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A Fantastically Magical Review

Hello, lovelies. I have a "wishlist" that I need to post for family members, but I just saw the newest wizarding film this weekend and I wanted to gush about it while it's still fresh in my mind. Look for the wishlist on Wednesday. *No spoilers here! I would never ruin the magic for anyone! ❤︎… Continue reading A Fantastically Magical Review

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I Can’t Think of Anything to Say But ‘Thank You’

I wasn't planning on posting today, but the amount of feedback and love and advice I received on Monday was so overwhelming. Originally I had a little "thank you" sentence added to Wednesday's post but I decided that just wasn't enough. I write in this space because it helps me collect my thoughts and express… Continue reading I Can’t Think of Anything to Say But ‘Thank You’

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Things I Love Right Now

Very rarely am I what people call "trendy." The black flats that I wear to work almost every day were purchased at the beginning of my college career. The insides are now peeling out and I'm one sharp stone away from a hole in the sole. None of my clothes are designer and I only… Continue reading Things I Love Right Now