Happy Tuesday ❤︎ It’s been a really long time since I’ve written a “favorites” post and I’ve been collecting some awesome blog posts over the last month or so.


Before I get into blog posts, here are some recent tangible favorites!

circle towel | Old Navy Fit&Flare cami dress | 48oz. Bubba mug

Can you tell I’m 100% in vacation-mode? Ha.

Ok… on to the posts:

What are some recent favorites- online and off- that you’ve discovered lately??

*Totally forgot about the link-up with Lauren & Bre! Counting this as an ‘Add It To My List’ post!!

31 thoughts on “Blogger Favorites (and more!)

  1. I love favorites posts!! Those circle towels look so cool and since I’m slowly becoming a nontrendy mom I should probably get one to hang on to any semblence of “I know what current trends are!” 😉


  2. No joke, today I was going to end my post asking for people to share blog posts to check out so I am so glad you did that! I see those circle towels everywhere and they’re so cute that I wish I could justify one but I bought a cute picnic blanket last year… that I have only used once. So sad. Thanks for linking up!


    1. I haven’t used my circle towel to dry off yet… I’ve just used it on the ground or sand while at the beach. I’m not sure how it actually hold up as a towel. Lol!
      I’m glad I was on the same page with blog recommendations! Hope you enjoy them!!


  3. Great links! A lot of my favorite bloggers aren’t posting much lately, so definitely looking for new reads. 😛 On To-Do List for a Better Week, at first I thought novelty floats meant like ice cream floats, and I was on board with that but then I realized she meant floaty toys and I got really excited. I saw a family at the beach once who had a giant orca raft and it was amazing!!! I need to go see how much that costs.


    1. Glad I could suggest some! (I usually forget to copy down the links to posts I loved.) Lindsay is a HUGE fan of the pool floats, lol! I’d advocate for rootbeer floats, though- go get yourself one!!


  4. thank you for sharing my post! i really appreciate it and i hope someone from your audience feels slightly less alone after reading it 🙂 hope you are doing marvelous! i am excited to catch up on your life (#getreadyforallthecomments)


    1. Hahahaha- definitely don’t mind all the comments 🙂 I’m so glad you wrote that post. I think it was really important, relatable information. Your story was definitely one that needed to be shared and connected with!


  5. Lindsay and Chelsea always write posts exactly when I need to hear them!!!! And breastfeeding is in one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever went through.


    1. Lindsay and Chelsea are word-wizards. Seriously, I love their writing voice.
      Chelsea’s story on breastfeeding is so eye-opening and important. In a world where the pressure is HIGH to be the best mom doing the “best” things for their child, the need to connect with and relate to others is so so strong!


    1. It just made me so, so angry! HOW DARE some people, you know? I’m glad you used your words to share the story and express the true values that make your town (and life) so precious and special.


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