Last month I shared a post to remind you that you are great. This month I’m changing the message.

You are smart.

I struggle at least once a week with this. Why do people read faster than me? Why can’t I figure out the tip percentage? Why am I having such a tough time remembering that article I read? Struggling is all part of being human and your intelligence isn’t reflected in those moments. You’re here, reading these words, and that means your brain is working. You remember your manners and you think about how to reach out and spread kindness to friends and family members- that takes some smarts! We all misspell words and accidentally say, “You, too” when the gate agent tells us to enjoy our flight. Laugh it off, crack open a book, show yourself some grace, and bring some kindness and inspiration to the world with your thinking skills!


Now it’s time to brag:
Tell me something that’s made you feel especially smart or wise in the last few days or weeks!!


26 thoughts on “You Are Smart! (ep. 2)

  1. Aw, I love this so much. So encouraging, and not in a superficial fluffy way. My friend’s little sister just posted on FB that when she went to buy her first bottle of wine on her 21st birthday the cashier was like, “Happy birthday!” To which she replies “you too!” Hahaha. That thing about the gate, so relatable. And honestly I feel smart when talking about education stuff with my sister-in-law who’s getting her master’s in elementary education 🙂


    1. I think I always say, “You, too” to the people at the movie theater… Haha! And amusement parks. Oops! 🙂
      I have absolutely no clue about anything education-wise! It’s awesome that it’s something you can discuss and brainstorm with your sister-in-law!


  2. i know what my strengths and weaknesses are – weakness is math/numbers (without a calculator) and history/current events. i fully embrace the fact that i will never be good with numbers and i laugh at that. current events – because the news depresses me so i never watch it. again, i find out the new from friends, twitter (LOL) or whatever i read on my feeds.

    regardless of the above, i know i’m smart; i kick so much ass at work, i’m resourceful and i can figure shit out.

    great, inspiring post for blogland!


    1. Hell yeah, girl 🙂 My weakness is math. Hahaha! I consider myself pretty good with words and history and puzzle-type things, but math and science do not compute very well in my brain…

      Being resourceful can’t really be taught so go you!


    1. Nothing good comes out of being mean- whether it’s to others OR ourselves! I’m not anywhere close to perfect, but I try to extend grace to everyone, self included 🙂


  3. I try to remind myself of this sometimes. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I am amazing with percentages and can tell you what the sale price or top should be in 2 seconds flat but gosh darn if I can’t figure out an excel formula. LOL.


  4. I love this so much, friend. I struggle a lot with this because Chris is part of a medical family (Dad is in hospital administration, Mom was a pharmacist, brother is in dental school. Even my future sister-in-law is a biology teacher), so when they all get together, I feel dumb for not knowing what they’re talking about more than half the time.


    1. Oh man- a medical family would be intimidating! You definitely have your own talents and intellectual strengths, though!
      K is from a very musically inclined family. I did high school band but I feel like I don’t hold a flame to them when they’re jamming together!


  5. I try and remember this. You can’t be good at everything or know everything but everyone is good at something and everyone knows a little bit. I’m great with organization, math and learning languages but I could not locate Thailand on a map…and I’m directionally challenged.


    1. Me too! Haha! I also use Google more often than I’m proud of, but I figure at least I’m doing the research! I’ll store those answers in my brain for the next time I need them 🙂


    1. Oh my gosh, that’s not silly at ALL! I feel SO smart when I finish books- even the fluffy ones! Reading makes you a better conversationalist AND writer, so you are definitely smart! I read The Skimm, too! It’s less depressing than MSN or the nightly news. 🙂


  6. Uhm, I’m trying to come up with something that made me feel particularly smart or wise recently, and I got nothin’. ha!


    1. Uhhhh- aren’t you saying bye to one successful business and hello to a new adventure??! I’d say that takes some smarts! (I totally can’t wait to hear more about what you and your husband are up to!) Also, all that immigration paperwork DEFINITELY takes an engaged brain!


  7. I really enjoy admiring the intelligence of people. Not just academic, but general life intelligence. I think it’s a lot of fun seeing all the different things people can do well – it really helps you to remember that we’re all different and just because we can’t do this, that and the other, we can still do this, that and the other, it’s just a different thing to someone else.

    Ooh, something that makes me feel wise, hmm, probably listening to my husband talk about his conference he’s going to and all the work he’s presenting. Even though it’s not my brand of science, I find it all quite easy to grasp which makes me feel smart. On the other hand, can I work out the themes of a book I’m reading… never. Can I pick up language… never. Try as I might, I really feel like I am linguistically challenged. My inability to listen, makes me feel like a complete idiot all the time.


    1. I’m always blown away by other people’s intelligence. I think it’s great- it’s what makes the world go round!
      I am sooooo clueless when it comes to anything science-y. That’s great that you can follow along with your husband’s area of specialty!


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