I’m having a hard time believing that today is Monday. This was one of those weekends that had no slow moments- but I enjoyed every single second. Originally today’s post was going to be about what I read in September, but that only included one book… ha. (I’m still working on the three I mentioned here, but there was no time to read this weekend.) In lieu of a book review, I’m linking up with Emily for Grateful Heart Monday!

This weekend included time with my family and more landscaping, drinks at home with friends and late, late nights out at the bars, birthday celebrations and comfortable, lazy mornings.

Saturday afternoon/night was the absolute best. Aubrey & I met up and headed to Columbus to surprise Kayla and hit the bars for her birthday. The three of us were friends in high school but really cemented that bond in college- despite being at different universities. Our fourth high school amigo, Emily, just gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl and happens to live in Columbus, too. We were able to stopped and visit her and meet Gracyn before the shenanigans started. It was a little surreal to see Em with a perfect baby in her arms.

A little later, three of Kayla’s local friends joined us to pre-game the night. Guys, the bar scene in Columbus- oh man. I should’ve trained for that event 🙂 We started at 9pm and uber-ed home at 2am. The night was 100% perfection and filled with dancing, drinks, music, and laughter. Honestly, it was an incredibly amazing night and I’m so grateful for my friends. The three of us live in different cities and I feel so lucky that we can get together and have a carefree night on the town. My heart is so full, even if my body’s exhausted.


So that was my weekend. Now I’m sitting in our basement on our new den furniture. (K insisted we take advantage of the BigLots 20% off sale and obtain this chaise/chair/ottoman combo he’s been lusting over.) Tell me about your weekend in comments!


A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey

20 thoughts on “A Wild Weekend Means a Grateful Heart

    1. It’s so odd. I’ve known Aubrey & Kayla for YEARS but our friendship really happened once we were in college. Aubrey and I were together off and on through hs but once we all split for college we started working really hard to see each other on breaks 🙂


  1. Sounds like a very energetic weekend! I spent energy of the cleaning kind (again) we tackled the last part of the house for the big clean and then we played Portal 2 together and baked on Sunday!


  2. Aw, sounds like you had a blast! I love nights with my best friends… there’s nothing else like it!

    Love your new furniture set! We’ve gotten A LOT of our furniture at Big Lots and usually have pretty good luck with it.


  3. Spending quality time with old friends is the best! Friends that last over the long busy years, living in different cities, are friends for life. I love when my friends come to visit me in Hawaii because there is no work, no responsibilities, it’s just a vacation. Lots of coffee and lots of wine and lots of talking.


    1. Oh man- I wish one of my friends lived in Hawaii 😉 Right now Kayla is in Columbus and Aubrey is in Cleveland- and I’m in our tiny, rural hometown. Haha. Unless they’re visiting home, usually I go to them!


  4. Haha you wild rebel! Last time I went out like that was for a friend’s bachelorette party. Sounds like fun and you look awesome!!!! 🙂


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