On Sunday my favorite human is turning 30 years old. THIRTY YEARS OLD. I met him when he was 18. That blows my mind.

Once again I was going to share the details of our Texas trip on here today. But then I decided I should write something about Kyle. But I don’t really know what to say…

I often mention K on this blog so there’s not much I haven’t said. (This birthday post is one of my favorites.) Today I’m making him answer some questions in honor of his birthday. Spoiler alert: He dodged most of them.

We’ll start with the hardest question: Peach pie or yellow cake with chocolate frosting?
It depends. Just a generic pie and cake, the yellow cake with chocolate frosting. If it’s your grandma’s peach pie, I’d pick that.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the last 30 years?
That’s too deep.
Answer it.
What the hell. (He’s technically not being a smartass… A few weeks ago we realized that we live our lives in a very “what the hell” kind of way. I’ll blog about that some other day. Essential when an opportunity presents itself we say “what the hell” and go for it.)

What age has been your favorite?
My favorite pizza is JNG.
That’s not an acceptable answer.
It IS an acceptable answer. That’s not an acceptable question.

If you didn’t play drums what instrument would you play?
Probably nothing.
You’re so boring.
I didn’t ask you to ask me these…

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
That’s not an answer.
I don’t knooooow. I’m not a casting agent… I guess, with my language, Samuel L. Jackson.

Advice for a 20 year old?
Drop out of school and start a business.
That’s not good advice, dear.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I don’t know.
You could at least be nice and say with me.
Well, yeah. Duh.

circa 2010

Annnnnnnd there you have it. *eyeroll*

So happy birthday, Boo. I can’t wait to see what this decade brings. You can accomplish anything ❤︎ I love you.

                                          – A

45 thoughts on “THIRTY YEARS OLD

    1. It is so, so weird to think back 12 years ago. I know in the grand scheme of things it’s not THAT long ago, but we were SO different at 15 and 18! (We didn’t actually start dating until I was 17-ish.)


  1. Samuel L. Jackson because of my language! LOLOLOLOL!!!

    I met my husband in 1996 when we were 19. We’ll be 40 this year. It’s crazy to think about! Happy birthday to your husband!!!


  2. So I guess we see why the hubs doesnt blog 😉 haha… so defiant for his birthday questions – haha! I laughed all the way through.
    Look at the picture of you two. That is ADORABLE!!!!!!
    Enzo? Like from Vampire Diaries? Please say yes – that would make me smile so much!


    1. SO defiant. Story of my life with him 😉 Ha!
      Ha, he meant Enzo as in the dog sitting on his lap at the moment 🙂 But I like that your mind went to the Vampire Diaries! Lol!


    1. If I really think about it, Enzo and K have similar personalities so I guess that’d work… but that’s definitely not the answer I was looking for with that question. Ha.
      Thanks! March babies are hard to plan parties for! I wanted some warm spring weather but we got snow. Lol!


  3. Happiest of birthdays to your husband – I laughed at his “what the hell” response; that was a very deep question!


    1. I think we were on our way to a Dave Matthews Band concert in that pic.
      Enzo is actually the perfect “person” to play Kyle- although that wasn’t the answer I wanted. Ha.
      Thank you!


  4. Happy birthday K! Nick and I have a totally “what the hell” kind of attitude towards life. I think that it is a good attitude to have. I don’t think I could get Nick to answer any questions for my blog so as far as I’m concerned, you did a great job with your interview! 🙂


    1. The “what the hell” thing has exposed us to great adventures and also screwed us a few times, lol. But that’s life. Haha! Getting him to reply was like pulling teeth. I kept guilting him with the party I was throwing for him and his bday present. Ha!


  5. HAHAHA this is exactly how an interview with Devin went when I did some interview-the-guys blog linkup. “Favorite movie: Enzo” is HILARIOUS!!!


    1. Thank you! I actually don’t know the flavor of yellow cake……………………. (but it IS different than vanilla!)

      Um… I just had to look it up. Apparently, traditionally, yellow cake is made with whole eggs while white cake is just the eggs whites…? Also, there’s more moisture in yellow cake and white/vanilla cake is spongier. Honestly… there’s GOT to be more of a difference than that because yellow cake with chocolate frosting is heavenly. And white cake just doesn’t cut it. Haha!

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