One of the worst parts of this Tu/Th schedule is the loss of Friday alliteration with “favorites” posts. *sigh* I’ll get over it.

Actually, I’m going to start tying this into the ‘Add It To My List’ link-up that happened on Tuesday. I’m late to the party this month, but that’s ok.


Before I move on to other bloggers’ posts, here are some things across the internet that struck my fancy.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Flavored Coffee

K brought this to my attention and my mouth hasn’t stopped watering. I don’t typically crave whiskey in the morning, but sign me up for this! The description sounds so good! (*It’s non-alcoholic, Mom. Calm down. )

The National Parks Going Rogue


I made a Facebook status about not believe every headline you read, but I am consciously choosing to believe this. And I love it.

If you haven’t heard, our fearful leader put a temporary gag order on a few agencies. Maybe you hate his “reasoning” (*raises hand*), maybe you agree with it. Either way, this was the response.

And other departments/agencies have followed suit. 😏

Think Dirty – an app


All credit must be given to Stephanie for this one. She mentioned it in last week’s Three on Thursday. Guys… I’m obsessed with this (free) app. I have searched/scanned all my make-up products as well as my Ulta wishlist. I’ve made a new goal to own products that rank 5 and below on the “dangerous” list. If you’re concerned about what goes into your food and cleaning supplies and make-up then you need this app for make-up/face care.

. . .

Check out some posts from sweet friends (& a celebrity) across the internet who have spoken directly to my heart and soul these last few weeks.

And there you have it. TBH, there were a ton of fantastic posts in January in Blogland. If you have any favorites (or maybe you wrote one that I missed!) feel free to leave the link in a comment!

Linking up with Lauren and Bre for Add It To My List.

Have a Happy Friday / weekend!! ❀︎

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50 thoughts on “Friday er, Thursday Favorites

  1. I never knew Joanna had a blog – thanks for the heads up on that.
    I need to download that app NOW… & I know I’m going to be shocked.
    I just dont get the things that is happening in our country right now. It’s just so disheartening 😦 We just gotta keep praying


  2. So glad you’re loving the app! It’s so helpful. My goal is 5 and under too. If it’s something I REALLY want, I’ll dig deeper and look at what ingredient is making it a 7 and see if I can live with it. But nothing in the red zone!


  3. I love your “it’s non-alcoholic, Mom” remark! LOL! It does sound good though and I could really use a mega-sized mug of coffee! We need to #resist and keep persisting because I don’t know what the hell is going on in that man’s mind. ACK!!! I need to check out that app because I’m pretty sure that I’d be horrified.


    1. If I didn’t have to use foundations and powders I definitely wouldn’t. Unfortunately, my teenage acne never got the memo that I’m in my twenties πŸ˜‰ I’m definitely looking for safer products, though! And always cruelty-free πŸ™‚


  4. I love Chip’s blog post! Especially when he talks about how disagreement does not equal hate. I want to download that app, but I also don’t because I just don’t even want to know how bad some of my stuff is.


    1. Pretty much every time my products come up in the “yellow” danger zone it’s because of talc. Ughhhh. Why are things so chemical-ized?? (Totally made that word up… ha.)


  5. Uh-oh! When my husband sees that Jack Daniels whiskey coffee, he’s going to flip! Two of his favorite drinks rolled into one??

    That app looks interesting! I’m gonna look into that, too!


  6. JD coffee???? Hmmmmm might need to look for that! And I meant to download that app Stephanie was talking about and forgot so thanks for the reminder!! Have a great weekend!


    1. Hahahaha! I work for/with my husband so I would definitely take it into the office. I could probably convince some of the guys in the warehouse that there’s alcohol in it πŸ˜‰


  7. So that Think Dirty app is exactly the kind of thing I *should* look at and entirely the kind of thing I probably won’t because it will make me too stressed out. haha! If you haven’t, you should check out the Yes to Cucumbers brand of shampoo, face wash, etc. They have some fragrance free stuff that I love and I think it’s better for you than some other things you can buy.


    1. I know! I thought I was doing so well (since I buy cruelty-free and that tends to be natural/organic) but then I started entering stuff into the app and getting higher numbers. Oops…
      The Yes to… brands don’t react well with my skin 😦 I’ve tried cucumber, tomato, and blueberry. Sigh. The only one that seems to be ok is the Yes to Coconut stuff for hair.


  8. aw thanks for the birthday love! you are great! thank you also for posting about lindsay’s post and the women’s march. i enjoyed that read. looove the rogue twitter accounts happening. we have to keep standing up and not getting worn out from all the crap (i have been feeling this lately)


  9. Awww!! Thanks so much for including me in this!! You are the bestttttt. Also I feel like you are my news source bc I did not know about that National Parks thing! (I know, I’m horribly uneducated….can we please still be friends?)


    1. Lol. We can still be friends πŸ˜‰
      If you want to get a small, summed-up segment of news to your email every weekday morning you can sign up for Skimm emails (! That’s how I get a lot of news. It takes me less than 5 minutes to read through the whole thing. That code is linked to my account so I get some kind of points if you sign up, but I really don’t care if you use it or not πŸ™‚


    1. I thought I was doing ok with my products. Everything is cruelty-free so I figured it was all safe and organic and natural. Yeahhhh… most of my stuff is ranking in the 3 to 7 range. Yikes on the “7”s!


  10. Great stuff!
    “fearful leader” — unfortunately that is spot on.
    I am downloading that think dirty app right now! And I really want that coffee. I don’t usually drink whiskey but it just sounds really fun and I feel like I have to try it.


    1. Whiskey and rum are my alcohol-jams. Ha. I don’t drink liquor often, but when I do it’s usually that. (I am NOT a fan of vodka.) I do, however, drink coffee all the time. So combining the two?? Yes, please!


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