Why Do I Keep Going to Myrtle Beach in the Fall…?

Remember all those eons ago when I talked about our side trip to Charlotte, NC? Yeah... it's tough for me to recall, too. Anyway... Charlotte was just a pit stop on the way to our main destination: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. **This is a long post 😉 Just a refresher... in October K and I… Continue reading Why Do I Keep Going to Myrtle Beach in the Fall…?

Shopping & Finances

Amazoning *Christmas Edition*

We're well beyond Christmas, but I thought I'd do a quick recap of my yuletide Amazon-bender that wrecked my credit card in the months leading up to the holiday. Enjoy! Everything I ordered ended up being a Christmas gift for someone. The bold product name links to its Amazon page. Nothing is affilitated. Remington D3190A… Continue reading Amazoning *Christmas Edition*


What I Read… 2017 vol.1

Yes, I started one of these books in early December and finished them both in January. Yes, there are only two books here (December was a hectic month). Yes, I'm proud because I polished off one in three days (which is good for me, OK?! ). Last year I organized these posts by month, but… Continue reading What I Read… 2017 vol.1