Add It To My (Super Random) List

By skipping Mondays I lose my opportunity to recap my weekend. If you were curious, I had a good one 🙂 Fun fact: I spent every weekend in February out of town. First Cleveland, then San Antonio, then Columbus, and then Cleveland again last weekend. Some trips for business, some for pleasure. This weekend Kayla… Continue reading Add It To My (Super Random) List


The Galentine’s Blogger Exchange

Happy Thursday, my friends. The link-up for this post (with the beautifully talented Mattie & Olya) is scheduled for tomorrow, but by now we're all aware that I switched my posting-days to only include Tuesday and Thursday. (Jury's still out on how I'm liking that... ) To begin, I sent a package to Miss Maryrose… Continue reading The Galentine’s Blogger Exchange

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Fly Me to the Moon (or don’t… please, don’t)

It's painful for me to admit this, but some time in the last four years I developed mild flight anxiety. I have an overactive brain that tends to visualize everything that could go wrong (although, scientifically, the things I imagine probably can't go wrong). I'm not going to go into it because I know that… Continue reading Fly Me to the Moon (or don’t… please, don’t)

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Happy Not-Valentine’s Day

FYI, Last week I took a semi-planned hiatus from the blog because I've been feeling directionless and angry and trite. K and I were in Texas for business, too, so I just took the week off. (I still read posts when I could. ) On Tuesday I talked about books and skipped over the Valentine's… Continue reading Happy Not-Valentine’s Day


What I Read… vol. 2

Happy Valentine's Day ❤︎ What better way to celebrate than loving on the books in my life? Last time I mentioned that I'd be linking up with Steph & Jana for Show Us Your Books this year and, therefore, labeling these posts a little differently than 2016's monthly round-up. The way I rate the books… Continue reading What I Read… vol. 2


Friday er, Thursday Favorites

One of the worst parts of this Tu/Th schedule is the loss of Friday alliteration with "favorites" posts. *sigh* I'll get over it. Actually, I'm going to start tying this into the 'Add It To My List' link-up that happened on Tuesday. I'm late to the party this month, but that's ok. Before I move… Continue reading Friday er, Thursday Favorites