Before we dive into our conversations… today is my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary! ❤︎ So I want to devote a paragraph or two to them real quick…

My parents are wonderful odd balls. (My brother and I got it honest.) My teenage years gave them (esp. my mom) a run for their money sanity, but as an adult I spend so much time with them. Mom and I still bicker sometimes & Dad and I shout over politics, but through the years I’ve learned so much about marriage and life from them. Honesty, forgiveness, understanding, and humor are the key ingredients to a happy relationship.

Bonnie & Clyde trying to steal the getaway-car thunder four years ago at our wedding…

So Happy THIRTIETH Anniversary to the animal-loving, garden-growing, child-raising, country-living parents that I’ve grown up loving and admiring. Fred and I are better people and better spouses because of you two. Thanks for everything! ❤︎

And now… a collection of random, weird conversations with the husband… 🙂

Me: You know… when I’m calm, I imagine these smooth-yet-wavy purple lines running through my body, carrying my calm energy to every limb. But right now I’m filled with these spiky hot pink and orange wiry balls just pulsing all throughout my insides because I’m so freakin’ anxious about all the things we have going on!
K: …your head is one f*cked up place to be, isn’t it?

In preparation for my garage sale…
Me: I’m pretty much done collecting stuff, but I wanted to ask if you had any shoes you wanted to get rid of.
K: No.
Me: …what about the ones in your office that you said you didn’t want.
*K glares at me.*
Me: So what you mean is ‘Yes, but I don’t want to take the time to look and weed them out.’

We’d been waiting almost two weeks for an important call…
K: Alright, Miss Cleo. You think they’re going to call today? What’re they going to say?
Me: Oh, Kyle. I don’t have that kind of foresight. I can’t predict when or how you’ll die, but I can predict that you’ll die.
K: Not me. I’ve hidden horcruxes everywhere. You’ll never get rid of me.
Me: …I so appreciate that reference, honey. But also I know two of them are the corvette and Lylee.

K was letting the dogs out and called me to the back patio.
K: This is either the biggest maggot I’ve ever seen or it’s the fattest, shortest worm.
Me: That’s a slug, dear.

29 thoughts on “Chats with K

    1. That book sounds perfect. And when we have kids I can teach them to explain things the same way and we can really outnumber Kyle 😀 Hahaha!


    1. Thank you!
      Every once in a while he references HP and my heart just swells 🙂 The call eventually came in and it was NOT what we wanted, but sometimes that’s just life *shrug* Thank you, though!


  1. I just love you two solely on the Harry Potter horcrux conversation ❤

    Happy Anniversary to your parents. I love long love stories


  2. Happy anniversary to your parents!

    I would die over the last conversation period. All of those things…not my friends.


  3. Happy anniversary to your parents!! Mine have just a couple years till their 30th but we’re already thinking it’ll be time to do something pretty epic. I moved into the same apartment complex as my parents two years ago so you could say we get along with them pretty well. 🙂


    1. Hahaha! We were actually sitting at the table eating dinner when he went to let them out. So he called me away from my dinner to show me the bug. Lol


  4. Aw, how sweet! Happy anniversary to your parents! Mine just celebrated 31.

    Oh my gosh, Jerry is the same. Whenever I’m prepping stuff to donate to the Goodwill, he says he has no clothes to get rid of. Until I start pulling them out and asking. He just doesn’t want to do that part lol.


    1. I love that! Happy Anniversary to them, too!

      Before a garage sale or during a clothing purge I lay everything out that I haven’t seen him touch in +6 months and I give him the opportunity to “save” a few things before I pack the rest away. Hahaha!


    1. Thank you! And yes! Haha! I said something weird the other day and he was like, “What the heck is wrong with you??” I was just like, hey man, you married me! Haha!


  5. oh my goodness we are sooo the same with feeling and seeing colors in times of calm and panic! my calm is always a peaceful blue and my anxious is red and sparks and yellow sometimes!

    also – ravery is SO the same with saying ‘no’ to thinks because he’s too lazy to deal with it. haha


    1. K is 100% not in tune with himself. Lol. My self-evaluations always throw him off. Hahaha.
      As wives we are SO dang good at deciphering their “no”s to meaning something totally different. Ha!


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