I never talked much about my baby brother’s wedding so I figured I’d share a little bit today. Mostly it’s a photo dump with all untagged photos taken by Kylie Noelle Photography.

Fred & Christina got married on Saturday, July 23rd in Columbus, Ohio. They had a pretty large wedding party (8 and 8) but that made the set up and tear down a little easier. I’m sure it was different for other people, but I knew most of the groomsmen through Fred and I’d met all the bridesmaids during a shower or shopping trip, so the whole weekend was awesome. It’s way more enjoyable when you know the wedding group you’re a part of!

*First Look* Christina’s girls included her two cousins, her sister, four of her closest friends, and me
My handsome brother in the middle with the bow tie & my smokin’ hot husband to the left of him.

On Friday night all but one bridesmaid stayed at the hotel with Christina while the men crashed at Fred’s apartment. Our morning was laid back and included breakfast and primping. The music at the church didn’t start until 4:15pm so we had plenty of time to get (more) beautiful and excited!






Christina is a fashion guru & she didn’t miss a single detail. We all picked out our own dresses and shoes but it came together perfectly under her direction & guidance. As avid F. Scott Fitzgerald fans and lovers of the Art Deco movement, Fred and Christina steered the style in a direction Daisy Buchanan herself would envy.



The ceremony was spiritual and personal- a perfect balance that mirrors my brother & his wife’s relationship with one another and God. Apparently my family took bets as to if when I’d pass out in my heels. I’m happy to report I made it through the ceremony & out to the receiving line before I had to peel my shoes off. K was a sweaty mess in his heavy, burgundy tux… but damn he looked good 😉






As much as I love a good wedding ceremony, I’m alllll about that party reception! A few weeks before the wedding Fred asked if I’d give a toast. I don’t shy away from public speaking and I am so proud of my little brother so I accepted and spent days perfecting and practicing.


My favorite picture from the whole day!


The reception was at a theatre/ballroom, originally built in 1896. (The Columbus Athenaeum.) It was pretty awesome. The head table was on the stage and then was taken down to allow for a large dance floor. Since my best friend lives in Columbus I told her to pull on a dress and crash the wedding. There are no pictures, but she showed up after the meal and danced all night with me, then came out with us!

Not so flattering for me, but I love that this pic has my four cousins in it.


The party ended for most of the guests after the gorgeous sparkler exit… except my crazy parents and their friends and my in-laws; they took the party back to their hotel bar lobby with R. Kelly. And since we can’t turn down an invite from my dad we ended up at the hotel bar and then a late night taco restaurant. We finally hit the sack at 3:30am. (And then I drove Fred & Christina to the airport at 6am. WOOF.)


So there’s the recap of our crazy, fun, tiring, sleepless weekend at my brother & sister (in-law)’s wedding. Of course there are millions of little stories and funny moments from the day, but it’d take months to blog all that. Suffice it to say, if Fred & Christina’s wedding is any indication of their marriage it’s going to be long, fun, full of love, and total unpredictable. But only the best things are 🙂


*Like I said, kudos to Kylie Noelle and her gorgeous photography skills!!

29 thoughts on “Freddie Gets Married

  1. Must admit, although a big wedding like this looks nice, they just make me glad that I eloped and got married with just me and my husband and didn’t bother to invite anyone haha! I couldn’t be bothered with having to deal with all those little details.


    1. Hahaha! I had a pretty big one like my brother, although less attendants and more guests. They can definitely be stressful/taxing/overwhelming and there were time I’d text my then-fiance/now-husband that we should just elope, but I think my brother’s wedding matched his personality pretty well 🙂


  2. I am loving it ALLLLLLLLL
    It looks like so much fun & all so BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I love the style of the wedding.
    Those are the type of days that memories last forever.
    You just look simply beautiful yourself Miss Bridesmaid


    1. They really tied everything together nicely- the style of clothes with the get-away car with the reception venue. It was so perfect for them 🙂 And thank you, friend!!


  3. ahhh i LOVE wedding photos – what a gorgeous wedding and i totally thought daisy b before you even said it! you look gorgeous and well done on your speech – LOVE that photo of you! so happy you had such a fun time and sounds like everyone else did too!


    1. It was definitely all Gatsby 😉 I’m glad no one ended up dead in a pool. Haha. (Not funny but kind of funny…. lol.) Thank you so much! I really really love that photo!


  4. I LOVE the color scheme! Burgundy suits are so cool and different. Gorgeous pictures of everyone! I also really appreciated your Remix to Ignition (aka my fave song) reference. 😉


    1. THANK YOU FOR NOTICING THE R. KELLY REFERENCE. Hahaha. I cracked myself up and hoped that someone else out there would appreciate it 😀 Haha! We were leery of the burgundy suits when we heard about them but they looked so dapper!


    1. Thanks, Lindsay! My dress was SOOO not my typical style but I felt good in it- I’m glad I was able to pick something out for me. She wasn’t demanding at all! (Her personality is never demanding, actually. Lol) She was seriously stunning, but her fashion sense is always a 10!


  5. First, I love how we gals are critical of ourselves, and the picture of you dancing, you make sure to say it isn’t flattering of you…but…I LOVE it! I love the dress. I love that it is candid. I love dancing at receptions, so I love that it captures that with your cousins.
    Those dresses are all amazing!


  6. GIRL! You look SO beautiful (which I told you already in that you+the bride pic in a previous post, but for reallllz!). Their wedding photos are AWESOME! I love that you gave a speech at your brother’s wedding. If my little brother ever gets married I’ll be weaseling my way into that spot 😉 All those bridesmaids pictures are so creative. The style of the dresses, the hair, poses, gah! It’s so prettyyy!


    1. I’m so glad he asked me to give a toast. I called it a speech all night which drove K insane so then I started calling it my acceptance speech (which made him roll his eyes, ha). One of the groomsmen is dating a hairstylist so she helped us out with hair that day- along with one of the bridesmaids who does hair.


  7. Wow, that is such a beautiful wedding style! I love the dress and the sort-of ’20’s look (I’m not a fashion guru but it is lovely!). You all look great!


  8. These pics are GORGEOUS! And I can’t get over how beautiful the bridesmaid dresses are. Everyone says, “You could wear it again!” And I’m usually like NO WAY! But these are so fab that you really could. :))


    1. My dress was SO out of my normal clothing wheelhouse, but I loved it! I have already mentally assigned it to our next fancy party or New Year Eve event! Lol!


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