Today is one of my favorite days to celebrate: It’s Lylee and Enzo’s Gotcha-Day!

If you’ve been around for a while you might know that we (accidentally) got Ly and Enzo on the same day, one year apart. Even if you are new around here, chances are you’ve picked up on the fact that we absolutely adore our kids dogs kids. Here’s more detail on Lylee, Enzo, and their adoptions.

Blog Photo 4

Ly is a husky/boxer mix (I think she looks like a Carolina Dog, though). We adopted her four years ago today from a friend and she was already a year and a half old. I 100% remember that night. K and I drove an hour north separately because she came with a doghouse that needed hauled home in his truck. I put her in my backseat and she fell asleep less than 15 minutes into our drive. It was raining and stormy, but she seemed so content in my car. She lived with me at my parents’ house until we got married and bought a house.

Lylee & K

We started looking for dog #2 a few months after we bought the house. Ly was starting to develop a sever social anxiety with dogs and I was relentless about getting a puppy. We knew we needed a young, submissive, male dog. K wanted something “tough” looking- like a boxer or a pit. I was indifferent. Then we set eyes on Enzo. After meeting a few other dogs we knew Enzo was the one. When Lylee happily accepted him into the home there was no going back.

I almost die every time I see his puppy pictures. He’s the cutest.

Similar to how one dog isn’t for some people, I will admit that two dogs aren’t a good idea for everyone. That said, I doubt we’ll ever be a one-dog-family again. I love our duo.

I love that while one dog cuddles with K the other one seeks attention from me.

I love that Lylee was +2 years old when Enzo came into our lives and she taught him 80% of the rules just by example. It made training SO much easier.

I love that they have different personalities. Lylee is mouthy and stubborn and excitable and intelligent beyond belief. Enzo is delicate and laid back and quiet and loyal to a fault. (Lylee is loyal, too, but in her own way.)

I love the relationship between the two dogs. I love that Ly eases up during tug-o-war with Enzo (verses giving it her all when playing with K). I love how Enzo licks Ly’s face in a gesture of respect and adoration.

I love how they greet one another when they’ve been separated for a period of time.

I love that Ly lets Enzo sit on her back and Enzo lets Lylee rest her head on him.


I love that Lylee comes running if Enzo yelps in pain or whines in distress.

I love that Enzo has the lowest growl I’ve ever heard… while Lylee “talks” just like all those huskies in viral internet videos.

I love that on their own our dogs are good listeners and perfect angels… and when they’re together they are monsters. Haha. That sounds messed up, but they’re siblings and they feed off one another’s energy- which is so perfect.

I love that Enzo’s personality mirrors K but he’s more bonded to me and Ly’s personality is closer to mine but she adores K.

If you’re happy as a lark with one dog then I think that’s fantastic.
If you’ve got a teensy tiny persistent longing in your heart to add a second canine to the mix then I say do it. I am so, so grateful that K was on board to add to our pack. Having two dogs makes my heart so full! (But, of course, there’s always room for three or four dogs… *hint hint* )

Do you have a dog(s)? What’s your favorite part about having multiples?

This one’s for you, Olya  😉


35 thoughts on “Adoption Day ❤︎ Double the Love

  1. Aww they are so so so so so cute! I love all of your dog posts! OH MY GOODNESS HE WAS SO TEENY!!!! DYING! We feel a lot better having two cats. It gives Duchess someone to wrestle out her aggressive nature on (and vice versa)… and it also gives them a buddy to cuddle and play with. It also makes me feel better when we are out of town. I know she’s not completely alone anymore! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  2. So sweet!!

    No dogs for me but one day it’ll happen. I’m not sure I’d be a two dog person but who knows, If it were the right time, I’m sure I wouldn’t say no.


    1. One day!! I grew up with one dog, then we added a cat. Then the dog passed away and we got another a few years later…. So until I was an adult we were always a one dog family. Nothing wrong with that 🙂


  3. My parents had/have two dogs for most of my life, but with Hawkeye we’re a one dog household! I would get a 2nd but Hawkeye is for sure an only child. She doesn’t like to share me or John and now that she’s almost 8, there’s no need to upset her world.
    Happy adoption day, little fluff nuggets!!


    1. Oh yeah. If Ly hadn’t accepted Enz we couldn’t have kept him- neither dog would’ve been happy. I grew up with one dog (and K did, too) so it was the opposite for us!
      Thank you!


  4. I love having multiple dogs… I want another SOOOO badly! If we could find another Aussie puppy, I’d take her in a heartbeat!!!
    I always say I want at least 3 dogs (I want more… loved having 4) because when we get to the time to loose one (cue tears) I never want to go home to a empty home. EVER.
    OHHH – dont puppy pictures just take you back. They’re so small for such a short time.


    1. Oh no no no. There was a very short time when I was younger when we didn’t have a dog. It was terrible… Never again. Hopefully when we have more land we become a three or four dog family 🙂


  5. I love LyLee and Enzo! They are adorable and have the best names. And what I love the most is how absolutely adored those two special doggies are. It always warms my heart when I see animals so deeply loved and cherished as I wish all animals were. While cats are my spirit animal, I still like doggies and I love their personalities, deep loyalty and big doggie smiles. The picture with Enzo as puppy is just too cute for words. Happy Adoption Day to LyLee and Enzo!


    1. Thank you, Tanya! Ly arrived with her name and K ended up picking Enzo’s 🙂 I grew up with a dog and cat, so I consider myself to be a person who loves both. I just happened to marry a dog person! (If I didn’t think Ly would eat it, I’d totally push for a kitty.) Enzo’s puppy pictures KILL me. He was like a little stuffed animal. (Who am I kidding- he still is!)


  6. I love this! Happy adoption day! We’ve been talking about getting Mavis a friend now that she’s two, but are probably going to wait until she’s a bit closer to three since there is a lot of change happening in our family before then with a move, new house, etc. This post makes me so hopeful for the friend we’ll add someday (hopefully soon!).


    1. I am SO glad we got Ly a brother- I honestly think it’s one of the best things we’ve ever done for her. They love one another so much 🙂 I hope a new fur baby joins you guys soon, too!

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  7. Oh my gosh, our dogs are the exact same!!! Flora is bonded more to Michael but she’s more like me, and Tully is more bonded to me but she’s more like Michael! Jenn from Optimization Actually wrote a post about that once! I love having two dogs because the play together and it’s so fun to see! But ours do have their testy moments. I don’t think I could have more than two dogs (unless we had a bigger house/yard) but I don’t think we’ll have just one ever!


    1. I saw Jenn’s post and was like, ‘Wait….. that’s EXACTLY how it is with us!’
      I’ve heard horror stories of dogs turning on one another but I’ve never seen it in ours. Sometimes Ly gets a little too hyper and pounces on Enzo, but the second he squeals (or I scold her) she settles.
      Our house is not a three dog house. If/when we move to the country I was be ALL OVER that third dog argument, though! 😉


  8. aw we got MIllie and Chelsea on the same day a year apart too!! twins! kind of! haha.
    i don’t have dogs (can we still be friends? i have a dog back home in Oz) but getting a 2nd cat was the best thing we ever did for our 1st cat. when we got our 3rd, i begged KC to let me get 3&4 at the same time but he put his foot down. huge mistake and one we are still paying for really. he mentioned getting a 4th cat the other day and i was like no. i can’t do it again. plus Millie is 2 years old, not a kitten anymore.
    but anyway. multiples are always better!


    1. Hahaha! Did you mean to? We didn’t, but this year on the 7th K was like, “If we get a third one we have to get it today.” He was kidding, though. I’m not allowed to get a 3rd (yet…..).
      I will still accept you for cat person you are 😉 I actually have a cat that lives at home with my parents. She’s an old lady and she wouldn’t jive with Ly, so she lives with them.
      I LOVE having multiples. The dogs love it, too. Enzo is SO bonded to Lylee- it’s ridiculous.


  9. It’s so cute how they get along so well!!! (Despite the mischief causing 😉 ). And how cool that training Enzo was easier because Lylee taught him the rules!


    1. When I realize he was copying her movements I almost squealed! He honestly lives to please me. (Ly is a different story… She lives to please herself. Ha.) If he did something good and I gave him a treat he’d usually ignore the treat and nuzzle into my hand for petting and attention. Lylee not so much- she’s treat driven. I was so amazing by his copying, though!


  10. Ahh, such cuties!! I do like hearing about other people pets.

    I feel like we could handle one dog, but two might be a bit too much haha. Although, I think if we do get one in the future, I can see us adding another. I’d like to adopt another dog that is many deaf/blind or has some other problems after I’ve got the skills in place to manage a dog. That sounds responsible, I think.


    1. I’d love to adopt a special needs dog. Or take one in that’s had his/her personality berated by the puppy mill industry or dog racing. (I hate that those things exist, but I’m glad there are organization that take dogs out of that and find them homes.) Those dogs are usually shy and fearful- they really do just need a loving home and forgiving humans 🙂


  11. Your babies are just the sweetest — so, so cute.

    I wanted a second dog for the longest time, and while we love our Bully (our second)… man, is it a lot of work. We were told that Bully was submissive so that’s why we added him, but it has turned out not to be true at all. Oy! We just love them both though!


    1. Thanks, Steph!

      It’s tough when you’re expecting one thing and get another… But good on you guys for stick with him and loving on him regardless! We really, really thought we’d be bringing home a male boxer mix that day in 2013…. Man- Enzo has proven to be the total opposite! Ha!


    1. Ha, no problem 😉
      It amazed me that he would watch her go outside, potty, and then come inside and sit for a treat. He picked up on it almost immediately.
      Now he’s better with commands than she is because he’s a pleaser. She doesn’t care one lick if she’s obeying the rules or not. Ha. (She’s honestly too smart.)


  12. Your caption about Enzo as a puppy is too true. He is beyond cute!
    I love how you described their relationship and the photos you shared.
    As you know, I have two sisters, the destructive duo. Although Neil is convinced that if we had only one of them, they would be much better behaved because they feed off each other’s mischievous ways…we still wouldn’t have changed our minds about getting the both of them. They love each other SO much. I get teary just thinking that one day (in a very, very long time) that one will go before the other. I can’t take it.
    Happy adoption day to Ly and Enz!


    1. He gives me cute rage. He still does… but those puppy pictures… damn.

      UGH. It kills me that someday one with probably have to be without the other. And if it’s age that takes them from us (as I hope it is, vs. illness or accident), it’ll be Ly first…. Enzo is SO bonded to her. He has to be with her or me. He has never ever in his life been alone. He was fostered with other dogs, then brought home to Lylee. Once or twice I’ve left him with my mom, but he still had their dog Buckeye. He’s NEVER been alone. It might kill him 😦
      (We will most certainly have a third or fourth or tenth dog by then…..)


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