You Drive Me Crazy

Or rather… I drive him crazy 🙂

At the end of April I posted about our wedding anniversary and all the mushy gushy feelings I have about being married to K. Essentially y’all got the cropped and edited “good stuff.” But I’m all about keeping it real. We squabble and pick at one another daily. (Hellooooo- we work together.) I thought it’d be fun to share all the ways in which I drive Kyle batty.

Some outtakes and touch-ups from our 4 year tree pic.

(Some of these I’m trying to improve on, some of these he has to deal with because he said, “for better or worse.”)

Running things under my nails– especially his business cards. He HATES when I swipe a card off his desk and start mindlessly cleaning my nails while I talk to him.

Sliding out of the truck. K is a car maniac and it drives him up a wall when I slide out of the truck instead of using the running board. He says I’m destroying the integrity of the seat cushion by collapsing the foam. I say he doesn’t keep a vehicle long enough for it to matter.

Sleeping in. I’ve mentioned this here before, but K HATES it when I sleep in or abuse the “snooze” button. I’m working on this one- more for myself than for him, though 😉

Not listening. In my defense, sometimes most times I’m mid-paragraph in a book and he starts to talk to me. Then again, other times I’m listening and then I get distracted. But I’m always 100% honest about it and I stop him when I’ve realized I’m no longer retaining the information. (He says that doesn’t make it ok.) I swear I’m working on this one, too.

So there we go. We’ve got good days and bad days- no one’s perfect 😉

28 thoughts on “You Drive Me Crazy

    • I do it all. the. time. It drives K absolutely crazy. When people hand me their business cards I have to consciously remind myself not to immediately run the card under my nails while I finish up the conversations. Ha.


  1. Such cute photos! I’m really bad about not listening as well. Or, if I’m doing something else while my boyfriend is talking to me I’ll nod and agree but then have no clue what he actually said. One track mind I suppose, ha ha.


    • I feel pretty terrible about it, but I usually ask him, hours or days later, what he was talking about during xyz conversation because I just don’t remember… ha.


  2. Haha I love this. We all know that we do certain things that grate on our spouses nerves. I talk too loudly sometimes, Chris hates the sound of crunchy foods even if you are perfectly polite in your chewing manners and Chris doesnt seem to know where the laundry basket or dishwasher are located. Haha. We all have our quirks, right?


    • Hahahahaha- yeah, we have trouble with K and the hamper *eye roll*
      When I get all stirred up politically or about some animal or feminist issue K scolds me for shouting. Ha. We’re just loud, passionate people!


  3. Hah! I’ve always said that everyone you meet will get on your nerves, but when you find someone whose quirks you can overlook, that’s the one! My husband does some weird stuff, but I’ve learned to laugh about it instead of let it irritate me. These are such great pictures!!


    • I agree 100%. I’ve told K that despite his annoying-ness (lol), he’s the ONLY ONE I can stand to be around 24/7 (if I had to). And that’s saying something since I’m introverted through and through. Lol.
      Thank you!


    • I can’t remember if I’ve done a post like that or not… His type-b tendencies are usually my biggest annoyance. Ha. Messy desk/dresser/workbench/you name it. Lol. But I’m not allowed to tidy it up… And he can’t figure out the dishwasher or hamper unless I’m right there directing him. Ha!
      Truthfully, I think he does that stuff on purpose 😉 Ha.


  4. So funny the things that get on someones nerves.
    Ricky is the same way with me sleeping in. If I’m asleep past 6:30am – it just freaks him out. He’s doing better letting me be… he knows how grumpy I can be when woken up too early 😉 haha


    • Oh noooooo. Up before 6:30?? *shudder* Lol
      Honestly, I should probably get up at 6 or 6:30 for work, but I don’t. K usually leaves around 6:30 and always asks, “Are you getting up now?”. I mumble a yes and then lay there for 30 minutes or more… ha.


  5. I love how you used this to highlight your flaws… though I don’t really see them that way! 😉 Being with someone is hard sometimes – we’re not perfect! And I love your tree pics. Such a creative idea!


  6. It’s totally acceptable to not pay attention to your husband if you’re reading. Why do they feel the need to talk to us when we’re reading? LOL It drives me crazy that my husband doesn’t wake up right when his alarm goes off.


    • ALL. THE. TIME. with the reading thing. Like, put your hand up or something and I will finish my paragraph and call on you when I’m ready 😉 Hahahahahaha!
      I ignore my alarms 5 to 7 times every morning. I’m surprised K hasn’t pushed me out of bed or snapped my phone… hehe.


    • Every time he bitches about the seat I’m just like, “Kyle. It’s a fricken seat. It’s MEANT to be SAT on.” Hahahaha.
      Seriously, though. And they always interrupt at the end of a book or right at a juicy part!


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