This isn’t a political rant. I promise.

Over the last week I’ve found some websites that have helped me become a more informed voter. While I 100% believe it is your responsibility as an American citizen to vote, I believe that it’s 100xs more important that you show up to the polls as an informed voter. These people are making our laws and representing our country- you need to know who you’re hiring.


+ This is probably the best thing I’ve seen. If you put in your address or zip code this site tells you exactly who will be on your ballot. I get confused about who to research or what names I’ll come across (except presidential candidates) so this is a really awesome tool!

+ If you haven’t see this site, it identifies which candidate is most similar to (and different than) you.

+ If you’re looking for an exit door on November 9th then you should take this quiz. It’ll tell you which country is best for you post-election. I got Canada but I think I’d probably head to Switzerland. (Nothing against Canada!)

On Wednesday night I stayed up until 1am to have my heart broken. *sigh* I will be a good sport and tell all my Cubs/Chicago friends “Congratulations!” (Stephanie, Olya, Amanda, Emily, Lisa), but I’m not liking y’alls pictures on IG or your celebratory tweets. #SorryNotSorry #ClevelandAgainstTheWorld #Believeland Next year, guys…. Next year.  😉

Real quick I’d like to diverge from my drama-free, productive, real-talk personality and admit that I’ve been switching on episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. If you like these kinds of shows I think that’s totally wonderful and you’re totally wonderful, but usually I steer clear of this kind of entertainment just because I don’t care. So…. I know I’m probably late to the party, but who the f*@$ lives like this family? What is life when you can hope on a private jet for a night in Vegas, wake up in your own bed the next morning, drop $3,000 on a pair of shoes, and walk around in half a sports bra and booty shorts at the age of 19. I also follow Kylie Jenner on SnapChat (I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. HELP ME.) and I die when I see the outfits she wears and the clubs she hangs out in and the money she spends. Woof. Does she have her own house? I know nothing about these people but I’m just so…. floored, I guess.

I had no point to make. That paragraph was a waste of 90 seconds. Sorry…


Is it just me or are fortune cookies getting lame? In the last week I’ve gotten “A fine is a tax for doing wrong, but a tax is a fine for being successful.” Uhhh… ok, Hillary. (That was a joke. Don’t crucify me.) Then I got, “Never throw caution to the wind.” Great. Thanks, Confucius. (And ok, yeah, maybe I had Chinese food twice in one week. It’s fine.)

And now let’s end with some funnies:


. . .

Not funny... but whatever.
Not funny… but whatever.

. . .


. . .

(This made me laugh so hard...)
(This made me laugh so hard…)

. . .


Have a great weekend, friends!


28 thoughts on “Tuesday is Election Day (& Other Stuff)

  1. hahaha that poor dog and his snow friend! LOL that made me laugh today, so thanks for that.

    I’m really interested to see the election outcome next week. i NEVER follow politics and this is the first political race hat i’ve been keeping my eye on…and it’s not even for my country!


    1. Aaaah! I hope you know how LUCKY you are that this shitshow isn’t your country. Geez… I didn’t vote early so Tuesday morning the husband and I are headed to the polls to sell our soul to the devil. (Not the orange devil, though. F*ck that guy.)


  2. Damn it, I was really hoping for a political rant, Audrey!!!!!

    The Kardashians make me face palm. And that dog snowman cracked me up!!! The bottom ecard about the election has been all over my feed and it’s one of my favorite things ever.


    1. I pulled the bottom ecard from FB because my friends have been sharing it. Ha!
      I just don’t understand the Kardashian lifestyle. Like…. I just can’t wrap my head around it..
      Check back on Mon. for a feminist rant… Haha.


  3. Harry Potter from Hagrid’s perspective made me laugh out loud – so good!

    I got that I should move to Japan… I’m assuming this is because I chose sushi for the food question.


  4. haha I appreciate that, sorry about your loss! To be honest, I really thought the Cubs would lose to the Dodgers and not even make the world series.
    LOLed so hard at ‘how many dog pictures is that’ – SO TRUE


    1. Man… after seeing those Cubs hit I’m surprised we got a 2 game lead and lasted so long. I s’pose Chicago maybe kinda sorta a little bit deserved the win…… 😉


  5. LOL on that HP meme! hehe Thanks for the voting site stuff. I have a few things I do need to look into prior to Tuesday. 🙂 LOLOLOLOL to the fortune cookie thing! 😛 😛 I have always liked the one I got (as a 15 year old..?) that said “You and your wife will live happily together.” -well that’s specific.Have a great weekend! XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. Oh my gosh… that fortune is ridiculous!! I have a fortune that I kept that says, “Don’t worry about the world ending. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” Ha!

      I need to do a little research on our local folks, too, before Tues. I should get on that! Ha!


  6. There is a quiz to take your exit strategy? That is hilarious!!!!
    I used to follow a lot of the Kardashians & then it just irritated me on the lifestyle they life. & I’m struggling to get decent health insurance. The screwed up parts of the world. Needless to say, I deleted all my followings – except for Khloe. I love Khloe. She seems real to me.


    1. I can’t understand living with such excess. And the problems and drama that they have is SO unrelatable! While watching the show I did get that witty, sarcastic sense from Khloe and she did grow on me a bit. Maybe I’ll start to follow her on IG. Right now I just follow Kylie (and I have no idea why??).


  7. hahahahahaahah I measure my phone space on dog pictures too! And the HP meme cracks me up. I totally am with you on the Kardashians. Like who seriously lives life like that??? It gives youth such false expectations of how things really are.


    1. I get so frustrated when I have to delete photos to make space. Usually I’m deleting a dog photo to add a dog photo… ha.
      Their wealth just totally throws me off. It’s half fascinating and half nauseating. Ha.


  8. These are such good links – I totally agree about understanding what is going on in the world!


  9. I’m with you in trying to be happy for the Cubs because like seriously, I get it, it’s been a LOOONG time but why couldn’t it be MY team? Seriously, I’m the worst. Next year, it’s the Jays turn to win.


  10. YES! There are so many good voting websites this year. I used the first one you linked to read more about the FL amendments, and I’m so glad I did, because DANG those are worded in a sneaky way! Cheers to being an informed voter!


    1. I’m about to go dig into it again a little more one last time.
      Just think…. at this time tomorrow the voting will be over and we’ll all be on the edges of our couches. BLEH!


  11. I took the quiz about what country to move to, and I got Australia…so I guess I’m in the right spot!
    The phone/dog pic meme is #truth.


  12. Speaking of fortune cookies, I saw one that someone posted that said (paraphrase bc I can’t remember the exact quote): “Go away I’m sleeping. Yes, fortune cookies sleep too.” Which I thought was amazing. I’m sorry you’ve essentially had your heart broken twice this month so far, and it’s not even half over. Praying for our nation and my friends of all demographics today.


    1. Wow…. that’s a really, really odd fortune cookie. Ha!

      Thank you, friend ❤︎ I hope that my fear are unwarranted and the (genuine) hopes of others are fulfilled. TIme and prayer will tell..


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