The Fruit & Flowers Anniversary

According to the internet the 4th anniversary is traditionally the fruit/flowers anniversary. Every single anniversary blows my mind- half my brain can't believe we're been *married* so long and the other half thinks of the wedding as mere weeks ago. It's weird but I imagine most people feel this way about big days/events (...right?). When… Continue reading The Fruit & Flowers Anniversary

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Meal Planning (or “How to Keep Most of Your Groceries From Going Bad”)

Hiii (*waves nervously*) Let's kick this off with the confession that I am not a foodie or a chef or a professional meal planner. I'm a newbie who still let's the milk go bad and forgets to use the bananas before they're squishy and grey. Alright. Now that my credentials are out of the way...… Continue reading Meal Planning (or “How to Keep Most of Your Groceries From Going Bad”)


What I Read… vol. 4

This day needs no introduction. I read 3 books since our last link-up with Steph and Jana. Three feels like a good number for me. Here's the rating cheat sheet & description... I include a brief summary, why I picked up the book, and what I thought. Then I give my oh-so-valuable opinion on whether… Continue reading What I Read… vol. 4

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Things I Really Love Right Now

I was going to write a serious post today. I started one about the controversy surrounding the Beauty and the Beast outrage. I thought about screaming ranting about the idiotic administration running our country. But I just can't. If you've been around these parts long enough then you know that I have 0% issue with… Continue reading Things I Really Love Right Now