If this is your first time ever coming to my blog then you should know that K is my husband.


. . .

K: So… when do you think your bangs are going to grow out again?
*I slowly turn my head and glare at him*
K: …….asking for a friend.

. . .

Pillow talk…
Me: I’m going to get my brother a Foot Cardigan subscription for Christmas.
K *lightly punches my pillow*: You’re a jerk! I wanted that!
Me: Kyle… I can get more than one person a subscription.
K: Yeah but you won’t. You love him more than me.
*turns over in bed and pouts*

For the record, they both got a subscription.

. . .

I get a text from K while we’re both at work…
K: What’s your Amazon Prime login?
*I tell him and 10 minutes go by…*
Then I receive an email notification that my purchase has been confirmed:

“Sequin Candy Cane Black Suit Jacket”

. . .

K: I feel like this reminds me of you:


Me: Ha! Yeah… I saw a meme the other day that said, “Wife goes out for milk and comes home with a puppy. Husband says, ‘I thought you were going for milk!’ Then the wife says ….” I forget how it ends.
K: That was so terrible.

. . .

Life’s an adventure with this guy… ha.


35 thoughts on “Chats with K

  1. Haha the jacket is great(and I’m glad my husband isn’t the only one to buy ridiculous things on Amazon((apparently it’s genetic in his case…..))


  2. SHUT UP!!! Did he really buy that jacket?!?!?!?!? OH MY GOSH! We need a picture!!!
    Ricky always looks at my hair & then says,”Ummm… when’s your next hair appointment? – his way of telling me my gray is shining through.
    OK – I’m off to see what a Foot Cardigan is now. & good for you loving him enough to give it to K too 🙂 haha


    1. YEP. He really bought it. Ha. It was for an ugly sweater bowling party. I’ll post a picture in tomorrow’s post 🙂
      K is NOT a fan of the bangs… but in his defense, I wasn’t really either. Ha.


  3. I have definitely seen some strange things ordered after sharing my Prime login, but that jacket is awesome! And I’ve never heard of Foot cardigans but can definitely think of a few people who will be getting subscriptions next Christmas!


    1. We saw Foot Cardigan on Sharktank a few months ago and I made a mental note to order subscriptions for K AND my brother. Haha. Their first month was pizza print socks!


  4. That jacket is everything.

    My husband and I legit debated for 10 minutes last night about a fruit that’s an orange but is more the color of a grapefruit. He maintains it’s not an orange. I maintain it is. Then he voted me most likely in our family to get scurvy.


    1. Hahahaha- conversations like that are so common in our house. Or just strange ones. One night I asked K if he felt like he could tell me anything. Like, did he feel as though we could talk about anything. He very suspiciously/hesitantly said yes. I replied with, “Ok” and dropped the topic.
      He was so weirded out by the lead in, but I really wasn’t going anywhere with the question. I just wanted to know. Haha.


  5. That candy cane suit jacket is the best!! Need pics of it when he wears it lol. Yes yes yes all the puppies. I’m already telling my baby to tell daddy she wants a puppy.


    1. Hahaha. I’ve told K that it doesn’t matter how many dogs we have at the time- when we have a kid and they ask for a dog they are GETTING one. Hahahaha.


  6. OK, I want a Foot Cardigan subscription too! I’m a pretty sure there is a subscription box for EVERYTHING these days!

    I need to know more about this jacket, what’s the occasion? Is it comfortable (it doesn’t look it), is it THAT shiny?

    I need to know!


    1. They have all sorts of subscriptions on the site for socks. Some high dress socks; some lower no-show women’s socks!

      He got the jacket for an ugly sweater bowling party. It was quite itchy, very shiny, and not warm AT ALL. Haha!


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