According to the internet the 4th anniversary is traditionally the fruit/flowers anniversary.

(C)Ryan Armbrust Sniper Photo LLC

Every single anniversary blows my mind- half my brain can’t believe we’re been *married* so long and the other half thinks of the wedding as mere weeks ago. It’s weird but I imagine most people feel this way about big days/events (…right?).

When we got married I was transitioning between jobs. I’d just left my role as an administrative assistant and was due to start as a technical writer once we returned from our honeymoon.
Four years later I work for/with K at PI ❤︎

When we got married K was working full time at Dr.Pepper/Snapple. Then he’d spend 3 to 5 to 8 more hours a night at the PI workshop (a.k.a. my dad’s truck garage). All weekends were spent at the shop.
Four years later K works full time for himself and he operates out of a 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse with five employees (including me!).

When we got married I still lived at home. The week after our honeymoon I moved all some of my stuff to our 475 sq. ft. apartment that K had been living in alone.
Four years later we’re very comfortable and happy in our two-story home.

When we got married we had one dog and zero children. We adopted Lylee the December before the wedding.
Four years later we are still human-childless, but we’ve added a wagging tail to the pack with Enzo. The dogs will be 6 (Ly) and 4 (Enzo) this year.

Taking our 4th pic sometime this week!

When we got married my hair was brown and I was a life-long nail-biter.
Four years later it’s blonde. Ha. And I’ve mostly quit biting my nails!

When we got married my brother was single and lived at home and K’s brother was dating a fabulous girl named Alice. I gained one sis-in-law (K’s sister Lori) at our wedding.
Four years later my brother is now married to Xtina and living two hours from home. K’s brother also got married (to Alice!) so I gained two additional sisters-in-law!

When we got married our best friends were either single and loving it, dating and loving it, or newly married and loving it.
Four years later a few of our friends have a child or two and some of our friends are engaged to be married this year or next!

Bridal Shower 2013 (inspiration below…)

When we got married K didn’t have a passport.
Four years later I’ve gotten that boy out of the country three times. Heck yeah!

So… regardless of the way four years feels, I’d argue quite a bit has changed. I’m a big advocate of doing life at the right pace for you, and I’d say Kyle and I are managing that. I feel very lucky to have spent the last 4 years as his wife and I am ridiculously excited to spend the next 100+ more right next to him.

Happy Anniversary, Kyle ❤︎

34 thoughts on “The Fruit & Flowers Anniversary

  1. Awww yay! Happy anniversary! I love the photos you take each year. We often forget to take a picture! heheh OH NO! 😛 I love how things have changed and your comment about doing things at the right pace for you is so true and important! I love it. Happy anniversary! Have a blast celebrating with… edible arrangements? The flower shape fruit arrangements? hahaha XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. We NEVER take photos when we’re out and about. And of course we only got one crappy one on our actual anniversary date #fail
      In relation to the “assigned gift”, K got me flowers. Other than that we broke the mold.


    1. We intended to catalog the changes with that photo-a-year, but we got Enzo before our first anniversary and we don’t have children so the pictures have been pretty identical every year! Ha!


  2. Happy Anniversary! It’s a great life you and K are building together! I also love the annual picture to commemorate, especially year 2 with your dog (sorry, I don’t which one is which) facing the wrong direction. LOL! And I’m trying hard to imagine what it was like with 2 people in a 475 sq. ft. apartment. Mine is about 600 and it’s tough with just me and Max! Here’s to many more wonderful and fun years together!


    1. Thank you! That backward picture of Enzo is one of my favorites 😀
      Our first apartment was SO. TINY. Fortunately Lylee was living with my parents at that point so it was just the two of us, but daaaaaang. It was small!


  3. I cant wait for this years picture & LOVE LOVE LOVE you two do that!!!
    I lived at home until I was married too – It felt so funny when we were married & i twas like, WHOOO, I live here now 🙂
    Happy anniversary!!!


    1. Thank you! They’re getting pushed back until Mother’s Day so my bff can take them when she’s in town, but I’ll post them once I have them!
      Changing living arrangements was so weird! I disliked it at first- now I can’t IMAGINE living with my parents. Ha!


  4. Happy Anniversary!! So happy that I gained such a loving, giving, smart,beautiful ( I could go on and on!!) daughter in law!! So proud of you and Kyle and all that you have accomplished. Have a great day and blessed 5th year ❤️


    1. Thank you! ❤ I definitely got lucky with an out-of-this-world mother-in-law!! So happy to celebrate 4 years as a part of an awesome new family, too!


  5. Happy four years! I love the way you did this post. We like to do the traditional gifts, and the fourth was so hard! I ended up going with the Bible verse “you will bear the fruits of your labor” with a gift related to medical school. 🙂


    1. That’s so creative, Olya!! I feel like the guys get it easy with this one since all they have to do is give us flowers 😉 Although I loved the surprise red roses on my desk the morning of our anniversary. We ended up doing a food tour as a date!


  6. Happy 4 Year Anniversary! This is such a sweet idea for an anniversary blog post! I loved reading about how you’ve grown and made a life together.

    Also, are we long lost twins? Blogging for 3 years and married for 4!! Nick and I will celebrate 4 years in August!


    1. I really wish we could’ve had a fall wedding, but it just didn’t fit into our timeline and it would’ve felt forced (or delayed). We’ve always been all about doing things in our own time at the right time 🙂


  7. I love how you’ve structured this post. It does show the changes (big & small) and what you’ve experienced together. Happy anniversary!


    1. Thank you! I giggle about the hair color one but this is the LONGEST I’ve gone as a consistent hair color… so it’s kind of a big deal to us. Ha!


    1. Thank you 🙂 In hindsight I think this would’ve been a good idea for year 5, but oh well 😉 SOOO happy about more space and more puppies!!


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