… yeah we tore it up again / Kicked off our shoes and went to bed by 9pm / We were balling and Netflix / We turned it up to ten / Last night was crazy…

Name that song… (Here’s the answer.)

I decided this post was happening 15 minutes before I left work yesterday. I was going to post about our trip to Texas but I didn’t have the pictures edited. I know some folks document their whole day, but this was a last minute decision.

4:30 pm

Time to go home. I prefer to grocery shop on Sundays but the NASCAR season started and my Sunday afternoons are now tied up. Instead, I popped into the grocery store tonight to get goodies for the week.

(Usually I buy enough for three meals. This week we have some evening activities so I skimmed the list down to two meals.)

5:15 pm

Once home I’m greeted by the welcome committee.

And then they expect me to play with them…

Typically I’d start dinner, but the local cantina changed up their menu and my parents invited us to join them for dinner.

6:00 pm

I swear I ate food, too.

Dinner at the JNG (I told you we always end up here…)

7:15 pm

Home again. Time to feed the dogs, throw the leftovers in the fridge, and change into not-real-pants. (#FavoritePartoftheDay) Now I’m working on this post and lounging on the couch with the husband and dogs.

I end up standing here throughout the evening… Someone always needs a potty break.

8:00 pm

The Voice is on. So I’m still glued to the couch. But now I’ve got some ice cream.

8:41 pm

A dog farted. It was Lylee. K and Enzo both almost puked.

9:00 pm

Technically The Voice is still on, but K’s show comes on (Gas Monkey Garage) so I bid him adieu and retire to the upstairs.

So… now I either crack open a book or switch on some Netflix (cough* Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries *cough).

10:00 pm

K usually wanders up to bed and we drift off to sleep watching Bob’s Burgers.

… 11:00 pm

Let’s be real. I’m usually still awake at 11 so I watch an episode or two of Family Guy.Β ThenΒ I finally fall asleep.

And there ya have it. I’m always curious to see what other people do in a day/night so I figured this might entertain some folks. Some days are a little more productive than yesterday… I squeeze laundry or dishes or organizing into my nights. Monday was pretty lazy because #Mondays.

What does your Monday usually look like?

32 thoughts on “Last night was crazy…

  1. I always start to take pictures for this post but forget by lunch that I’m doing it. Your evenings look a lot like mine minus the eating out. We live too far out to eat out after we get home from work.


    1. If I’d have tried to share an entire day I bet I would’ve abandoned it by noon. Ha.
      We’ve been GREAT about meal planning & eating at home. Of course the night I catalog our evening is the night we go out. Ha.


  2. My life is SO EXCITING. Pick up the kid from school, homework, dinner, cheer practice, cram in some shit while she’s there, let the dogs out 48392 times, pick her up from practice, yell at her to get ready for bed, read, sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    I think we’re all boring. Some of us just hide it better.


    1. I am SO productive on Sundays until NASCAR season starts. I still do loads of laundry or make grocery lists or whatever- but I don’t usually leave the house. Ha.
      Kasey has always been my boy, but I’m now a Kyle Larson fan, too πŸ™‚ I love these “new”/young drivers!


  3. I love this idea. What a fun post. I’m always intrigued by how people’s days look
    I do the same thing- plan for just like 2 to 3 meals a week… & then count on grilled cheese for other days πŸ˜‰
    That shot of the fur baby in the donut hole – high five on that creative eye!


    1. When I started planning our meals (Jan.) I started with 4 meals, but we just have too many leftovers and some evenings we get home and just want a quick sandwich or something. Three works for us πŸ™‚
      Thank you! Lylee was losing patience with me and keep fussy at me to throw the doughnut. Lol


  4. Yesterday I finished a big project in the morning so I was pretty much a sloth for the rest of the day. And it was earned, I tell ya! πŸ˜€ I feed Max. Reheated leftover pizza for dinner. Took a swim and spent 10 minutes in the hot tub afterwards. Showered. Watched Supergirl. Contemplated making cookies. Told myself that would negate the swimming. Really wanted the cookies but remembered that I am lazy so didn’t make them. Read. Fed Max his bedtime meal. Bed. Such a glamours life I lead!


  5. I love your welcoming committee! Sounds like the perfect MOnday night to me πŸ™‚ I was at the gym last night and watched part of The Voice while I was on the treadmill!


    1. I ended up finishing The Voice while I was in bed- I just read on commercials and during the parts I didn’t care about. Lol. That welcome committee happens when I leave for 2 days or 2 minutes, haha!


    1. Some evenings REALLY get away from me- especially if we go out for dinner. I always think it’s earlier than it is and I go to bed super late. Whoops. This helped keep me “on time” for lack of a better phrase.


    1. I kind of cherish my evenings right now… One of my best friends has two little ones (very close to your kids’ ages) and I know she is CONSTANTLY moving/doing/talking/entertaining/feeding. When we have kids I know I’ll lose all this time I have to decompress and relax and get sh!t done. So I’m enjoying it for now, lol.


    1. It was actually sangria πŸ™‚ All their drinks are served in fish bowls, though. Hahaha!
      I wish we had a reason to pass out at 8:40pm, but we don’t. Lol. We force ourselves to stay up a little later than we’d like to. Ha!


  6. I am so nosy and I love reading posts like this! My typical evening usually consists of doing some laundry, tidying up, blogging, and reading. Since Nick and his coworkers work really late, a lot of times I’ll meet up with another military spouse for dinner or a drink. Tonight we are going to Paint Nite! Anyway, Nick comes come really late, lately it’s been like 8-9pm. I usually eat before him, but sometimes I wait. Either way, I make him some dinner and hanging out with him for a bit during dinner. Then I give him some time to decompress while I read my book and before I know it, it’s bed time.


    1. That’s great that you get together with other military spouses some nights! What a great community!
      Kyle used to leave for work at 3am, drive an hour, work about 10 hours delivering pop/soda, drive an hour home, then spend 6 or 7 hours at the shop building his business. And all his weekends were spent at the shop building for the business. Even after he quit his delivery job he was putting in 15+ hours at the shop every day for the business. These free evenings and (mostly) free weekends are fairly new to us πŸ™‚


    1. Yes!! Usually I do it right after I get home. If K wants to go out he’ll call me from the office and check to see if I still have real pants on. Hahaha!


    1. K won’t watch Miss Fisher’s with me, lol. I doubt he’d be able to make much out with the accent, haha. Too much work for his brain he says.
      I used to just shop for whatever but now I jot down what the recipe calls for (and how much). It’s helped immensely!
      Oh my gosh- pets are SO gross sometimes. Ha!


  7. As you know, I’m a fan of The Voice…but don’t get the US version here. I’m also a fan of Gas Monkey Garage. It’s one of the few shows the husband and I watch together.


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