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Throwing a Party with +50 Guests

I was terrible about snapping pictures at Kyle's 30th birthday party, but if you followed along on Snapchat you may have seen a few quick moments from the event. A few weeks ago I threw K a party and invited over 75 people. Roughly 50 to 60 showed up. Only after I counted all the… Continue reading Throwing a Party with +50 Guests

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Add It To My (Media) List

I had no idea what to list off this month. Usually I have a draft with a running list of favorites that I add to throughout the month, but I didn't do that this time. As time was running out I happened to stumble across three short (very different) online clips that captured my attention.… Continue reading Add It To My (Media) List


Things I Never Knew I Never Knew pt. 2

While I consider myself to be intelligent and educated, there are obviously a bazillion things that I don't know. And then there are a handful of things that I should know, but apparently don't. (Like this story.) For your entertainment, I've collected a few of those recent revelations. . . . 'The Beatles' is a… Continue reading Things I Never Knew I Never Knew pt. 2


You May All Go to Hell & I Will Go To Texas

Last month K and I flew to Texas for a statewide music educators convention. It took a while, but I've finally found the time to recap our trip. This is a lengthy one 😉 Backstory: At the end of 2016 K's business underwent some changes and I was brought on full time to oversee administrative… Continue reading You May All Go to Hell & I Will Go To Texas

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Goals on Goals on Goals

Hi ya! We're tackling three things in this post today: 2017 goals check in Winter goals recap Spring goals reveal 2017 "Resolutions" (Original post here.) Be Healthy. (As in eat better & exercise.) Ehh... not doing so hot here. We're eating at home more often, but exercise has been a complete no-go. Feel Less Guilty… Continue reading Goals on Goals on Goals


What I Read… vol. 3

This was a good month for reading. (Finally! ) I finished up The Lunar Chronicles, I checked a few books off Erin's Challenge, and I started into Meyer's newest novel, Heartless. Today I'm linking up with Steph and Jana for Show Us Your Books! As you know, here's the rating system... and I include a… Continue reading What I Read… vol. 3