A few weeks ago I tweeted a throw back post and asked if anyone would be interested in seeing the products I currently use. At least three people said yes so here we are.

Everything here is cruelty-free. If you’re unfamiliar with animal testing, you’d be surprised to find out many cosmetic companies do it. China requires animal testing on products sold there so some companies make a disclaimer along the lines of “we don’t test… unless it’s required by law.” Sorry, that’s still testing.

These products have pulled out of the Chinese market and, therefore, don’t test for any reason. Some even champion against animal testing. Also, the majority of them are less than $10!

No one pays me to say pretty things about this stuff- I just like it. no affiliated links

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer*
I don’t use this stuff every day, but sometimes I feel the need to conceal my under-eye bags or an especially brutal zit. Cue this baby. I use it under the complexion rescue.

bare Minerals Complexion Rescue*
I think Lindsay put this stuff on my radar. I love this product. It’s a lighter foundation-type cream that can be worn alone or under another cream/powder. It’s also spf 30. I wear this every day and I love that my face is always protected!

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation
I wear this almost every day. I’ve suffered from acne for years and I now have scars to deal with but this stuff covers everything flawlessly (ha). It’s light, so inexpensive, and it’s got some sunblock in it (spf 15)! Some makeup doesn’t blend well or co-exist well with other make up, but the e.l.f. foundation goes perfectly atop the complexion rescue.

e.l.f. Prime & Stay Finishing Powder
I think this stuff recently changed its name… I use this as a powder over the liquid concealers. It helps tone down the shine and keeps everything in place, plus it’s a little extra coverage for those pesky scars 😉

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
I don’t use bronzer often, but when I do it’s this stuff. (Thanks again, Lindsay!) Also, it smells like a beach vacation.

NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick*
Again, I don’t use this stuff every day but when I do I looove it. I use it on my cheek bones and it makes me look so fresh and awake! Plus, it doesn’t make my cheeks breakout and that’s always a win!

IT cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder*
I didn’t believe in finishing products until this little compact walked into my life. I use the translucent powder and it keeps everything matte and in place all day. It’s not necessarily cheap but I love this stuff! I use it every day on top of whatever face-makeup I’m using .

[I know that seems like a lot of stuff, but I’m working with 14 year deep acne bullsh*t so I don’t mind putting some effort into my face. Also, it comes together really well and doesn’t appear cake-y or overdone. ]

e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick
I love this stuff. It goes on nicely, stay on for a relatively long time, and doesn’t dry out my lips. My favorite shade is Wine Tour. It’s a good fall color but I wear it all year long!

Burt’s Bees Lipstick*
It has a fancy name, right? Ha. This stuff is the bomb [dot] come. I accidentally left mine in the car & it melted so I’ll be stocking up on this soon! I had Ruby Ripple but I can’t find that shade online!

Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Colour
Guys… that price in unbeatable. And this stuff is great for a night out. It’s not quite as harsh as lipstick, but it stays on pretty nicely. I usually put on lipstick before I leave the house, then put a megaslick shade (that matches) in my purse and use it to touch up my lips. (Lady and the Vamp goes well with e.l.f. Wine Tour.)

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick*
I rarely wear this one, but holy cow does it stay on! I just wore Kitten Heels to an Incubus/Jimmy Eat World concert and it stayed on all night. I didn’t reapply once and it was holding strong when we pulled into the driveway that night. It’s a little drying and slightly waxy, but it’s lasts forever.

NYX Suede Matte or Slim Lip Liners*
Awesome staying power and a plethora of colors! I have 4 different shades.

[Obviously I don’t use all these at the same time…]

NYX Two Timer Duel Ended Liner*
This pencil has a felt tip liner on one side and kohl pencil liner on the other. This is my first experience with liquid eyeliner and I really like this one!

essence Lash Princess
I put this on first for length…

essence Rock n’ Doll
…then put this on top for serious volume.
But they’re great on their own, too!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray w/ Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater
I use this for two things- sometimes I spritz it as a finishing spray (on dry winter days) and sometimes I use it to moisturize my face before touching up my foundation.
We also used this on vacation to help with facial sunburn!

*Indicates that a parent or sister company might not be c/f. NYX & IT Cosmetics are owned by L’Oreal. bare Minerals is owned by Shiseido. Burt’s Bees is owned by Clorox. Sometimes it takes research to figure this stuff out- that’s why I got ya started. Also, these aren’t all vegan brands. If that’s important to you, you’ll need to do some extra research 🙂

That was longer-winded than I’d intended… I guess I wear lots of make-up, haha. If you have any thoughts on these products, suggestions on new products, or questions about cruelty-free stuff, let me know!!

32 thoughts on “Beauty Stuff from a Non-Beauty Blogger

  1. Oh, I love this! I used to wear more make-up when I worked in Corporate America but since I work from home now, I don’t wear much unless I’m going out. So I feel completely out of the loop on what’s good and not good! I hear so many great things about ELF and I love their price-point but did not know they were animal-cruelty free, which makes them even more enticing. I love that wine tour lipstick. Such a gorgeous color and I love that it’s not drying. I suffer from chapped lips and so many lipsticks seem to aggravate the issue versus help!


    1. I wear jeans and a t-shirt to work and I work in an office connected to a warehouse… so technically I don’t need to wear make-up. But it makes me feel confident and I like it, so I do 🙂 I love e.l.f. products. That lipstick is hands-down my favorite!


  2. I always love seeing what other people use, especially when it’s cruelty free! I’m trying to find stuff that doesn’t have a testing parent company, but NYX makes such good stuff.


    1. I agree. I used to be super strict about my companies and parent companies, but them Burt’s Bees, Toms, NYX, etc. all sold out to major companies. It makes it tough to find other stuff when you live in a small town. We just got an Ulta, though, so I’m trying.


  3. I had no idea E.L.F. was cruelty free! I have tons of their stuff. I feel like I’m the right track with my makeup purchases, but really need to do research and a major purge. Great post!


    1. Yep! e.l.f. is cruelty-free (and it doesn’t have a parent company that tests as far as I can tell)! It can be challenging to keep up with this stuff, especially with China requiring testing. Fortunately, Europe outlaws it!


  4. I need to try that e.l.f. foundation. I’ve been using their primer and I love it so much. When I finish up my current foundation I’m going to get some of that. I had terrible acne too, and am always looking for something that will cover those annoying scars!


    1. I feel like I end up piling a lot of products on top of each other to hide the acne, but they go together really well and (in my opinion) it never looks heavy. The e.l.f. foundation is awesome and so inexpensive. I use their primer, too, in the summer!


  5. i didn’t know NYX was c/f! that’s great. I am loving the concealer and powder recommendations…I have always dealt with acne, and while my blemishes themselves have gotten sooooo much better (thank you pregnancy and facials), the scarring is not going away anytime soon. if asked what makeup item I’d bring to a desert island, my answer is always concealer haha.


    1. What is up with scarring?? UGH! I’ve been trying to use toner now I get it to fade but NOPE. Lol. Oh well… reminders of my teenage years. Ha.
      The complexion rescue is one of my favorites because it’s a nice base and the spf 30 is so appreciated. Since I have scars and acne I tend to put the e.l.f. foundation over it, but it could totally be worn alone as a tinted sunscreen or light coverup!


  6. Girl, I’m loving that you are a drugstore beauty person too! I have a few ‘nicer’ products I love, but sometimes the cheaper stuff works just fine. I don’t wear a lot of makeup anyway. Definitely checking out the burt’s bees lipstick-I love their chapstick. (who doesn’t though?)


    1. YES to drugstore beauty! My IT finish power and the bare Minerals complexion rescue are my two high priced items ($26 to $30). Everything else is under $10 I think!!


    1. I love it!! I tend to shy away from too much sun exposure because my skin is sensitive and super pale, but this plus a little bronzer (or a tan after summer) gives my face a really warm glow!


    1. Hahaha. It’s taken me a really long time to get a good make-up collection/routine. I’ve always tried to hide my acne so I was that girl in hs that layered it on and reapplied and had a caked-up-looking face. Even in college I didn’t have it figured out. I’m finally much better at applying make-up and taking it off/taking care of my face. Thank goodness! Lol!


  7. love peeking into what other people use! now that i’m not pregnant, i’m back to usually just mascara and eyeliner (thankfully a good chunk of my pregnancy acne went away) but i’m sure it will be back so i will bookmark this post for then!


    1. I take a little better care of my face than I used to so I’m hoping that I can get the pores all cleaned up and the scars to fade over time. Until then, I’ve got my make-up 😉 Haha!


  8. you had me at most of them being under $10. that’s my love language right there. i love the nyx concealer for blemishes, but i don’t love it for under my eyes. i’ll have to try that elf powder out. i keep hearing about that bronzer but have never tried it. i am very intrigued by the Illuminating Stick! i am also very intrigued by the pressed powder. i use their cc cream and really like it. i did not know they were owned by l’oreal. we just can’t win, can we?! i’ve tried the princess mascara but not the Rock n’ Doll. i like volume so i’ll have to check that out. my favourite lipstick is milani – i am 99% sure they are cruelty free, but honestly that would be one of the products i refuse to budge on because i’ve tried a million lipsticks and i hate them all except for this one. so i hope they are cruelty free 😉


    1. Hmm. I’ve never tried out Milani. Couldn’t tell ya 🙂
      The illuminating stick is awesome. I really love it. Same with all the mascara I use. Hahaha.
      I don’t use bronzer a lot, but that stuff smells amazing. Sometimes I open it just to smell it… Ha.


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