Things I Love Right Now

Very rarely am I what people call “trendy.” The black flats that I wear to work almost every day were purchased at the beginning of my college career. The insides are now peeling out and I’m one sharp stone away from a hole in the sole. None of my clothes are designer and I only carry a cross-body purse to hold my wallet and my chapstick. I’m just warning you that A) nothing on this list is new-new and B) nothing here will cost you more that $20.

Also, this isn’t a wishlist. These are tried and true things that I use/listen to/watch/have and love.

MAKE-UP | NYX Solf Matte Lip Cream
I should probably give a shout out to Lindsay for turning me on to this product. Smooth, buttery lip matte that dries immediately and stays put for hours. I own five different shades as of right now.

TELEVISION | The Good Place + Speechless + American Housewife
Apparently I’m all about the comedies this season. These fluctuate between comical and laugh-out-loud humor. I’ve also been trying to keep up with This Is Us and Bull, but sometimes life is heavy enough and I just need a comedy. (I typically watch these on Hulu.)


First The Good Place retweeted me, then “Janet” herself! ❤︎

NETFLIX | Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
BIG shout out to Kristen for this recommendation. And shame on me for waiting so long to get HOOKED. I’ve just finished season 1 and I am so obsessed. I’m also swooning over Detective Jack Robinson- I love his chemistry with Phryne!

BOOKS | The Lunar Chronicles
I know I’ve been pushing these books for a while now, but it takes me a long time to get through a series. I’m just about to start the final book (and it’s over 800 pages… *gulp*) so I’ll shut up about these soon.


MUSIC | Christmas Music
My favorite artists/albums right now are Pentatonix, Charlie Brown, and anything “jazzy” (Bing, Frank, etc.).

CLOTHES | No Boundaries Leggings from Wal-Mart
My coworker told me about these/gifted me a pair and now I’m obsessed. They’re as soft as LuLaRoe, they’re warm & colorful, and they’re only $6. Uh- yes please. (The holiday ones appear to be sold out online…)


HOME | Ello Travel Mug
I am SO in love with this mug. The outside stays cool while the drink inside stays hot for hours. It’s the best travel mug I’ve ever used. The cork bottom keeps it from sweating all over you desk and it’s dishwasher safe. I might be Christmas-gifting a few of these!

*Enjoy whatever days off you may have this week, American friends!*
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hug your friends &  family extra tight, be kind to retail workers, and be safe on the roads! ❤︎


33 thoughts on “Things I Love Right Now

  1. You’re the second person I’ve heard that loved Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, definitely going to have to watch it soon! Until I moved to Vancouver I never saw the appeal of leggings, now I’m obsessed, love that print!


    • I don’t know that I’ve ever shopped at Wal-Mart for clothing (except for generic sweatshirts for crafting or parts of Halloween costumes), but I LOVE these leggings!

      PLEASE check this series out and then tell me so we can talk about it!! Haha!


    • They might actually be in the ‘junior’ section, but the sizing fits me perfectly and I am itching to go back for another pair (or 5)! I never thought I’d say that about Wal-Mart leggings!


    • They’re YA and fantasy (which I usually don’t get in to because there are SO MANY books in that genre), but I love them. I’m 100% obsessed! I”m holding off on the last book because there are others I need to finish and I know I’ll get sucked into Winter and neglect them if I start it now. Haha!


  2. Those leggings are so cute!!! I have the Lunar Chronicles on my list to read and I just haven’t gotten around to them yet. I know I need to! I am a huge fan of NYX lip products and also Rimmell. I love The Good Place and American Housewife! I am all about some comedies as well. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  3. I’m going to checkout that lipstick because my lipstick never lasts. It is possible that user error is to blame, because rubbing your lips is probably not helpful to the cause. Also is this lipstick drying? My lips chap easily (TMI, I know) so that’s another issue. Clearly, I have lots of lipstick issues. 🙂 I love Speechless and This is Us so much! I couldn’t get into The Good Place unfortunately. And YES to the Lunar Chronicles, so good! I’ve heard so much about those Ello Travel Mugs. Cold drinks staying cold; hot drinks staying hot – genius! Happy Thanksgiving!


    • The lip matte is pretty drying. And it comes off when I occasionally chew on my lips.I tend to carry around a similarly colored gloss when I wear that lip matte.
      I can’t say enough good things about my mug! I need 3 more since I always have to clean my out, haha!
      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


  4. First off, I love your introduction to this post. I’m currently trying to make my favourite pair of black flats last another 5 years by sticking insoles in them but I should probably be more realistic about my expectations. I am loyal to Costco leggings, they come two in a package for $16-18, I put it in the washer and dryer and wear them regularly and easily get two or three years out of a pair!


    • Huh. I’ve never been in a Costco but I definitely don’t think of quality clothing when I think of that store, haha!
      I really need to replace my flats. I’ve been looking, but I just haven’t found the right shoes yet!


  5. I’m definitely not trendy either, and I’m almost always behind the 8 ball on everything. Also, a list of things where it’s all under $20 is a stellar list in my book. NYX is one of my favorite brands. They’re totally affordable and the quality is great.


    • My sister-in-law is a LuLaRoe fan and I LOVE the feel of that fabric, but honestly I just need some inexpensive leggings to wear around the house and at yoga. The Wal-Mart ones have held up great so far!


    • I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, as well!! We had a fun one 🙂 You need to go start Miss Fisher’s right now!! I’m thinking about spending the rest of my Sunday in my craft room with some Miss FIsher’s and a scrapbook project!


  6. I keep hearing about those leggings & that they are comparable to LulaRoe – which is CRAZY ridiculous high… I’m going to look for a pair this weekend.
    JANET!!! That is so cool. My nieces turned me onto the Good Place – love it. & American Housewife is my fav – but irks me they make her sound like she’s SO FAT!! She’s not!! That’s whats wrong with the world…. but kudos for comedies!!


    • I’m loving The Good Place. It’s not exactly laugh-out-loud funny, but it always makes me chuckle and smirk. And Janet really is my absolute favorite character on there! Plus the devil character. I’m a few episodes behind so I need to catch up!
      Check out those leggings! You won’t be disappointed!


  7. As you may already know, I just haven’t grabbed hold of a television series in years, but I may need to check out Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. I want some of those leggings. And, I miss cheap NYX make-up. Happy Thanksgiving!


    • If I ever get you in a blogger-gift-swap I’ll know just what to send 😉
      You absolutely should check out Miss Fisher’s. Kristen totally turned me on to the series and I’m obsessed. I love that she’s a very modern 1920s woman- it’s a pretty feministy show 🙂


  8. What a fun mix of things! I’m definitely not trendy either (which is why I need my little sister/Pinterest to tell me what to wear haha), and I have still have flats that I bought in 2008 so I AM WITH YA GIRL.


    • I have clothes in my closet that I stole from my brother. HA. There’s a hoodie that we used to fight over because it’s so comfy (obviously I won) and I always used to take his longer athletic shorts when we were in band because I hated the short ladies shorts. Hahaha. I’ve always been a trendsetter. Ha.


  9. I have The Lunar Chronicles on my Kindle but I haven’t started reading them yet. That’s for next year, since I’m attempting to finish off a few ongoing series at the moment. But I’m looking forward to checking them out, I think I’ll enjoy them.

    I love it when a series is completed, I’m always more motivated to read them as I don’t have to worry about another book coming out in the future.


    • Yesss. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait around for another book in the series. Meyer just released a new book but it has to do with the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. I can’t wait to check that one out soon!


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