I know it’s all over the internet and many of us have the same opinions and are saying the same things, but that’s the point.

Hate isn’t ok. You aren’t born with hate in your heart and your children aren’t either. From a Christian perspective, hate is extremely toxic to your body. (If you’re a racist “Christian” you can GTFO or pray on it and change your tune.)

“Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness.”
1 John 2:9

“Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.”
Proverbs 10:12

This isn’t going to be a long post because I don’t think it needs to be. I don’t tolerate racism. I don’t tolerate religion-based hatred. I don’t tolerate homophobia. I won’t tolerate it on my blog or in my life. Love is stronger than hate, especially when there’s no room for hate here.

I know I have the privileged (for now) to do nothing and sit on my behind. But I won’t.

Also, if you think this POS president isn’t somehow directly related to the increase in domestic terrorism and hate crimes then you need to open your eyes. These vermin have crawled out from under their neo-nazi and racist rocks because they believe it’s safe for their hate under this presidency. Don’t prove them right.

Borrowed this from Chelsea’s post.


25 thoughts on “No Room for Hate.

  1. That quote has always been so chilling to me when I read it. Praying for our country and doing my best to raise children who are loving to all! R’s daycare is very diverse with teachers and children of all colors, and I like that a lot for her to see that!


    1. My sister-in-law moved her family to Columbus when her three kids were young and they’ve grown up in a very diverse and multi-cultural environment. It makes me a little jealous because our town is very, very non-diverse. I hope our kids get an experience like that someday, too. We’ll have to make sure of it.


    1. So often I see people’s drama and think, ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys.’ Totally doesn’t apply in this situation. We all live in this circus and it should be safe for everyone.


  2. I tend to stay out of political discontent/issues but 100% Trump is the reason for all racists crawling out of their hell holes because he has given them a vehicle for spewing hate. The president of the most powerful country in the world has, from the beginning, openly spoken out against other races/religions so if he can do it, why can’t they? it’s even spread to Toronto, one of the most diverse cities in the world. People here are actually hailing Trump and harassing citizens on the bus/subways. Luckily, we have many upstanding citizens who stood up for the rights of others. Even the bus driver stopped the bus and kicked that dillhole off because that kind of shizz is not tolerated here.

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    1. I HATE how our country is behaving and how we look to the rest of the world. It makes me sick that our toxins are spread to other corners of the globe. Our president is a complete f*ck and an embarrassment to America and humankind. I am so over these hateful dicks.


  3. yep. yep yep. also, i think the term “racist Christian” is an oxymoron and logical fallacy. because a racist Christian can’t exist, if you are a racist, you are not a Christian. to be a Christian, you have to meet a certain very basic minimum requirement of moral decency, and if you don’t, sorry, you’re only a Christian in your own mind. and i’ll argue that til the day i die.


    1. You are so right. God’s got this, though. He’s sending His love and perseverance and strength and courage out to all His children in one way or another ❤


  4. Preach! You know I am 100% in agreement with me. And it absolutely important that we publicly share our disdain and refusal to accept white supremacy because they need to know that there are more of us. This isn’t the 60s where many people, even those who did not side with the KKK et al, stayed quiet. Not today. And I think it is absolutely important that white supremacists in particular see other whites stand against them. Trump absolutely has blood on his hands. He has encouraged their hate and violence and has no idea what he has unleashed. Nor is he equipped to solve the problem.


    1. First we’ll drive them back under their hoods, then we’ll drive them back under their rocks. Crazy, hateful, stupid motherf*ckers. I usually preach love and forgiveness and open mindedness, but not with this bullshit craziness. If there’s anyone not welcome in this country it’s Nazis, the KKK, and anyone else with a similar problem.
      Trump is a moron. You are SO correct. Even if someone wanted to argue he didn’t cause the problem (HA), he’s certainly unequipped to solve it.
      I will NOT stand by and listen to this racist b/s or anyone who sympathizes with them. They are 100% deplorables.


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