This will be my third year participating in Jenn of Quirky Pickings Fall Film Challenge!

It starts on September 1st and ends at midnight on November 30th. Rule are no repeats (in any capacity), must be theater releases, and there’s a points penalty for switching films mid-challenge.

|one| starring Anthony Hopkins: Thor
|two| listed on nathan bransford’s best hundred movies challenge: The Big Lebowski
|three| about charity: It’s Kind of a Funny Story
|four| starring Robert Downey, Jr.: Iron Man
|five| about envy: As Good As It Gets
|six| about faith: War Room
|seven| about greed: The Founder
|eight| about hope: Sing
|nine| starring Jeremy Irons: Casanova
|ten| about justice: 12 Angry Men
|eleven| starring Kevin Bacon: Crazy, Stupid, Love.
|twelve| about lust: The Virgin Suicides
|thirteen| starring Ian McKellen: Mr. Holmes
|fourteen| set in a castle: Gosford Park
|fifteen| about fortitude: Les Miserable
|sixteen| about pride: Best in Show
|seventeen| starring Alan Rickman: Alice Through the Looking Glass
|eighteen| released last year & reviewed here: The Magnificent Seven
|nineteen| about temperance: Coraline
|twenty| about prudence: Driving Miss Daisy
|twenty-one| starring Val Kilmer: At First Sight
|twenty-two| about wrath: X-Men: Apocalypse
|twenty-three| set in an exotic locale: The Darjeeling Limited
|twenty-four| about gluttony: The Bling Ring
|twenty-five| set in space: Star Trek Beyond

I actually feel pretty confident about these films. Some I’ve been meaning to see for a while (Thor, Iron Man, Driving Miss Daisy, Crazy Stupid Love, The Magnificent 7) and some are based on books I”m currently or soon-to-be reading (Coraline, The Virgin Suicides).

Have you seen any of these? What would you pick? (You can still join!)

28 thoughts on “Fall Film Challenge (3)

    1. As a dog lover I’m so shocked that I’ve never put on Best in Show. Also, I LOVE the first two Star Treks so I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for me to watch these! I’m glad you liked those films- hopefully I will, too!


    1. K and I used to watch movies all. the. time. At home, at the theater, wherever! We rarely do now, but usually he watches a few with me when I do this challenge so I love that it’s something we can do together 🙂


  1. hey lady! i’m SO glad you’re participating again. i love doing this. :]

    i’ve got your photos loaded. could you paste your list to the facebook page for me, please?

    of the films on your list, i liked thor, iron man, as good as it gets, crazy stupid love and star trek beyond. i’ve seen casanova, coraline, driving miss daisy and at first sight, but i didn’t love them. the rest i’ve not seen in their entirety, so i can’t tell you much about them. i do think you’ve made good choices, overall, though, and wish you luck!


    1. I meant to put that list on FB right away! My bad. It’s there now 😉
      My brother has been on my to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. for years and years. He’ll be so happy when I finally watch it 🙂 Also, I’m determined to make my way through the Marvel superhero films so this will totally help!


  2. Woah, that’s a lot of films. Well, for me it is since I average about one film a year haha. Although there are a few on here that I would be interesting in seeing in principle, so I might just go and watch the trailers instead!

    Good luck with your challenge!


    1. Hey stranger! Haha!

      I am TERRIBLE about watching movies, but so many of these are ones I’ve been meaning to see so hopefully I slow down and remember to turn them on throughout the fall 🙂


  3. This sounds like a great challenge!! There are so many great movies I’ve never seen. I tend to just watch TV shows, but when I am home at night I am going to pull out this list and hopefully cross a few off myself! Thanks for sharing.


    1. I’m pretty bad about actually seeing movies I’ve been wanting to see. Hopefully this challenge gives me a little kick when I have free evenings and I’m not in the mood to read 😉


  4. oh i hope you like Crazy, Stupid, Love! it’s one i’ve seen multiple times and really enjoyed. i don’t watch a lot of movies and then i will watch like 10 in one weekend, there is no balance lol


    1. I always say, “Oh I want to see that,” but then I NEVER watch movies. I’m hoping a challenge will force me to slow down and sit down, and watch somethings that I’ve been meaning to get to! (Like Crazy, Stupid, Love. haha!)


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