I should’ve posted this Wednesday, but I didn’t have it done. I also wasn’t in a good mood, which would’ve been reflected in my writing. Now you get a bonus Thursday post, though. Yaaaay.

I love getting fun stuff in the mail so when Erin mentioned this swap hosted by Becky & Kristin I signed up immediately. The swap was open to folks inside and outside the US and I was luck enough to be pair with one of those adventurous participants! On October 9th I was paired with Elizabeth from Cheers, Elizabeth and I went right to work on collecting some goodies for her!


Elizabeth is originally from Virginia but she currently lives on a US base in Okinawa, Japan with her husband (& dog!). Funny enough, my mom is the daughter of an Air Force Colonel and she lived there years ago! Crazy! Elizabeth is super involved and she sent me so many Japanese snacks and goodies!


. . .


I loved swapping with Elizabeth! I received the most unique items! If you read the little note she included you’ll see that the cute little pumpkin decoration was made by a military child as a fundraising project. I’m super curious about the Japanese coffee flavors and candies- I haven’t tried anything yet!


. . .


I’m so glad I had the opportunity to “meet” a new blogger and participate in this fun seasonal swap! Thank you so much for hosting, Becky & Kristin!!


25 thoughts on “5th Annual Great Pumpkin Swap

  1. Uhm. Does those kit kats have cherries or cranberries (or another red fruit) in them? I need them. SO fun to swap internationally! And, how crazy that your mom lived there too.


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