Fall Entertainment

I understand that it’s August 1st but that means we’re closing in on FALL 🖤
(August… Autumn…. See where I’m going here?)

Anyway, times have been stressful for K and I (*our house buyers backed out and it’s just been a rough few days… It’s ok, we’re getting by and life is still good*) so we’ve been watching silly game shows on major networks at night. During the commercials we get to see all the shows that are coming this fall…

Shows that are coming back that I’m PUMPED about:

  • Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later | Netflix / available Aug. 4
  • The Mindy Project (6th & FINAL season) | Hulu / Tuesdays starting Sept. 12
  • Superstore (3rd season) | NBC / Thursdays @ 8pm starting Sept. 28
  • The Good Place (2nd season) | NBC / Thursdays @ 8:30pm starting Sept. 28

[Honestly, I usually watch these shows on Hulu instead of catching them at their scheduled times.
You can also catch up with these on Hulu before they start up.]

[Yes, I watch a lot of comedies. The world is a serious place and sometimes you just need a break.]

New shows that I want to check out (if I remember):

  • The Orville | Fox / Thursdays @ 9pm starting Sept. 10 (Sunday)
    Seth MacFarlane creates hits and misses… so we’ll see which this is.
  • Marvel’s Inhumans | ABC / Fridays @ 9pm starting Sept. 29
    I’m not 100% sure about this one…
  • Ghosted | Fox / Sundays @ 8:30pm starting Oct. 1
  • The Gifted | Fox / Mondays @ 9pm starting Oct. 2
    Guys… this is an X-men related show and centers around mutants. Sign me up!
  • A. P. Bio | NBC / midseason
  • Champions | NBC / midseason
    This is being produced by our girl Mindy so I’m hoping it’s the next TMP!
  • LA to Vegas | Fox / midseason
    Honestly, I’ve heard nothing about this show but Will Ferrell & Adam McKay are producing it so I’ll definitely give it a shot.
  • Splitting Up Together | ABC / midseason
    Jenna Fisher is in it and Ellen DeGeneres produced it. I’ll try it 😉

There’s no way I’ll watch all of these. I don’t watch a lot of TV because I can’t keep up, but I typically have 3 or 4 shows that I stream on Hulu religiously. (K and I watch The Mindy Project every Tuesday- that’s the one exception. And we watch The Voice when it’s on- although sometimes I read while he watches it.)

Also, you’ll notice that This Is Us is not on my list. Honestly, I don’t like shows that are so “real life” they hurt my heart. I cry enough from joy/anxiety/sadness. I don’t want my TV shows to incite that every week.

Also, I’ve tried and dismissed Speechless and Great News. They’re funny, but they didn’t keep my interest. American Housewife is ok when I’m in the mood.

Some older shows that I don’t watch (or have only seen an episode or 2), but I think I’d like to start watching are…

Bull, Designated Survivor, Madam Secretary, MOM, The Last Man on Earth, & Jane the Virgin.

So now I want to know if you’ve got any thoughts on new shows or recommendations or feedback on the shows that are already in 2nd or 3rd seasons!

Should I skip any of the ones I listed?

28 thoughts on “Fall Entertainment

  1. Designated Survivor is semi-ridiculous, but I like it. I almost quit watching a couple episodes in, so there must have been a lull, but I’m glad I kept it up. Madame Secretary is great, I love that one. No opinions on the others!


    • Madam Secretary was recommended to us after we finished binge-ing on The West Wing so I’m determined to try that one out once K and I find some time in the evenings!


  2. I haven’t even looked at the new shows coming out yet! We keep up with an embarrassing amount of shows! I wasn’t sure if Good Place was coming back or not. To me, the last episode sort of ended abruptly. Glad to see it back!


    • The last episode of The Good Place was SO abrupt and I’m super curious to see how it continues… I’m glad it’s coming back! K and I have individual shows we keep up on but very few ones that we watch together (which makes it even harder, lol).


  3. I ADOREEEEE Jane the Virgin!!!!
    & I have the last 5 episodes of Designated Survivor on my DVR & have debated deleting them & giving it up… so I’m not sure if I’m in for next season of that or not.


  4. I decided to cut back on the number of shows I’m going to keep up with this year! Jane the Virgin remains one of my favs so I’ll keep up with that one (even though i’m bitter about a particular death last season) and I LOVE This Is Us, but I totally completely understand that it’s hard to watch. I cry every.single.episode. Ugly cry too, not just a tear or two.

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    • I’ve seen three or four episodes of This Is Us and I just can’t do it. It feel like a chore to watch those families because I KNOW my heart is about to get ripped out, lol. I’m definitely adding Jane the Virgin to my list!

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    • I totally agree about This Is Us. It always leaves me crying like a baby, but I still watch It religiously. It is so engrossing that I just can’t stop. I wonder what that says about my personality 🤔

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  5. you should DEFINITELY start watching “last man on earth”! it’s one that joe and i cannot get over, every time we watch it, we die laughing. it’s like, dark, but without being dark, it’s hard to explain. i do love most of the same shows as you, so I think you might have good luck with it….also, i am so glad “the good place” is coming back, i was convinced it had been cancelled!


    • I’m going to try and get K to watch Last Man on Earth with me. We usually don’t agree on comedies but we caught one random episode once and we both found it hysterical. (Plus my love for Kristen Schaal literally knows no bounds. Hahaha!)


  6. I tried the Good Place but just couldn’t get into it. But I loved Speechless! And I love how people have different tastes since that was a show you tried but didn’t wow you. I also really like Mom. I’m most excited about Ghosted and possibly Gifted this Fall. I heard people were laughing at Inumans, and not in a good way, at Comic Con. I’m getting a little tired of superheroes so I’m a hard pass there. I’m unsure about This is Us. I enjoyed it quite a bit last year but like you, with the crappy world we’re living in right now, I need something light. And hopeful. Or balls out funny!

    And sorry to hear about your house buyer backing out. 😦

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    • Inhumans is a bold “maybe” for me. It will get an episode or two before I pull the plug.
      I think Mom sounds great- plus I love Allison Janney!
      Speechless was super cute but I just found too many characters annoying, haha. K doesn’t like The Good Place, either. I watch it alone. Lol


    • I loved Speechless, too. It really captured the different ways that disability affects those around the person. I really identify with the tiger mom who wants her kid to have every advantage that his able bodied siblings have. As a wheelchair user, I loved that they included the problems we have with accessibility without making it sound whiney. They just accept that it is what it is and find a way to adjust. The comedy doesn’t come off as offensive or inappropriate either. And, of course, I love that a disabled actor is playing a disabled character.

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  7. There are so many good shows out there and I am so behind, so I’m of no use to you, but I will totally be referencing this post when I need something new. Thanks to your recommendation I started watching The Mindy Project and I love it. I like to get into shows that have been out for a while so I can binge watch them. I’m also watching Game of Thrones (I read all of the books but I am only on Season 2). I love Grace and Frankie on Netflix if you’re looking for something fun. There are 3 seasons. I also really like Orange is the New Black but I haven’t watched the latest season. I’m sorry about your house buyers, hopefully someone else comes along soon! I can’t imagine how stressful that must be since I’ve never owned a house!


    • I’m glad you’re liking The Mindy Project!! I prefer shows that have been out for a while, too. Haha!
      Game of Thrones is waaay too violent for me and OITNB is just too…. I don’t know. I really tried with that show but I can’t get into shows that are so drama and real life. It makes me too anxious and sad. Lol.
      Fingers crossed with the house. *sigh* It’s frustrating, lol.


    • I’m sad it’s ending, too, but a part of me feels like it might be time… haha. I honestly don’t watch much TV. I just binge on hulu or netflix occasionally when the mood strikes 🙂


    • I’m not good about watching new shows because I forget to keep up with them. That’s what happened with Last Man on Earth. I’ve seen the first few episodes, but then I stopped keeping up on whatever night of the week they aired. Lol. I’m ready to just back in with hulu, though!


  8. YES! to The Good Place and The Mindy Project! Also, I am 100% with you on This Is Us. If I’m sitting down to watch TV, it’s because I need to unwind and zone out from a hard day- I don’t want to be more depressed after watching than when I started! Haha

    Netflix has some awesome original shows. If you haven’t watched Master of None yet, it’s a MUST. I recently started and finished Friends From College and GLOW. None of the characters were likable in either show (which is not a huge deal for some people, but I need a good protagonist), but both were well-written and entertaining!


    • I watch so many shows because I love the actors in them, lol. Kristen Bell, Mindy Kaling, etc.
      I’ve heard pretty good things about GLOW. I tried Master of None and I just couldn’t get into it. Lol.


  9. ugggh sorry to hear about the buyers backing out! that is stressful but glad you are hanging in there!

    i totally get what you are saying about ‘this is us.’ i always end up crying and leaving the show emotionally exhausted but it’s such good writing i can’t stop. it’s usually easy to see where shows are going to go once you understand the ‘hero’s journey’ but not with that one! plus i got mr. ws to watch it so i must keep it going!


    • I wasn’t an avid Parenthood watcher, but when I’d catch an episode it’d absolutely wreck me. That’s what This Is Us does to me… BLEH. I just can’t. Hahaha. I want to, but I can’t. Ha.


  10. OMG Jane the Virgin!! SO GOOD!! I don’t watch a lot of TV, and if I do, they are usually from networks like The CW rather than ABC, etc. But I think Superstore looks super funny. I also think that Ghosted sounds great. Ben Wyatt!! 🙂 I’m a bit the same, I often want something funny or escapist. I don’t need more feelings. If I want feelings they’d better be fluffy about 80% of the time. LOL XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  11. That show with Kristen Bell looks so good!! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it! And you have to watch Ozarks on Netflix. It has Jason Bateman and is kinda serious but SO GOOD!


    • The Good Place is a weird kind of humor, but I really like it 🙂
      I’ve seen SO many things about Ozarks. It just seems way to serious and violent for me, hahahaha. I usually try to avoid those shows. Ha!


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