It’s Labor Day, yo! Happy Labor Day! (Well, to the US folk…)

Since it’s a holiday I get today off from work.
When my brain’s not busy doing work/daily routine stuff it’s busy thinking about random stuff…

My local yoga studio is offering a 30 day yoga challenge starting Sept. 12th. For $60 you can sign up to take a yoga class every day for a month. It’s an amazing deal, but only if you actually go to class. Their classes are held any time between 5:30 am and 7:30 pm. This is their second time offering this challenge and I’m so tempted but sooo doubtful (of myself, ha).

Chelsea had her baby and I am SO excited for her & Ryan!! Here’s a pic of the new family  ❤︎

On Saturday I’m starting a new volunteer opportunity. I’m super pumped about it and I plan to blog about it soon. Obviously it has to do with animals 🙂

My grey hair is coming back with a vengeance. Good thing I have a hair appt. on Thursday.

I’m in a book rut- I’m currently just reading one book and I don’t care about it. I need to start a good one soon…

On Saturday, all by 10 o’clock am, I made the bed, folded laundry, enjoyed a doughnut and cup of tea, finished the book I was reading (no, not the one I just complained about), and took the dogs on a long walk. I felt pretty dang accomplished and adult-ed.

I think I kicked my caffeine habit a few months ago, but now it’s back. Dagnabbit.

My baby brother & new sister were in town this weekend & I’m so glad I got to spend ample time with them!

In college we didn’t get Labor Day off and I was cheesed about it every year, but as a graduate I totally get it. I hadn’t really labored yet- I didn’t deserve the day. (Haha, I’m kind of kidding. I’m still irked we didn’t get the day off.) Whatev, guys. I have the day off today so I’m letting bygones be bygones.

Short and sweet and random. Go swim in a pool or crash a BBQ once you’re done here 🙂

summer swim

Today is the last day I’m allowing “summer” to be a part of my vocabulary until 2017.
Byeeeeee, Summer!


22 thoughts on “Things I’m Thinking About

  1. I’ve read too many thought-provoking, heavy topic books in a row. Now, you know, I’m not scared of ’em, but I needed a break. So, today, I started a seemingly light-hearted YA book with good reviews to crawl out of the dark and heavy rut.

    I’m with you about thinking I kicked caffeine, but that evil bitch has come back into my life.


    1. For the majority of your challenge I’ve been in a good groove with my picks but something about my last two reads (one of which wasn’t for the challenge) totally threw me off. It’s ok- I started a new book today that I’m excited about!

      I quit caffeine AND sugar drinks one week and just drank water. In the beginning it sucked but by the end I felt great. Yeah… I’m totally hooked on both types of drinks again. Ha.


  2. My last 2 books have been bummers too so I’ve been carefully picking out my next one. I NEED a good one.
    I cant wait to hear about your volunteering!!!!!!
    That sounds like an awesome deal for the yoga. I dont like yoga but I think that would make me try it more.


    1. I started two new ones this weekend so I’m excited about reading again thankfully 🙂 Haha!
      I want to keep up with the volunteering before I talk about it- thus, the vagueness. But soon!
      I really want to do the yoga but we’re been slacking at the gym so I’m worried about my ability to commit… ha.


  3. I’m finally reading a pretty good book – The Girl on the Train. Of course, it could end up being crappy but so far it’s really good.

    I’ve been excited to say goodbye to summer since my birthday. To me that always signals the end of summer so I’ve been shovelling in all the pumpkin things I can get my hands on and wearing sweaters no matter what the temperature.


    1. I’ve heard good things about that book- hopefully you like it!

      I’ve been tricking myself into thinking it’s fall by wearing sweatshirts and drinking tea in the mornings and opening up the front door and windows in the morning when things are still cool 🙂


  4. That yoga thing does sound like an awesome deal but knowing me I’d go twice and it would end up being a HORRIBLE deal. Hahaha.
    Ahhh the volunteering! So excited to hear about it. Maybe it will motivate me to finally do some animal volunteering too.


    1. That’s how I feel about the yoga thing. Plus, we have gym memberships that we never use anymore and I feel guilty about signing up for yoga while I still have that in my pocket. UGH.
      This Saturday is my first time at the center and I’m SO excited! Once I get my bearings I’ll talk about it on here!! 🙂


    1. Every Labor Day I was ticked. It had to do with them not wanting freshman to go home on their first weekend, blah, blah, blah. Haha. (I think I went home my first weekend anyway in college. Ha!)


  5. I sooo want to try a yoga studio, and that sounds like a great deal, but I can see why you would be hesitant. You wouldn’t want to not get your money’s worth! Yesss animal volunteering. Greg and I volunteered at a pit bull shelter for a while and then I fell off the wagon and took him with me.


    1. Ooooh, I’d LOVE to volunteer at a pit bull shelter! Their boxy, tough little faces make me melt!
      I love this yoga studio and it’s my go-to whenever I do actually go. I’m just nervous about the commitment. (I guess that’s why it’s a challenge, though… Ha.)


  6. That sounds like a good deal for yoga! I am excited to hear about your volunteer opportunity! So awesome! I have read a bunch of meh books this past month, like mostly 3’s. Luckily it hasn’t kept me away from reading but I am like ughhhh where is my 5?? Probably on my wait list at the library. Dang it.


    1. I’m doing that reading challenge and I’m not excited about most of the books left- maybe I just need to change my attitude. Hopefully the one I started on Monday will pick me back up!


  7. So excited to hear about your new volunteer opportunity!

    I sometimes find that when I put money into something I’m more inclined to do it, so many the yoga will work out for you. It’s only a month if it doesn’t 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!


    1. True enough (about it only being a month). Six yoga classes and I’ve at least gotten my money’s worth. I’m just nervous because I pay for a gym membership that I never use to money might not motivate me. Hmmmm…. I’m still not sure.

      Happy Wednesday to you, too!


  8. Ugh, my whole summer was a fiction rut. Either I didn’t like it, or I was trying to finish up non-fiction. I read an entire YA trilogy and most of another (last book in another series) over the weekend.. . I had Tuesday off.. so I am feeling better about that now! haha 🙂 Excited to hear more about the yoga and the volunteering! I definitely need to be doing some volunteering, but I haven’t in ages. : / XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. I’m leaning toward “yes” with the yoga thing, but I still don’t know… hahaha.

      It seems like I read two books that I love and then pick up one I don’t. And then find two more that I love and then…. etc. That’s my typical pattern. Hopefully that means two good books on my horizon! Ha!


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