My Summer Bucket List

Between Jessica’s summer list and Chelsea’s monthly to-do lists, I decided I need a summer bucket list to get me in the right mood. (If you’re new here, I hate summer. But I’m going to give it a shot this year.)

I did a seasonal bucket list for fall and I felt very accomplished and fulfilled by the end. Fingers crossed summer ends the same way!

  • Go on a mini-golf date with K
  • Finish Year 3 scrapbook
  • Beach house vacation with the whole family
  • DCI Championships with K in August
  • Finish backyard landscaping
    • & host a cookout for the company
  • Take Enzo to the dog park
  • Outdoor concert with K & friends
  • Garage Sale (#2)
  • Visit the farmers’ market
  • Make a serious dent in Erin’s reading challenge
  • Drink more water
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Take the pups on an adventure

So to clarify… the beach vaca. and DCI trip are already planned, but I don’t care. Also, I’m doing a garage sale tomorrow, but my mom is doing one in July with my grandma so that’s why it’s #2- whatever I don’t sell tomorrow I’ll try again with in July.

I feel like my summer bucket list is kind of lackluster. Maybe it’s because summer just isn’t my thing… If you have any suggestions or additions to spice it up, I’m all ears!

32 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List

  1. DCI championships…how fun! I did colorguard for years and used to go watch the championships in a movie theatre every year. So cool you’re going in person!


  2. I told my youth girls we need to do a mini golf trip. I love me some mini golf. Makes me feel like I’d be good at the real thing 😉


    • Kyle and I used to be pretty good about going at least once a summer, but I don’t think we went at all last year 😦 I don’t want that to happen this summer!!


  3. Going to the beach, outdoor concert(s) and making a dent in Erin’s challenge are all on my list as well! Also a mini road-trip, camping (annual- already planned), and going to outdoor local festivals. I don’t think your list is lackluster at all, and I like the mix! Hope you get to do all of them!


    • I just went to an outdoor, two day concert this weekend, but I feel like it doesn’t count since summer hasn’t really started… That’s ok, though, because we have another one planned, too! 🙂 Camping sounds fun!! My husband isn’t really one for camping… lol. Thank you!


    • I missed the opening farmers’ market but I’m excited to wander through in the coming weeks! And I LOVE homemade ice cream and we have a maker, but we’ve never cracked it open!


  4. This list is amazing. I started one and forgot about it. LOL. Yay for reading. I told Shea this too, but you should see if any of your area libraries do adult summer reading with prizes. Mine is only 5 books (or some # of hours) and you get a free coffee, a free book at the booksale, and some other coupons. 🙂 I love mini golf. But mostly just goonie golf. 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    • Haha, thank you! I should look into adult programs! I just recently saw that there are monthly book clubs at the library. I really want to check that stuff out! What’s goonie golf???


  5. Haha! I’m so with you on “summer is not my thing.” It’s my least favorite season. I’m working on our summer bucket list too and my kids have some very outlandish ideas! I’m trying to come up with as many fun, FREE things to do. You have awesome ones on your list that I’m gonna have to copy.


    • Copy away! I definitely did from other blog-friends 🙂 I try to enjoy summer, but my family used to have a pool and we don’t now…. so summer isn’t as fun as it used to be 😉 Lol


  6. What a fun (and attainable!!) list!! (As opposed to all the lofty lists like “backpack through Europe” or something haha). A mini golf date night sounds so fun!!


    • I don’t think I’d even really enjoy backpacking through Europe 😉 Give me lavish hotels and quirk bed-and-breakfasts! Hahaha! I love mini-golf! Sometimes I rock and sometimes I’m absolutely terrible at it. Hahaha!


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