FYI, Last week I took a semi-planned hiatus from the blog because I’ve been feeling directionless and angry and trite. K and I were in Texas for business, too, so I just took the week off. (I still read posts when I could. )

On Tuesday I talked about books and skipped over the Valentine’s Day obligations, so today I want to backtrack. I don’t know how you feel about Valentine’s Day, but I’m OK with having a random day in February to remind me to show some love. (In 2015 I shared the love with all sorts of people.)


This year K gets all my attention. I met Kyle almost twelve years ago.

❤︎ In all that time he has never made me feel like I couldn’t do something, ability-wise or permission-wise. He doesn’t doubt me.

❤︎ We will celebrate four years of marriage in April. Two years ago some stupid drama knocked me off my horse and made me breakdown mentally. K picked me back up and made sure I knew he was on my side no matter what. It sounds silly, but I didn’t realize his loyalty to me until that moment. He’d pick me first for dodgeball. He’s the co-captain of my Quidditch team. I’d be his “one choice” as far as deserted island companions go.

❤︎ I have always said that I don’t need K and he doesn’t need me. But I will openly admit that my life would suck so much without him. He’s my favorite human. I feel my best when I stand next to him.

❤︎ My husband loves dogs as much as I do. That’s not a learned characteristic. He is a bleeding-heart dog lover and that is my favorite quality in a person. (A direct quote from him on Tuesday: “Dogs aren’t a hobby. They’re a lifestyle.” Lol.)

❤︎ I have been angry and feisty and prayerful these last few weeks. I am an unapologetic feminist and sometimes that means angry rants at the dinner table and frustrated fact-sharing in the car wash queue. And K has endured it all with an occasional mumbled, “Yep” or head nod. I’m politically vocal and he’s reserved, but we’re both unapologetic.

And just for fun…

Who’s older? Kyle.
Who was interested first? My guess is me…
More sarcastic? Neither one of us are sarcastic.
Who makes the biggest mess? K.
What are your middle names? Louise & Geoffrey
Do you have any children together? Ly & Enzo. One was even adopted out of wedlock! *gasp*
Did you go to the same school? Yes, at different times.
Who is the most sensitive? Me.
Where do you eat out most as a couple? JNG. Hands down.
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Jamaica, I think.
Who does the cooking? Me.
Who is more social? K.
Who is the neat freak? I’m not necessarily a neat freak, but I like things to be where they’re supposed to be.
Who is the most stubborn? He says me. I disagree.
Who wakes up earlier? K.
Who drives when you are together? Mostly him, but I do on occasion.
Who eats more sweets? K.

I got through all of that without saying I love Kyle, but I do. We’ve been busy this month with the business and dogs and travel, but I’m never too busy to say I love my husband, even and especially on an average day like February 16th.

Happy Late Valentine’s Day ❤︎


36 thoughts on “Happy Not-Valentine’s Day

    1. Hehe, no we’re not really on a Quidditch team, but if we WERE… he’d be my co-captain 🙂
      (Honestly, though, if there was a quidditch team around here I’d TOTALLY be on it!)


    1. We both grew up with a family dog. My parents got their first dog before I was born and K’s family took in a stray after she wandered onto their porch in a thunderstorm. Since those moments, we’ve never been without canines.


  1. “Dogs aren’t a hobby, They are a lifestyle.” That should be on a shirt!
    I did my Valentine’s post today too because I wanted to do the book linkup on Tuesday too! Which I suppose is pretty good indication of the place books and reading holds in my heart. ❤


  2. Love this. I still can totally relate to the seething thing… ick to the world. BUT I’m glad that this is a lovey post. hahah I like Valentine’s Day, even if it’s commercial … I think it’s nice! 🙂 Damn girl… 12 years… that’s a LONG time. This was our 11th vday together! What is JNG?! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    OMG That out of wedlock thing had me LOLing. 😛

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. I have absolutely no issue with Valentine’s Day being commercialized. It’s not like it’s a negative holiday! It’s a holiday filled with kindness and quality time and reminding those we love that we love them!
      Yep… 12 years this summer. Although Oct. will only mark 10 years of dating. We didn’t get together right away.
      JNG is a local bar and grill. We end up there almost every Friday, usually with my parents.


  3. one adopted out of wedlock… that made me laugh 🙂
    I love the ‘he’d pick me first for dodgeball’… I’m not sure Ricky would go that far for me.. sports is a whole other level 😉 haha
    You two are so cute together. Always so smiley & look so joyful.
    I love you realized early on that he’ll pick you up when you fall… the best kind of love.


  4. “He has never made me feel like I couldn’t do something.” That is such a big thing. What an amazing thing to be able to say about your relationship!!


    1. We’re both pretty strong mentally, so I really think it freaks the other person out when we totally breakdown. Fortunately, he’s really good at holding off the outside world and letting me recover before encouraging me to face whatever it is that’s challenging me.


  5. I totally get what you mean about not needing K but knowing how much better life is with him. Nick and I have talked about that. I don’t think it’s good to need someone too much, to rely on them completely, but I feel like Nick and I give each other things that we can’t exactly give ourselves, if that makes any sense!


    1. Definitely makes sense. To be completely honest, K has been in my life so long I’m not sure what things would be like without him. I know I would survive, but I know it would be terrible for a long long long time.


    1. Between taking off to India for a month (me) and walking out on a crappy job to turn around and dedicate all his time and efforts to a start-up business (him), we’ve definitely put that first point to the test. Ha.
      Poor guy… I know he’s almost in 100% agreeance with me on social issues, but when I get SUPER fired up I tend to yell and usually he’s the only one around and then it appears that I’m yelling at him. Lol.


  6. Awe you guys are too cute!!! I love when I read these lists and see that the person acknowledges that their SO supports them and their abilities. That is something that is so crucial!


    1. I think it would kill me to hear that K doubted me in any regard. I know we help keep one another realistic, but he’s never said, “You can’t do that” or “You’ll never be able to do that.”


    1. I felt like I was quote Kelly Clarkson, lol. But it’s true 🙂
      Lylee, on the other hand, probably couldn’t live without Kyle. That dog is obsessed with him.


  7. What a cute post, and I firmly believe that everything you list is important and says a lot about the strength of your relationship. *love*


  8. Aw yes, love that he’s a natural born dog lover too. Jerry just… is not. It can be a point of contention for us because Dakota is a really odd and needy dog and I’ve had him longer than Jerry lol. So Jerry gets mad at him but I’m like “too bad, he is here to stay.” Oy. Haha. So glad you’re back too. I wondered where you were last week.


    1. K is definitely pro-dog. Cats are something we’re working on. Lol. I doubt we’ll ever have a cat unless it acts like a dog and gets along with ours (which would be rare on both accounts, ha!).
      Thanks, friend! 🙂


    1. I had the HARDEST TIME learning to spell that. Hahahaha… I used to mix up the r and e. He’s names after his parents’ friend George. And his dad (Jeffrey). It’s a nice little combination name, ha. I say “g-off-ree” sometimes. Ha.


  9. I’ve also been feeling directionless on my blog! Which is why in 2 weeks I only posted like twice…..Instead of my twice a week “schedule” HAHA.

    Anyway, I’m so glad you’re back (to posting & from the trip!) because I loved this post!!! You and Kyle are the cutest, and I LOVE that he has made it so clear he’s 100% loyal to you. 🙂


    1. Between the weather and politics and the new year…. I just couldn’t find stuff to write about.
      I think the week off did my brain good because now it’s boiling over with stuff!

      Thanks, Julie ❤


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