is going live on Friday πŸ™‚

IMUO (In My Unpopular Opinion)…
I started a post documenting my ideas or opinions that I think aren’t widespread. I’m still collecting thoughts for this one. I think I have three or four so far.


Helpful Tips to Calm an Anxious Dog
This post is 3/4 done and very important to me. Lylee is an anxious dog and it’s something we’ve been battling for years. I feel very passionately about dogs and their behavior/mental health/etc. so I will end up posting this eventually- once I get it perfected.

If something sounds good or dumb, let me know. I’m always looking for input! Also, I’m totally fine with people following/copying/borrowing my ideas πŸ™‚ Write what you want.

**Also, I shared my thoughts on body image + marriage with Elyse from Just Murrayed so check that out!



34 thoughts on “The Drafts

  1. I just went and looked. I have 26 posts in draft. haha. Blogger Love and Books Read are two of those. I have two that were somewhat birthday centered; birthday came and went; probably should go ahead and delete those. Like you with “angry feminist post”, I have one that is pretty fueled, and I want it to be just right before hitting publish. I’m pretty sure my family doesn’t read my posts, and if that do…shrugs shoulders…


    1. I think I had 16 before I cleaned them out… Haha! I never thought to keep a running “favorites” draft until I read in one of your posts that you do. So thanks for that! I know at least two family members that read my blog. That fact that I curse isn’t going to be a surprise to them (sorry, Mom) but I typically avoid it on here. Ha.


  2. I have so many drafts. Ugh! I need to work on them.

    These all sound like awesome post ideas and I look forward to reading them.

    I just got into paper planners this year and am pretty obsessed too! I love stickers and crossing things off lists.

    My dog has a lot of anxiety problems too. He freaks out when he’s home alone and has accidents so he usually goes in the kitchen when we have to leave him. Not fun!


    1. Thank you! I deleted the ones that would never make it to publish so hopefully all of these do πŸ™‚ I think I’ll post the planner one next week! It just depends on when mine arrives.
      My dogs don’t have separation anxiety as long as they’re together. (Lord help us when one goes to puppy heaven…. Thankfully they’re young.) Lylee does have severe storm anxiety, though! Thanks for commenting!


  3. You can’t go wrong with a recently reading post, they are fast becoming my favourite ones to read.

    Also, I’m all for this In My Unpopular Opinion post!


  4. ohhh YES! please publish ‘i am a woman and that’s okay!’ with curse words and all! i think your family will forgive a few curse words especially when sometimes they are necessary to express the upset around feminism (or that’s what i’m assuming it is). great idea for a post!


  5. So glad you got to participate in my blog collaboration!

    My vote is publish the ‘I am a Woman and that’s okay’ and ‘In My Unpopulr Opinion’. I always like when bloggers post opinions that aren’t necessary going with the pack! Do it!


  6. I have a few drafts that are forever being edited as well! What kind of planner did you get??? I am looking at Paper Plum for my first “fancy planner” but I might could be swayed….


    1. That’s what I got, Nadine! I think the add-ins look so awesome! I’m hoping it’s here some time next week. When I post it there will be a 10 percent-off coupon code, too!


  7. I want to see these all πŸ™‚
    I cant wait for your planner one. I’m so obsessed with planners… I think I’m going the Bullet Journaling route next year though


    1. I really, really, really want to try bullet journaling but I’m just not ready for that yet. Haha. I haven’t found the right journal and I need to get myself in the mental game. I hope you post pictures- based on your Bible journaling I bet your bullet one will be gorgeous!


  8. Ohhh you know I’m stoked for that feminist rant!!!! I had so much fun writing/posting my unpopular opinions so I’m really excited to read yours!


  9. As another angry feminist I can’t wait to read this rant. I think it’s a great idea to write your book review posts as you read books. I usually sit down to write them all at once but sometimes I forget what I wanted to say. I have way too many blog drafts — I should actually go through them and try to finish them… one of these days. I also love reading unpopular opinions so I can’t wait for that post. Looks like you have some good stuff in the works!


    1. I almost always finish a book while lying in bed so I just open up my laptop and write my review right then. Before I publish those at the end of the month I always go back and make sure that my now-thoughts still match my then-thoughts. Lol


  10. I could totally write an anxious dog post after living with Geege for the past nine years.

    I love planners but hate the word confessions in blogland. LOL

    You know I am most looking forward to the angry feminist post. Hopefully it’s a day in which I am wearing my new “Angry Liberal Feminist Killjoy” long sleeve tee. LOL


    1. Yeahhh. I’m really not loving my title on that one. I actually just gave it a title just so I remembered what that post was about when looking through the draft folder. Haha.

      I need a shirt like that πŸ˜€ Haha!


    1. My crazy organized brain get itchy when I have more than 10, hahaha. Once I cleaned them out I was like, ‘I’m going to post about the remaining drafts & hope that other people encourage me to finish them.’ Haha!


    1. I live and die by my planner πŸ™‚ I’m really excited to try a new brand and dive in as soon as it arrive!! πŸ˜€ (According to my tracker, that’ll be Thursday!)


  11. Ha, I like the My Unpopular Opinion idea. Makes me wonder if I have any. Maybe I will steal one day, although surely I would credit you :). Can’t wait to read all of these if/when they’re finished!


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