Everyone’s posted a holiday home tour but me (or so it seems ). Let’s fix that!
(Check out other people’s houses, too! Mattie, Emily, Taylor, Michelle)


Typically the decorations go up mid-November, but we don’t get our tree until December. This year we really procrastinated. I knew I wanted a smaller one this year (and we set up a larger one in K’s company office), but I don’t know that I was picturing it this small… Perks to buying your tiny tree the Saturday before the holiday weekend? We got it half off. Say hello to $10 ‘Ronald Trees-ley”:

Yep, he’s real. Both of them.

Ok… on to the house tour.

No house light this year. Just my sled & fox.
No house light this year. Just my sled & fox.
Favorite holiday spot in the house
Favorite holiday spot
K and I are the snowmen, Ly is the “woof”, & Enzo is the fox

Ronald, Enzo, & Ly

If you missed it on IG here's one of my favorite ornaments!
If you missed it on Instagram here’s one of my favorite ornaments!
I think we have five nativity sets in our house...
I think we have five nativity sets…
I love this little cutout in our house


What a Christmas wreck... ha.
What a Christmas wreck… ha.

Where all the magic happens ;)

And there ya have it. We only decorate the first floor, although there is a pine candle in the basement. Sorry my pictures aren’t high quality… that’s just life!

. . .

I’m going to get religious for a minute.

I am a firm believer in faith by example. Rarely do I mention religion here on my blog, but I don’t shy away from identifying as a Christian. It’s my hope that through acts of kindness and openminded-ness toward others I get across what I believe to be the important parts of being a Christian. I think that being ‘Christian’ means knowing that you are flawed, seeking forgiveness and wisdom, and spreading kindness and love to the other flawed humans (and animals) on this planet. We’re meant to love and take care of one another. I don’t think Jesus cares if you voted Republican or Democrat (or Independent). That doesn’t make you a better Christian. I don’t think Jesus cares where (or if) you got an education. That doesn’t make you a better Christian. I don’t think Jesus cares about your skin color, gender, pay grade, criminal record, or hobbies. I think that Christianity is about serving Christ- and since we have no idea what He looks like or when He’ll appear, it’s best to serve one another with a happy, genuine heart.

All that to say, Merry Christmas, friends! (And if you celebrate a holiday other than Christmas, I welcome your festive greeting! I do not feel like there is a war being waged on me or the holidays I celebrate, and I hope you feel the same.) If you’ve ever thought about visiting a church you should slip into one on Christmas Eve and listen to the story of the birth of Jesus. If you live near me and you’d like someone to go with I’d be more than happy to have you along!

If you are not a Christian or you celebrate another event this time of year: Happy Holidays!  ❤︎


Regardless of your beliefs, spread a little love and cheer and kindness this weekend, friends! Thank you for your friendship here in Blogland ❤︎


24 thoughts on “I’ll Be Home For Christmas…

    1. Wanted to add, even though I don’t identify as a Christian, I celebrate Christmas because to me it’s an awesome time to get together with friends and family and show your appreciation to them. Christmas is my favourite holiday!


  1. Preach my friend… preach. Let’s all just serve one another.
    Reminds me of the scripture on being kind to others because you never know when you’re entertaining angels 😉
    I SO LOVE your mini tree. That is ADORABLE!!!!
    & I’m still loving your doggie ornament. I made Ricky look at the pic of it 🙂 I want a Harvey Dent one 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you my friend!!!! Hope its full of wonderful blessings!


  2. Way too tired and couldn’t figure out “Ronald Trees-ley” for a while but I LOVE IT!!! Also, I want all of your fox decor. Especially the lighted one on your porch and the Christmas fox plate on your shelf! Also, I need a built-in cutout in our house. SO CUTE!


    1. I threw it out while we were leaving Lowes. K just laughed and rolled his eyes at me. Ha.

      Both of those fox items were gifts! The lighted fox may have come from Target…? That little cutout used to be a doorway. When the previous owners remodeled they turned it into that.


    1. Ha, funny enough, right before I got the fire going we couldn’t get the flue heated and I filled the house with smoke. I was wishing for a gas fireplace at that point.


  3. So cute! I love the little tree. I wanted a small table top one this year because Caleb picks off the ornaments but we have our regular one up and had to block it with the coffee table. Oy!

    That ornament is the best ever!

    Merry Christmas!


    1. We went with a little tree for no specific reason. I just wanted a little fox tree and K’s office tree is a drum tree. We have too many type ornaments. Haha! Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you 🙂 Last year our tree made a HUGE mess when we wrestled it out of the house. I’m so glad I can just carry this one to the compost with no messes 🙂


    1. K and I watched three or four Christmas specials complete with festive, religion-based music… and I was like, “How can anyone feel like there’s a war on our holiday?? There’s nothing BUT Christmas on television!”

      Thank you!


  4. I love your perspective on what Christianity really is–you really do an incredible job of being kind and open, and you are so humble and encouraging to put it like that: loving Christ means serving others with a genuine heart. Yes. Also, super cute decor! Especially that sled outside!


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