(Did you get that? It was a Veggie Tales reference #lame Hahaha.)

Today is my Friday and, in celebration of that, I’m sharing some of my favorite jams that define my life, courtesy of Alyssa‘s Back to Blogging non-challenge challenge!

I’ve seen Kathy and Nadine do this already and I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with anything, but they’ve inspired meΒ  πŸ™‚ I’ve settled on a solid five.

How I’ll Always BeΒ  [Tim McGraw]

“I’m a little more beer bottle beer joint than a fancy bar | I’m a little more sitting up high on the road than a little car | I’m a little more bust ya back than take it for free”

“I’ll always be a fan of ol’ stray dogs and guitars playin’ | One room churches, back road walks and front porch swingin’ | Sunset skies, bonfire nights, I love the simple things | That’s how I’ll always be”

. . .

Grey Street [Dave Matthews Band]

“Oh look at how she listens | She says nothing of what she thinks | She just goes stumbling through her memories | Staring out on to Grey Street”

. . .

Feel That Fire [Dierks Bentley]

“She wants to wear my shirt to bed | She wants to make every stray a pet | And drive around in my truck with no place to go”

. . .

Caught Up In You [38 Special]

“So caught up in you | Little girl | That I never wanna get myself free | And baby it’s true | You’re the one | Who caught me, baby you taught me | How good it could be”

*Can we please just appreciate how 80s this video is?? Hehe

. . .

Crazy [Ben Rector]

“Last night was crazy, yeah we tore it up again | Kicked off our shoes and went to bed by 9pm | We were balling and Netflix | We turned it up to ten | Last night was crazy”

. . .

I have always been a huge music person, and there are a million songs that I just love, but I wanted to limit this post to ones that I really felt define my life. Our couples song didn’t make the list this time (I’ll Be by Edwin McCain), nor did the song I walked down the aisle to (Baby Blue by DMB). Both great songs, but not necessarily life-definingΒ  πŸ™‚ (K is also upset I didn’t share You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate because I tend to sing it loudly when I drink a little too much.)

If you haven’t already done the link-up, what songs define your life?



28 thoughts on “Silly Songs with Audrey

  1. You know I’m gonna go with Beauty & the Beast πŸ˜‰ my answer to anything music/movie/tv πŸ˜‰

    I love your variety.
    38 Special – CLASSIC!!!!


  2. I’ve been slowly working on this post but it’s hard to choose just a few! I feel like at least one Tim McGraw song will make the cut though, although I could almost choose songs solely from his discography. I LOVE the Veggie Tales reference!


    1. When I first read through the challenge prompts I was sure I wouldn’t be able to come up with one. Then I got started and had to cap it at five! Haha!


  3. I’ve never heard Crazy by Ben Rector but just that little snippet you posted makes me think it defines my life too!!! Hahaha. Also, I LOVE that you sing You Sexy Thing when you’re tipsy.


    1. Ben Rector is one of our favorites πŸ™‚ We’ve seen him live twice and he’s wonderful!!

      Nah, girl. Full on DRUNK has to happen before I launch into, “I believe in miracles…” Hahaha!


    1. I remembered someone else having a connection to Edwin McCain- his songs are just so lovely ❀

      Ben Rector is one of our favs. His newest album is AWESOME!


  4. .38 Special!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know you’ve made this old gal happy by including that song.
    Oh, how I wish I could see a video of your rendition of “You Sexy Thang” haha.


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