Goodbye, April

I never do a monthly recap, but April was a fun & busy one so I thought I’d switch it up and type one out for Kristen and Gretch‘s What’s New with You? link-up.

What's New With You

This is a picture-heavy post, but I only included the good moments πŸ˜‰

This month we celebrated my mom’s (and uncle’s) birthday.

For Mom’s celebration we ventured down to Columbus on a Saturday for dinner at de|Novo and a concert at the Ohio Theatre. Fred & Xtina joined us for a relaxing evening with yummy food and a mesmerizing performance.

The show was called Cirque de Symphonie and there were acrobats, dancers, contortionists, and rope/silk artists to accompany the musical numbers.

Things that happened mid-month that didn’t warrant pictures…

  • Lylee got her nails trimmed and her ears cleaned at the groomers
  • a local drumline Friends & Family Show
  • meeting the best friend’s new boyfriend
  • getting financially assaulted by the US govn’t on tax day
  • a few dinners out with friends and family
  • a breakfast date with K on Good Friday (and a day off!)
  • one of my best and longest friends asked me to be a bridesmaid!

Easter was spent with family. We did church in the morning, an egg hunt and lunch and kite flying at my parents’ house, a dinner for K’s family (and my parents) at our house, & dessert and another egg hunt at K’s grandparents’ house.

The end of the month hit hard and fast…

We left for Dayton on the 19th and spent three days bouncing between the Uni. of Dayton, Wright State University, Miami University, and Northern Kentucky University for WGI Percussion World Championships.

Three 10+ hour days in parking lots and arenas watching high school and independent drumlines and making new connections or seeing old friends. So fun and so exhausting, ha.

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared our products on my blog before… We had over 60 groups using our equipment at this competition. It was pretty surreal.

The Sunday after WGI we left Dayton and drove southeast to Bristol, TN. My parents and cousin were already there. The race was scheduled for 2pm on Sunday but rain postponed it until Monday.

Bristol is mountain territory and in the past we’ve been foiled many times by spotty rain-delays and postponements. We now always spend Sunday night in the area and drive home on Monday. This allows us to stay late for a delayed Sunday night race or a rescheduled Monday afternoon race; the latter being the case this past trip.

Cabela’s | Racing | Bowling

The water in that picture should be a little stream- NOT a river…

Last but not least, we celebrate our 4 year anniversary on the 27th. We did a food tour in a neighboring city. It included four restaurant and some city history. We were so full by the end of it… but it was delicious!

Both Steph and Alexandra sent cards wishing us a happy anniversary! You girls are total sweethearts!

It was so windy on our tour but it didn’t storm so that’s a win!

And that concludes our April (a.k.a. possibly our busiest month professionally + personally all year). I kicked May off with a deep tissue massage on Monday. #SelfCare

What’d you do last month?

What's New With You

30 thoughts on “Goodbye, April

    • We waited until the last minute. Actually… we filed an extension so we still owe *eyeroll* If they want all that money they’re just going to have to be patient. Ha.


  1. You definitely had a crazy month of awesome happenings! Hopefully May is less hectic, even though I know you said you’re ramping up for busy season. For myself, I’m finally back to regular 8 hour days since tax season is over and I have no idea what to do with all my time!


    • I bet that’s so nice for you!! More dates and you-time during the week maybe!
      April is a very mobile month- we’re on the road A LOT. May through Sept is less travel but WAAAY more stress and work in the office. And it seems like it’s starting a little early this year. OOF!


  2. Whew girl, that is a crazy busy month!! Glad you did so many good things though!! Glad you got my card! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I need details on this bowling alley, stat!!! That theater looks gorgeous and the show sounds super fun. My short (read: medium) PSA on supporting the arts goes up tomorrow… LOL … so I’m happy to see you at a local theater! Woot. πŸ˜‰ Here’s to hoping May is even a teeny bit calmer! πŸ™‚ XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    • Thank you so much for the card!! The bowling alley was actually connected to the Cabela’s in Bristol, TN. I’ve been to a lot of Cabela’s but I think that’s the first one I’ve see with a bowling alley.
      Columbus has some really fun historical buildings and theaters! My brother actually got married in one last summer!


  3. Ahhh – how sweet to get cards for your anniversary. So thoughtful!!
    So what do you all do actually?Is it the equipment you all rent? Or the instruments? Both?


    • We manufacture the carts that the laptop and speakers and drumset are all sitting on. People buy the black steel carts from us and then use them to carry their equipment on the floor. Almost everyone buys their equipment and owns it, but a few of the bigger independent drumlines are sponsored by us (and then they give it back at the end of the season and we sell it as “used”). That weekend 60 groups had at least one, if not more, of our carts in their ensembles.


  4. Happy Anniversary! I love that you guys did a food tour, how fun! Drum lines and percussion competitions are my favorite to watch. Getting financially assaulted by the US govn’t on tax day is something that has happened to use the last several years and I am appalled by how much we freaking owe. We own a house, we have a child, I claim single and 0 on my taxes…how in the hell do we owe so much?????


    • Thank you! The food tour was so filling! We couldn’t even eat by the last restaurant!
      Indoor drumline season is my favorite but I’m always ready for it to be over by the final competition πŸ˜‰
      We thought we were doing so well with write-offs and all that. NOPE! Lol


  5. I laughed so hard at the financially assaulted by the US Government. I waited until the last second to do my taxes, expecting to get financially assaulted as well but to my surprise and immense joy that did not occur this year! It looks like you had a great, busy month and a food tour sounds delicious and fun! πŸ˜€ I’m also deeply jealous of your massage. πŸ˜€


    • I’m glad tax season wasn’t too harsh on you! April was busy but very very fun. It usually is; I shouldn’t complain πŸ™‚ GO get yourself a massage, lady! You deserve it πŸ˜‰


    • It was pretty cool to see our gear all over the parking lot πŸ™‚
      Enzo gets his done at home. Lylee is a drama queen and I’d rather pay someone to deal with her sass.


  6. Such a busy and (mostly, except for that tax bill) fun month!
    The Cirque de Symphonie show sounds really neat! Sounds like your business is doing really well too! (Probably hence the tax bill though – As we CPAs always say, It IS a good problem to have even when it doesn’t feel like it!)


    • I wasn’t sure what to expect with the symphony but it ended up being a very cool experience!
      Our accountant was like, “Yeah, that number sucks, but it also means you’re doing something right.” Lol


    • The food tour was SO good. I can’t wait to go back to some of those restaurants!
      It was very gratifying. It’s fun being out on the road because we run into people that want to talk about our products or have known us for a long time and are really excited for the company!


  7. getting financially assaulted by the US govn’t on tax day – hahahahaha. i’m not laughing that you were, but the wording – hilarious.
    happy anniversary! that food tour sounds awesome. we did one in Rome and it was like, the highlight of the trip. i never thought to look around locally. i do like to eat! lol


    • As I wrote it I was like, ‘How do I REALLY get the point across…?’ Hahahaha!
      Thank you! A food tour in Rome sounds amazing. I bet your area would have some pretty cool tours, too, though!


    • That’s awesome! I really haven’t come across anyone in the blog world that’s done much in the competitive music environment. Where did you march?


    • It was really cool. We showed up thinking there were about 50 and then 10 or so groups totally blindsided us. I don’t know how they slipped past our radar but we were pleasantly surprised!


  8. yay i’m glad that you shared photos of your PI products – loved seeing these and i bet that had to be SO surreal/exciting to see 60 bands using them! i am always so highly impressed with brick and mortar and people that sell tangible THINGS! well done team!


    • It’s rewarding to see the products being used and to talk with percussion directors about their experience with the carts. I don’t think we knew it’d be so heartwarming when we first started πŸ™‚ Thank you!


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