Linking up with Kristen & Gretch today for a What’s New With You? update.

Eating… a little bit healthy but not really. I’ve been bringing snacks to work like carrots, almonds, apples, cherries, and oatmeal (for b-fast). But there are also Doritos in my snack drawer so… #balance

Drinking… water and coffee. More so the latter. I’m going to aim for more of the former this summer. Then again, our brand new, very first Starbucks just opened in town, so… No promises…

*[edit] Listening to… the new Foo Fighters song “Run.” It came out today! If you don’t like FF I feel like our friendship might be in jeopardy… (Here’s the new song!)

Reading… The Heir & Coraline. I need to finish up The Selection Series. Also, Erin just released her Challenge 7.0 list today so you know I’m already picking out my books for July! (I’ll share those on Tuesday!)

Watching… nothing really. The Voice ended last week so K and I lost our Mon./Tues. entertainment. Now he watches Cavs games and I read at night. (Maybe I’ve watched some Bachelorette stuff. Maybe.)

Seeing… college friends ❤︎ Last month one of my college roommates was in the state (she moved to Arizona after getting married) and I drove north to have dinner with her and another college friend. We’re all in a very similar season of life right now (married a few years, no kids, working that professional grind), so it was super relaxing to just kick back and talk for +4 hours with them.

Listening to… lots of country music (like this playlist). Warm weather feels like country music, ya know? Plus Kayla and I are headed to a two-day outdoor country concert later this month and I am PUMPED.

Praying about… the world.

Raging about… the world. (More specifically, the US dumpster-fire administration.)

Dreaming about… a European vacation. Nothing in the books yet, but someday soon.

Looking forward to… our family vacation to the beach! As it turns out, my family will be vacationing at the same time as K’s family, only 20 minutes north of them. Also, this will be our first family vacation with all six of us!!

So what’s new with you?

What's New With You

30 thoughts on “Currently…

    1. I am SO in need of vacation- I just keep imagining myself sitting on a wood porch overlooking the ocean. That week honestly can’t get here fast enough 😉
      He’s such a moron.


  1. warm weather totally feels like country music! And I get so bummed when our shows end for the summer!


    1. I’m headed to a country concert this weekend and it’s supposed to be 85* one day and 90* the next. OOF- that’s ridiculous for us Ohio folk. I feel like that’s what I get for saying warm weather = country music. Ha.


  2. I’ve also been trying to “balance” my diet more…still trying to find that happy medium! Plus, I feel ya on the coffee thing. I stopped drinking soda a couple of years ago and essentially replaced it with coffee. Not planning to give it up anytime soon though, lol. Beach vacations are the best to look forward to!


    1. I have pop MAYBE once a week. I’d like to give it up totally (and I have before), but something about it lures me in… I think I just long for that 2pm afternoon pick-me-up. Ha.
      I’ve been dreaming about the beach for a week straight now.


  3. Oh I hope your trip is super fun! I am craving the beach right now. 😛 hahaha Getting together with friends is always nice. Glad you were able to catch up with some of yours. I loved the selection series. Fluffy but fun. I know that most people liked America better… but I kind of like her daughter. I dunno. I was actually a bit surprised by The Crown. I hope that you are enjoying them. 🙂 We’ve been watching shows on Netflix and DVR mostly. The only thing we’ve been watching “on time” is the newest season of izombie. But mostly just because KC’s family has been watching it with us. hahha Otherwise it’s been watching Big Little Lies post-read. And Riverdale TEEN DRAMA! LOL Loving the reading time I’ve had. I’ve also been a bit healthier lately. Woots. 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. I swear I can’t think about anything BUT the beach vacation at this point. UGH.
      I can’t decide if I like America or Eadlyn better. They both had some flaws. I’m also not sure about the ending of The Crown… ha.
      I’ve definitely been reading more- thank goodness! 🙂


  4. I have been eating healthy but also not a lot lately too. oops. Yay for a Stabucks in your town!!! I dont know what I would do without my treat that I allow myself twice a week. I bet you are totally excited about the beach trip!!! We have one planned soon too and I cant wait. Catching up with friends is so good for the soul. Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. I was so ragey last week with our president telling the world where our submarines are. Meanwhile my husband is out on a submarine! I’m watching The Mindy Project thanks to your recommendation and I am totally obsessed!


    1. Oof, yes. That’d make me furious. I honestly can’t understand how he still has a job………
      I’m glad you love it!!! (Peter is my FAVORITE character. Hahaha.)


  6. A family vacay… we havent done that in over 13 years… I miss doing that.
    We gotta all keep praying for our world… pray hard.
    Beware of the Starbucks…can be so addicting 😉


    1. K’s family used to go every summer (before I was in the picture). It’s funny that they’ll be vacationing at the same time in almost the same spot as us! So weird!
      Already falling down that Starbucks hole….. sigh.


  7. I only recently heard the expression “dumpster fire” – In relation to a client that was unfortunately assigned to me at work – But it sure describes the disaster of the current political situation well too. Just finished another book about Denmark and apparently one of the causes in their overall happiness as a nation is the high level of TRUST towards the government. It would be laughable how untrue that is for the U.S. if it wasn’t so sad.
    Your beach vacation sounds really fun! We cancelled our beach vacation this summer – I think the kids are still too young – But someday! Where are you going?


    1. Right now K and I live in a home we love, but we don’t have any peace because one neighbor is rude and passive aggressive and blasts his music so loudly it shakes our house and the other neighbor is nosy and we feel like we’re constantly being watched. Plus two houses down is a family with five kids under the age of 8 and they have relatives staying with them who also have kids and they scream and run in the street constantly. The same anxiety we feel at home is how I feel about the country. Love the house, but so so so not at peace while in it. UGH.
      (We’re looking at moving, haha. Houses- not countries.)
      We’re going to Sunset Beach, just north of Myrtle on the boarder of the Carolinas. I’ve never been but my husband has (which is usually the opposite for us!).


  8. I feel like so many people I follow on social media have been in Europe lately and I am DYING to plan a trip now.

    Trying to focus on water here too. But iced coffee/lemonade/sweet tea/wine are all just so delicious.


    1. I’ve never been to England and I so so badly want to go. K has never been to Switzerland and it’s my favorite place in the world, so I want to get him there, too 🙂
      Water is great… but iced coffee/tea/wine is better. Hehe.


  9. How fun to catch up with old friends!!! That is so sweet 🙂 And wait are Doritos not healthy? I’ve been living a lie……….


    1. I hardly get to see those friends any more so it was AWESOME to just sit and talk for 4 hours 🙂
      My bad… Doritos are a good balance of dairy and grains, right? I think we’re in the clear 😉


  10. is the heir the last selection book? or is that the crown? i forget. whatever is the last one, that’s the only one i have left. i loved the first 3, felt super meh about the 4th. i’ve heard the last one is really good though.
    i should be working but i just got my list together for erin’s challenge. NO REGRETS. it was so fun! hahaha. will i finish? who cares! the list is the best part.
    sorry for my ridiculously late comment, thank you for linking up with us!


    1. The Crown is the last one. I can’t decided if I liked America’s story better or Eadlyn’s… I definitely got through the last two faster, but I don’t know what that means. Hahaha. The last one was interesting. Honestly, I think the conflict outside the selection drama was much more developed in the first three. Meh. I dunno. I’m all done now so whatevs. Ha.
      The list is TOTALLY the best part 😀 I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. Hahaha.
      I’ve been ridiculously late at responding to comments. Hadn’t even gotten to this post yet- no worries! 🙂


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