Summer started yesterday, the link-up with Steph & Sara is tomorrow, and today we’re going to talk about some seasonal (and year-long) goals πŸ™‚

First, let’s look at how hard I failed this spring.

Spring Goals

  • Wash cushion slips
  • Scrub grease build-up off cabinets
  • Replace/fix water heater
  • Get Ly on a walk schedule again
  • Clean junk out of basement
  • Hire someone to come & clean the carpets
  • Finish 3 year scrapbook
  • Order pics for year 4

I got 3 out of 8 accomplished. To be completely honest, I’m so glad I checked off the ones I did. The floors were terrible. Exhibit A…

*blushes* Life with dogs, #AmIRight? Moving on…

Summer Goals

  • Clean junk out of basement & utility room
  • Get spare bedroom clean and de-cluttered
  • Wash cushion slips
  • Wipe down fans, baseboards, etc.
  • Go for a bike ride once a week
  • Go putt-putting/mini-golfing (is there a difference?)
  • Tackle three books per month
  • Clean out/update my Spotify playlists
  • Finish Year 3 scrapbook
  • Order pics for year 4

Manageable. Hopefully. (You’d think I’d give up on some of this stuff, but I’m determined.)

And last but not least, a look at my 2017 year-long goals:

Be Healthy.
(As in eat better & exercise.) Ehh… some healthy foods / 100% no exercise

Feel Less Guilty About Downtime.
(Less guilt when lounging/reading/unwinding.) K and I just argued about this a few nights ago. He’s really good at decompressing; I’m still working on it…

Read more.
(Last year I read 25 books. This year I’m aiming for 40.) According to Goodreads I’ve read 17 books this year and I plan to finish two this week!

Become a Morning Person.
(Less snooze button and rushing, more consistency and chill.) HA. No.

Get on Schedule.
(As in meal planning, cleaning, dog maintenance, etc.) I have a handle on the meal and blog schedules. Everything else is just too much right now. *shrug*

(You can find that original post here.)

So… summer is not a motivating time for me. We’ll see how this goes…

What are your summertime goals??

Life According to Steph

39 thoughts on “Summer Goals (because spring was a bust…)

  1. That’s a main reason I loathe carpet. We have it downstairs and I cannot wait to rip it out. You can never really keep it clean, especially with dogs.
    I moved one or two things over to the next list too, I don’t want to give up on them just yet! I’m stubborn.
    I’m not good at the decompressing/relaxing either, but it’s not that I feel guilty about it, it’s that I don’t like it. I don’t enjoy myself, I feel bored and antsy. I can certainly sit at watch Netflix, but I also like to be folding clothes or organizing a drawer while I do it.


    1. Ugh. The guy called me in to show the me difference and I totally cringed… ha. We’d LOVE to hardwood that room, but I think we’re going to move soon (within a year) so it’s not worth it. Next house for sure, though.
      I agree with the decompressing thing. I do like down time, but my brain needs to be engaged. Reading is a good task for me. Or scrapbooking, folding laundry, coloring, or doing anything while watching TV. Haha!


  2. I try to take it easy in the summer with around the house things, I tend to have more of a get shit done attitude in the fall in winter. Isn’t it crazy how much of a difference carpet cleaning does???? Dog life for real! I want to clean out our garage this summer.


  3. My carpets are in desperate need of a good cleaning too. Like you, I also find summer to be the least motivating time to get stuff done. It’s either too hot or it’s so hectic that when I have some spare time, cleaning and organizing beyond the norm does not appeal to me. I rarely feel guilty about downtime, however. I need it, otherwise I turn into a bug-eyed, crazy woman. πŸ˜€


    1. I really dislike summer. I honestly think that by the end I have seasonal depression (and, therefore, I get NOTHING done). I don’t mind downtime necessarily, but my brain has to stay busy or I go nuts πŸ˜‰


    1. Our vacuum is my favorite non-living thing in our house. I recommend it to everyone, haha! I don’t know how we’d survive without it with the two dogs. Whew!
      Thank you!


  4. Your carpets look great! I’m sure mine are just as bad.
    I am trying to get back in the habit of getting up early to work out and shower before the kids are up. You’d think it would be easier since it’s light earlier in the morning but it’s also harder to get to bed on time since it’s light later in the evening!
    Also on my to-do list is to get a couple small repairs around the house taken care of (ugh!) and to order new glasses (fun!) and I want to make homemade ice cream.


    1. Thank you! I’m so glad they cleaned up so nicely!
      I am terrible at getting up early. I always have been. I can’t seem to figure it out… ugh.
      We’re in the pre-stages of house-hunting/moving so I’m trying to get the house in an acceptable state. Haha!


  5. WOW, I am impressed at how clean and new that carpet came out! We have a carpet cleaner and really need to clean our downstairs one, thanks to Dakota! Yep, dogs are messy.

    Our spare bedroom is insane. It looks like a hoarder’s room because we really don’t have a basement so we store stuff in there. We really need to clean it though because Caleb will moving in there at some point since it’s bigger than his nursery.


    1. Me too!! Thank goodness it cleaned up! Honestly, there was no odor or anything in that room and minimal stains, but 4 years without a deep clean is just too long!
      Our spare bedroom has a bed and dresser, but it’s mostly a catchall for things I don’t want to file away or put in the attic. It needs some love…


    1. We had high hopes of replace carpet or switching it all out for hardwood when we first bought the house. Now I think we’ll hold out and make those big changes on a more permanent house someday! But I’m so grateful the carpets cleaned up!


    1. I was having a serious breakdown yesterday about all the dog hair in our house. My husband was the voice of reason that said, “Audrey, we both believe it’s worth it. Calm down.” Lol (After bath day our husky/boxer is a hair factory. Ha.)


  6. Well, your carpets look amazing, so I’d consider spring a win. I need to get my act together for summer too. I had such high hopes for spring and I kind of stalled out!!


    1. Thank you! (I am so happy with how the carpets came out!)
      My saving grace with summer will be all the trips we’re taking. I tend to go nuts cleaning pre-trip so I might actually get some stuff done πŸ˜€


  7. WOW – the carpets are absolutely a win!! Incredible. And, if you figure out the decompressing thing? Let me know. I suck at that too. My husband is good at it. I am not.


    1. K can come home, sit on the couch, and not move until bedtime (except to eat dinner and go to the bathroom, lol). I WOULD DIE IF I DID THAT! Hahaha. Plus, we’d never have clean clothes or food to eat *eyeroll*


    1. Hahaha- thank you! But also, keeping yourself and your children alive is a HUGE feat and I’m not 100% sure I’d achieve that, so your accomplishments are definitely not to be downplayed! You’re doing awesome!


    1. Oh man… I used to dread the idea of having kids and not getting to sleeeeep. Now I know it’s a fair trade (less sleep, immeasurable love) but I still kind of fear the day we have a newborn and/or kids in general. Ha! I’m sure you’ll become a whole new morning person when your little one arrives!! I don’t mind waking up in the night (thanks, dogs), but I just SUCK at getting up in the morning!


  8. Man, having your carpet cleaned must feel so awesome!! We have all tile floors in our apartment and Angel got a steam cleaner for Christmas so now he loves steam cleaning the tiles at least once a week…weirdest thing ever but I sure am not complaining! πŸ™‚ I love riding bikes in the summer, and hopefully we’ll get to go mini-golfing this next weekend!


    1. I LOVE my friend’s steamer cleaner. I need to find a good way to take care of our hardwood floors… Hopefully we check mini-golf off the list this week!


  9. That carpet picture makes me inexplicably happy. I want to use whatever machine they use and clean our carpets. Or just hire a dude, but it’s not my house so probably not. Ugh, my mom’s dog makes the carpet so gross sometimes. You should not feel bad about downtime. Downtime is awesome.


    1. We definitely hired someone to clean the carpets. I know I SHOULD have a deep cleaner- especially since we have two dogs- but I don’t. I’d like to get one, though, for in between professional cleanings!
      I’m slowly getting better at downtime… lol.


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