I had no idea what to list off this month. Usually I have a draft with a running list of favorites that I add to throughout the month, but I didn’t do that this time. As time was running out I happened to stumble across three short (very different) online clips that captured my attention.


I assume that everyone needs a mental break throughout the workday, so hopefully one or two of these videos can provide that today.

James Corden’s Crosswalk the Musical: Beauty & the Beast

I don’t know why this made me laugh as hard as it did. I blame Dan Stevens (and the fact that I still have trouble see him as anyone but Matthew Crawley.)

Emma Watson’s kitten interview

If I ever have kids I hope they see Emma Watson as a role model. I certainly do. Everything about this video is great, especially her shout out to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah!

Elmo Gets Laid Off

To be 100% honest, Sesame Street moved to HBO so it’s probably safe if/when PBS gets the ax. That said, when I was a kid we didn’t have HBO- I still don’t have HBO. I watched Sesame Street on PBS like most kids in America do. So for those 2 to 7-years-olds with moms and dads who aren’t millionaires with a +40,000 channel cable package, they’re just S.O.L.

I’m going to stop because the budget cuts to the arts and education have me livid and terrified. If I keep typing this post will quadruple in length. So suffice it to say, we are so against budget cuts.

Maybe as a consolation prize Tr*mp can take us on one of his million dollar golf trips to Florida 😐

Also… Sesame Street: spoofing on Donald Tr*mp Grump before SNL made it cool.

In other news of things I want to list or bring to your attention, I joined a FB group for bloggers that has been very active and supportive. If you’re in the market for something like that you should check out The Peaceful Posse on FB 🙂

So tell me about something you’ve recently discovered or started that you love! Linking up with Lauren and Bre today!

Eat, Drink, and Be Lauren

48 thoughts on “Add It To My (Media) List

  1. What a fun list and link-up idea!! I need to get with the program and jump in. Also, everything SNL does is impressively funny!!!


  2. I love sharing your favorite brain breaks! I haven’t seen any of these so I’ll have to check them out today. I didn’t know the Elmo thing was actually on the show but it seems hilarious/heartbreaking. Thanks for joining us!


    1. I don’t think the Elmo video is off Sesame Street, but it’s definitely the puppet/voice. Just a different way of looking at how policy and federal decisions might affect everyone 😉


    1. Mmhm. Depending on how the wind blows it’s going to be a devastating loss for thousands of kids and families (and people with jobs who work in arts related fields that obviously don’t matter as much as Wall Street).


  3. I have watched that James Corden video so many times & never tire of it!!!
    & that kitten that keeps jumping on his shadow??? Oh my gosh – the cutest!! I dont know how Emma Watson didnt take that calm one home with her!


    1. Apparently I need to start watching his show. I never have but all his clips are hilarious!
      If PBS doesn’t exist anymore, Sesame Street/Elmo won’t be available on that channel anymore. He’ll still be on Sesame Street but only HBO. It depends on how the budgeting goes in Washington this month…


  4. James Corden’s Beauty and the Beast was hilarious and just what I needed this morning. I’m glad Sesame Street will be safe since it is going to HBO but I never had HBO growing up (and still don’t) and I think of all those kids who will no longer have access to it just pisses me off. Now I need to watch the kitten video to be happy again!


    1. I didn’t have HBO either. I still don’t. (I did in college only because the college offered it through their cable.) It’s absolutely bullshit to strip funding from a public channel that 82% of homes in the country tune into…. and yet we fund the $500,000 a day it takes to keep the third First Lady safe in New York. #NotPleased


  5. RIGHT? I was like MATTHEW CRAWLEY, YOU’RE ALIVE! I’VE MISSED YOU! and my friends – who don’t watch downton – were like WTF.
    i need to watch that when i get home. and the emma watson video. love her. and cats, duh.
    i didn’t have pbs obviously but it was on a free channel back home when i was a kid. i don’t even know what channel it’s on now, i assume if hbo bought it and that’s a cable channel, it will be hbo at home too. if that makes sense.


    1. YES. But seriously, how can he be anyone but Matthew?! (Answer: He can’t.) My mom was upset Emma plays anyone just Herminone, but the real crime is recasting Matthew. Lol
      Technically HBO produces Sesame Street. (And I think HBO is a premium channel you pay extra for like Starz.) That’s a fairly recent change, I think. PBS used to produce the show and they still run old and current episodes. And PBS is a free, public channel. So if HBO goes away, Elmo/Sesame Street will not be available for kids that don’t pay for HBO. (We don’t pay for it. A lot of people don’t.) So that was the point of laying Elmo off. Hopefully that made sense… ha.


  6. I hadn’t seen any of these so thanks for the laughs. I’ve been living under a rock lately so my husband has been sending me videos to keep up with the cool kids while I drown in paper work.


  7. When I first saw the Elmo clip on twitter I got legit sad. I’ve heard the Sesame Street airs on HBO first then the new episodes trickle down to PBS a few months later. So it’s still gets there, just not right away.
    On a better note, I do love James Corden clips. I need to watch him more often. Thanks for linking up!


    1. I wasn’t 100% sure how it worked, but I knew PBS still plays a large part in airing episodes of Sesame Street. And it’s free and available to millions of kids. So it’s be a damn shame not to have that resource available to all income-levels of children.
      Thanks for hosting!


  8. Well this all cracked me up. Good way to start a Wednesday. Dying at the James Corden one. I just reactivated my facebook account after a very long hiatus, so I’m off to check out the Peaceful Posse!


    1. The Elmo video is adorable- but I’m as frustrated as he is by the end. It certainly drive home the point.
      I haven’t heard one whisper of how to make money blogging on that page. Sounds like it might work for ya 😉


    1. Sesame Street is probably my favorite children’s program. If anything were to ever happen to it I’m just going to find all the seasons and buy them and play them for our future kids. Haha.


  9. i adoooore emma watson (and atlas will so be looking up to her as a role model – as i do)! i had not seen the kitten video and it’s amazing!

    ps. “he who shall not be named” is the very worst person. cutting the arts?! what a #)%*#*$)@


    1. I don’t know how she doesn’t just lose all focus on the interview and play with the kittens. Or take one home. Hahaha!
      (UGH. Don’t get me started… Grr…)


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