Hello, beautiful friends. It’s been a while since we just “chatted.”

First and foremost, can we sit inside? The temperature has been tickling 90 degrees and I’m just not having it. Is it before 10am? If so I guess I can handle outdoor seating.

If we were sitting down for coffee I’d probably smell a little like mint (Biofreeze) and look a little stiff. Tuesday was one hell of a day- then, to top it all off, I went home, vacuumed, and pulled a muscle in my shoulder. I’ve had back problems all my teenage/adult life, but my shoulder aches SO BADLY. Fortunately it’s a bit better than it was on Tuesday.

If we were having coffee I would talk for at least a half hour about last weekend’s Buckeye Country Superfest! I went with my best friend and my elementary school best friend. (We amicably went separate ways in our teens years but stayed distant friends and our parents are pretty good friends and, as it turns out, we still have a lot in common.) GUYS- if you like country music you need to see Miranda Lambert live. The rush of female badass-ery that flowed through the stadium was unreal. She was so, so good!

Also, Kenny Chesney puts on a fabulous show. There was one moment when I was dancing and I just stopped and looked up to the star-dotted sky and felt so happy and at peace and euphoric. (Yes, I’d been drinking. No, I wasn’t fall-over drunk.) It was just a really fun weekend surrounded by wonderful people.

That said, if we were drinking coffee, I’d admit that I’m still recovering from the weekend. Two nights of music and drinks and little sleep tend to do me in. I’m no longer the 21 year old night owl I used to be… The Monday morning drive and workday was rooough.

If we were drinking coffee I’d admit that I’m counting down the days until vacation. I’m also craving ice cream every dang day. And I’m currently reading The Sisters Brothers (sent to me by Erin)! And I think that about wraps up my life right now.

So refill your cup and tell me what’s going on in your life!

26 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. I was up at 9pm last night at the gym and when I got home, I couldn’t even sleep properly because I was so wired…so i guess 9pm is my cut-off time for being out late LOL


    1. Hahaha! Typically I hate being out past 8. And if an event start after I’ve already gotten home and started to relax then you can just forget about me showing up. Lol.
      Two nights in a row being out until midnight totally did me in…


    1. Shoulder is definitely a little better. Movement came back- now I’m just sore 😉
      I am dreaming a winter weather and Christmastime and snow right now. I know that’s terrible, but I totally am…


  2. While I’m not a big country music fan, I do think Miranda Lambert is bad ass and I’m so glad you had a great time at her concert. LOL! I am not a party animal these days either. I am a night owl but in my own home, in pjs and reading or watching a movie. Adult life – it’s not as glamours as I imagined it to be. Hopefully your shoulder is feeling better! I can’t stand hot weather. I get headaches, cranky, whiny … its like I’m Emperor Baby Fists finding out I’m being investigated for obstruction of justice. 😀

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    1. The energy in that stadium was awesome. She has a song called ‘Gun Powder & Lead’ and when it came on the crowd (self-included) went nuts 🙂
      I am definitely a night owl in my own home. And I HATE hot weather. Bring on the snoooooow!! Lol!


  3. I’ve seen Miranda in concert! It was so good. It was actually before she was a headliner herself… she was opening for Brad Paisley! BP is so good in concert also! I’ve seen Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw too (when I was 13!!!). <— all of this is funny because I actually very rarely go to concerts, but when I do, country all the way! lol


    1. Oh man, I’d love to see Brad and Tim. Actually, I NEED to see Tim 😀
      I don’t attend that many country concerts- although I love country music!


  4. Okay your explanation of that feeling while watching Kenny is exactly why I will ALWAYS love live music. It’s euphoric!


    1. Yes yes yes! Everyone needs to experience that uninterrupted, empty-brain joy. Whether it’s at a concert or on a hike or on a beach!! Concerts always provide a moment or two for me to fully love my life or love Kyle or love the moment!


  5. I was loving your concert updates! I haven’t been to a concert like that in forever, but it looked so fun! Miranda Lambert would be bucket list to see live, she’s amazing. hope your shoulder feels better sweet lady. that is the worst to not feel 100%.


    1. She is so, so amazing. I just love her energy and her confidence! Plus, she does SO MUCH WORK for shelters and rescue dogs!! Be still, my heart ❤
      Shoulder is doing much better. A little sore after this weekend's yard work extravaganza, but much better! Thank you!


    1. I avoided country concerts for a looong time because the skimpy clothes and copious amounts of drinking was a real turn off for me. (It ties into my hatred of summertime, lol.) That said, every once in a while I attend a concert (or a two-day-festival, ha) and really, really enjoy myself!
      I usually stick to rock and alternative concerts, though 🙂


    1. Thank you! Oh man… I had an hour drive to drop off my friend, then an hour drive to an outdoor business-related PR appointment, then a two hour drive home on Monday. I was SO EXHAUSTED by the time I got home on Monday night!


  6. I’ve eaten more ice cream in the last month than I have all year haha! It must be the weather haha.

    I might also borrow this post idea too… I really want to get back into blogging, I just can’t think of a place to start. Maybe coffee and a chat is the way forward!


    1. K and I used to go out for ice cream all the time but we don’t anymore. Sometimes I just go by myself because I’m in the mood- of course I always end up bringing him some, too. Ha.
      Borrow away! I’ll keep an eye out for a new post from you!


  7. That concert looks like a lot of fun. I would loooove to see Miranda Lambert live. Also, I’m not craving ice cream ’cause slightly lactose intolerant but I really wish we had a froyo place nearby!


    1. The concert was great! I definitely want to see Zac Brown Band, Miranda Lambert, and Kenny Chesney again!!
      Our mall just opened a froyo place within the last year or so, but I’ve only been once!


    1. Miranda was amazing! My childhood friend actually got to meet her thanks to her sister pulling some string for here. (She completely idolizes Miranda so it was fun to see her get to do that!) I had a great weekend and it was definitely worth it, but I might not have said that same thing at 6am Monday morning… haha!!


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